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Hey guys! My name is Erika, and i really LOVE giving advice. Most of my friends come to me when they need help..believe me im good lol. I will answer anything you ask me, unless i dont know it, and i can't find the answer. But i will answer your questions as soon as possible! =]

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ok so there is this guy i like, i guess.. and we talk on the phone every single night basically for hours! and i really want to do stuff with him, but then when we were at the movies he tried to kiss me and i wouldnt let him.. it was like i really didnt wnat to? is it just because im nervous i guess to kiss him? or is it like some hidden meaning that i really dont like him. because i love his personality, but i guess im not that attracted to him. is it better if were friends? ahh sryy that was more then one (link)
well its normal for you to think that. maybe your just like still into being friends and its weird. itll grow on you though. your just not ready for that. if he knows you like him he'll understand though..unless hes mean =[. if he likes you though, he'll make a move (which he did) so he obviously likes youu! think about if you want to be friends or more than friends. or talk to him about it!
hope this helped!

Do girls prefer a guy to wear boxers or briefs ? I'm just wondering , you never know when someone might actually want to check what type i'm wearin. (link)
deffinetly boxers. its more masculent. =]

I'm 16. I'm in love with the most beautiful girl ever. But she is more popular then me. I want to ask her, but am afraid of rejection. She talks to me, but not alot. Seems she used to like me. But it took me too long to like her back. Now i regret it. Please help. (link)
well like is about taking chances, so go for it! talk to her more instead of just waiting for her. now act like you like her, she might still like you!!
hope this helpedd =]

i started my period in 6th grade. my mom knows. then i didn't have it again for another year. she knows about that. that was a year ago. ive been regular ever since, but am afraid to tell her. now she wants to take me to the doctors cuz she thinks theres something wrong with me. what should i do? (link)
you can have your period in a month, then not have it for a couple years. thats actually normal. many girls get this. but just incase you may want to see a doctor. but dont worry about it tho, cuz its all normal =]. every girl's body reacts to things differently. so dont be worried, but listen to your mom and get checked out just in case. hope this helped =D

I started hanging out with my friends on friday night and we were on a trampoline. Everyone went inside to get bread stix except him and me. We started making out and then we had sex. I feel really bad about it. But I still want to be friends with her. Should I say anything? (link)
uhmm... yeah i know where you were. how could you..when...okay well ne way uhmm yeah tell her that you regret it and that your sorry...but whoa i think i know who this is.

okay so there's this guy. i sorta like him. i wanna go to the 8th grade dance with him. but h's the type of guy who is really flirty and such. he always tells me how much he loves me and i would really like to go to my 8th grade dance with him. but it seems that he wants 2 go 2 the 8th grade dance with pactically n e grl. but the only problem is this guysis like my friggin brother. but i love him more then that. help? ♥ (link)
well..dont ask him. girls shouldnt do that. just like stick around him during slow dance so he can ask you. if hes like your brother, then maybe your getting different feelings. this happends A LOT. so stick around him at the dance.
hope this helps!

hi im a male and im 18. i think my (female) 3rd cousin is reaaally hot and sexy. she feals the same way about me! last weekend our parrents went on a trip and she spent the night at my house and we had a hot makeout sesion. we almost had sex but then my little brother walked in on us. now my cousin doesnt think its a good idea to have sex anymore, but i do! i really want to bang her like so badly!!! do you think its okay for (3rd) cousins to have sex if I use a condum?
(link) your still family. wow ive never heard this one before...but you can still think shes hott but you shouldnt like LIKE her. so no.

i have a question. when you DO it, does it really matter if you know the person or not as long as you get what you want and no one gets hurt or pregnant. because theres this guy i dont really know well, and all i can think about, is him naked. i really wanna see his face but i guess im just so perverted i guess that i can only imagine him with his clothes off. my friend told me that he thinks im hott and that he wants to do me. should i go for it? and how do i stop imagining him naked? please dont reject this cuz i really want to know this isnt a joke so please consider this. (link)
yeah get to know him first...if he gets you pregnant...BAAAAD CHOICE! make sure you know him really well first, trust me. and if its your first, make it rememberable (lol) with the guy you love. so make sure you really know him before you guys do anything.
hope this helps =]

There's this girl i like, and she likes me back. but she wont go to tha movies or hang wth me cause her friend likes me a lot. She's being really stubborn and i dunno what to do to just follow her heart. plz help. (link)
if its her bestfriend then yeah shes right. if your bestfriend liked the same person you did but A LOTTT..then the person you both liked asked you out, would you say yes? think about how your BESTFRIEND would feel. im sorry but she has a point. hope this helps =]

ok well i have a friend and she was going to talk to this guy i like, and she was going to talk him into asking me to dance. well he didnt. i went home and i was haing out with a friend and she went on her myspace and went to his, well my friend that was going to talk to him left him a comment saying something like why didnt you dance with me as in herself, he comment back like you wanted to dance with someone else and it goes on and like they keep flurting with eachother.. i asked her if she likes him and she said no she likes someone else...what sould i do? (link)
well if she's your friend, she wouldnt do that to you. especially if she knows that you like him. talk to her more about it... if she looks like shes lying, shes not a real friend. ask him if he likes her, then if he says yes, just start flirting with him more to get his attention on you instead of her. if she gets mad, oh saw him first! so just make his attention on you, and not her. hope this helps =]

theres this boy im like litterally IN LOVE head over healls in love with. to the point where it may be a little obsessive. now i know obsession is not good but i dont know what to do about it and i really want him to want me as much as i want himm because he is just so perfect for me. plus me and him never see each other any more cause our classes together are over and i dont kno what to do so i can talk to him more.

Okay, well, when you see him in the hallways, wave to him, let him know that you still think of him as friends. or when hes at his locker between classes, walk up to him and just be like "hey, whats up? havent talked in a while..", and start a conversation. But NEVER EVER EVER EVERR ask one of your friends to ask him if he likes you..he will think you are completely obsessed, believe me. so get to know him more, and when you become better friends with him, flirt with him, but dont be too annoying. hope this helps =]
good luck

okayy see i really love this boy, and we've gone out once and that was a long time ago and ever since then i STILL love him=] i just cant help it. he just broke up with his other girlfriend and i dont know if he likes me again. like he flirts with me like he used to... but im still not sure... he doesnt flirt AS much. how can i tell if he likes me? (link)
play hard to get. best thing that works. get him jealous. while hes looking, flirt with other guys, and see his reaction. when he starts talking to you more, or walking over to you and this other guy, you'll know he's jealous, and he might like you. o yeah and hard to get- when he flirts with you, kinda..sorta ignore it, but smile. let him know you like it =]. then start letting him know you really like him by flirting with him a lot, and talk to him a lot. but not enough to get him agervated =/.
hope this helps! =]

yeahh.. some of your advice thing.. is kinda stupid. cuz your givin the advice waT you did or would have done.
you kinda gotta see it the other person n the guy/girl they like, thats whyy this stupid website wouldnt realy work, cuz you would have to atleast know whats goin on...

M (link) saying what to do. i dint do anyof this stuff except for the 1st one which worked on me. she had the exact same problem as me. you dont like my can go to someone else's. they asked not you. sorry.

i am in love with this guy who has no clue i exist. i throw myself at him and flirt as much as i can and he walks past me like i am nothing to him. alot of other guys like me but i only like and want him and he really doesnt seem to care. what should i do to get his attention??

desperate for his lovin (link)
Ive been in the same problem before. heres what you do= talk to him AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE without looking obsessed. if you have any classes with him, on worksheets, be like hey i dont get this. could you help me? or flirt with him a lot. make him KNOW you like him. but dont flirt with him enough to make him annoyed. if you become better friends, he might start to like you. keything= play hard to get. it works =]
hope this helps!

Hey Baby i love you i know that u dont like me anymore but i like you know. Will yoiu go out with me? but please dont do what u did to robbie that was mean. We all kno you went out. (link)
ookay, well who is this...?? i cant help youu if i dont know who you are..IM me or something =]

well i still love my first love. and i dont want to anymore so i dont know waht todo. he hates me now but im still in love wiht him but hes moved on..what do i dooo (link)
Okay, well i had the exact same problem as you did about a couple months ago. love is something that no one can understand in the way that you can about the guy you love. heres what you do..
if he "hates" you, make him change his mind. Like, be nice to him more, talk to him more, compliment him, call him to just talk, or simple things like that. in class (if you have any classes with him) and you want to work with him on something, ask to work with him. just become better with him, and soon you will be friends! he might start to like you if you change his mind! same thing happend to me and he might go up a step!
hope this helps! KEEP ME UPDATED!

i know some 1 thats in LOVE with my best friend and wont get off his nuts but i dno if he likes her what should i say to her!?!?

If he's you're best friend, then ask him what he thinks about this GIRL. Get all the info that you can unless he dusnt want you too. but it you are really great friends with this girl, and you trust her, you wont have a problem cuz you wont have to worry about her talking to him about it. tell this guy that shes in love with that she really likes him (only if she tells you to) and talk to him like you would want to know something! hope this helps =]

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