My name is Amber
I have been through a lot, a lot more than you'd think. I will answer any question you give me. You can take my advice, or just leave it alone, but DO NOT tell me it's bad advice. kay?


I want to become a scene girl. I've seen scene girls and guys all over the place lately and I really like the style. My mom said she will take me to get a scene haircut and dye job soon if I really want to become a scene girl.

I want to be scene like Kiki Kannibal, Audrey Kitching (Twigg Violence), Dani Gore, Dakota Rose, Jac Vanek, Jesse Cupcake, Sarah SCream, Holly Horror, Hanna Beth, Zui Suicide, Raquel Reed, Dana Killer, Lizz Mohin, Sommer Ata, Tara Mason, Rainbow Kittie, Molly Steele, Danielle Fidelity, Clementine Suicide, Aida Kamikaze, Ashlee Lauren, Lindyfu, Alaina Beaton, Brittany Kramer, and even Lexi Lush.

I definately do not want to look like a drag scene queen though! I am a girl and I definately want to look like a girl and not like a boy-dressed-as-a-girl! So I want to steer away from the drag scene queen styles of Jeffree Star, Izzy Hilton, and Hilary Haywire.

Can anyone give me tips on how to become scene?
Should I start having people call me by a name that is more scene like some of the above mentioned (Hilary Haywire, Holly Horror, Sarah SCream, Kiki Kannibal, etc.)?

you don't "become" scene. You just are scene or not. It's just the kind of clothes people choose to wear because they like it not because they're trying to be scene. Scene is totally a music oriented style. If you don't listen to metal, hardcore, or any form of it. then don't become scene. You seem like a girl who cares what people think. and if you just randomly "become scene" people WILL make fun of you and trash talk you because you'll be considered fake. my advice for you is DON'T do it. It's too much work being scene anyways.


Ok i am a vegetarian, i dont eat meat but recently everyone has been woried about me because i've been losing alot of weigns like 130 to 127 now and my eating habbits are very poor and i am a very picky eater. Could i have a eating disorder? Lately i gust havent had the drive to eat i still am because i feel hunger but i dont feel like i want to eat.. I am really concerend for myself now, should i go see a doctor for vitamins?

Becoming a vegetarian takes a huge toll on your body. Losing weight comes with not eating meet, just because you're not hungry doesn't mean you have an eating disorder. As long as you get what you need and you do eat everyday you have no problems. As long as you feel fine, nothing's wrong with losing weight.


i like to lock my door when i'm doing homework but my dad gets so angry. i tried explaining him that its just a reflex when i go into my room and i do it so i dont get distractions from my siblings but he like flips out when i lock my door, how should i approach this problem?

I have this same problem. Just leave your door open once in a while and he'll start to lay off. But you don't haveto leave it open all the time, just to show him your not doing anythng you shouldn't be. Cause if you keep doing that he's going to start to think he can't trust you, and won't.


any advice on making out w/ a guy???

thanx. :]

don't use too much tounge, and don't force it.


I have a boyfriend of a year and 3 months. but, i think im starting to like another guy, and i think he likes me. things between my boyfriend and I have been rough lately and this boy asks how we are everyday and he always tries to flirt with me and even asked me to go to his football game. Although i do have really strong feeings for my boyfriend, i kind of want a change and just be single and flirt or maybe go out with this new guy. BUT, I cannot picture my life without my boyfriend in it and i have a feeling that if i get to know this other boy more i'll just want my boyfriend back. Do you guys think that i should just take the plunge and just go for it? (The new guy...oh, and i havent liked anyone since my boyfriend and i have been going out.. this is the 1st person i've liked since) Or, do you think i should stick with my boyfriend that i have now because he is a sure thing? please help.

don't stick with your boyfriend just because its a sure thing. It will definitly be hard if you do break up with your boyfriend, but you'll get over it sooner or later. I'd wait it out a bit and maybe get to know this other kid a little better and see if you still want him. Whoever you have a better time with, pick him.


Okay. How can I fix this?

About half a year ago, I bleached parts of my hair and dyed them unnatural colors. Then after dying them every month to a different color, I dyed everything a medium brown.

And then I didn't really like it so I went for something darker.

However, the middle of my hair all around is still that medium brown. That area will not take any more color.

Any products you recommend? D:

your hair is fried and thats why it doesn't take color, i really don't think a product will fix it. i suggest either cutting it off, or getting it professionally done.


So lets say Bob is in my chemistry class. me and bob sit next to each other, he is a year younger than i am. he has gone to school with me for a while, but we never really talked. So bob will like kick me, hit me with his id string, hit me when im trying to take notes, he will try and knock my stuff (books and papers) off my desk onto the floor, he always takes my papers but gives them back after, and he was going on about how many things he has (like a boat and a car), and sometimes hes not that annoying. Today he kept stabbing me with a pen, and he asked me for my number and was like yeah we can text each other all the time. and he wrote his name on my notebook. like the front. so would you say that bob likes me? or is just friendly/annoying?
thnx in advance.

I would say there is a great possibilty that he does like you. But by the sounds of it, he's really immature.


I made out with this guy at a party and he gave me his number. He said he'd only give it to me if I'd actually call and not just BS him. So the next day i called him and he didn't have my number so I told him who it was and he hung up. I thought we just got disconnected but he never called back and isn't taking my calls (I only called back once but still). What the heck is his problem?

I'd wait another day or two, maybe like on a week-night, call him up again. Then see what happens.


well my friend is moving away, so me and like 10 other people(her closest friends) are throwing her a surprise going away party at my house for her. itll be like a 6 hour thing. if that makes a difference lol.
what are some things we can do?
any advice or help is appreciated

I've actually done this too. same situation and everything. Its really good to do a lot of talking. don't plan on playing any games, be in an open room and have everyone stay together for the most part, don't separate the groups. Food, you can never go wrong with pizza, or if you want it to be more special, have her favorite food. Gifts, give something memorable, and something she'll be able to keep forever. Something sentimental. No themes, thats weird.


ok let me start by saying i am a freshman
and of course i have a huge crush on this guy name cameron and he i think he likes me and he is older den by i think he is a junior but anyways i talk to him everyday and he is so sweet but the problem is he is going to his ex girlfriend's homecoming wit her(she goes to a different school)..and its basicallly killing me inside but what can i do he is not my boyfriend but he always flirts with me but i dont want anything to do with him if he still has feelings for his ex

I wouldn't get your hopes up, just because you think he's flirting with you, it could just be in his nature to be nice to people. And from personal experience, any junior i know or knew that was interested in a freshman, always turned out to be a total creeper. So if you find out he DOES like you, I would ask around to older people, one probably in his grade. But as for now, I'd lay off. If he does like his ex gf still, there's nothing you can do about it.



i'm so confused lately. like i have to write an autobiograpy for one of my classes and it's all about out experiences as a child and teen and even up to dating and stuff. it got me thinking a lot. i think i might be gay or like bi. i never really think guys are cute or hot and i just never really care about them like most girls my age do. i'm not interested in dating guys anymore like i was and i don't know. in the assignment it wants us to talk about seeing ourselves being married and stuff and i just cannot picture myself being married. i've never felt like actual feelings for a girl, but i kinda feel more attracted to them..i don't know..

any advice would help me a lot, and if you need more info or anything just ask

thank you

Your 14, so my guess is about 8th grade, still in middle school. You have tons of time to figure it out. Freshman year is generally when you can experiment, when others get more open to try new things. Chances are your not the only one that feels like this. Being curious, there's nothing wrong with that. But don't start saying you know until your really for sure, that could get you into a huge mess.


well 2morrow school starts! i know who my teachers are going to be, but ive never met them. im afraid though!!! i know where everything is, but im still afraid! its also been a while since ive seen my bf (we've been going out for like...10 or 11 months. we barely ever kiss or hold hands, so i'm going to start holding hands with him. and i only have one class and lunch with him)

well anyway, how can i get over being so nervous with school startiing, the teachers, my classes (idk what they will be, but i KNOW that i only have one class with my bf, b/c hes in the other half of the grade.)

please help! thanks in advancE!!!

make sure you look amazing and your prepared for anything, you'll have more confedience then. And if something goes wrong don't let it effect you, and talk to your boyfriend tonight, call him, and talk to him about it, he should comfort you. And tomorrow before class, go give him a nice kiss, that always makes me feel better =)


ok so i have medium to long blonde curly hair. i have side bangs and long layers.thick yet fine and an oval shaped face if that helps at all. i have a haircut planned soon and im not sure what would look stupendous???? like a lindsay lohan layered look? or what? but something that looks great whether i decide to wear it natural/curly or straight...????

I would get a few short layers but leave a few long ones. But still get a trim. and don't forget to cut your bangs shorter, and i would deff suggest front bangs. And once school starts, don't forget to like alternate a lot with your hair styles don't just have it the same all the time, because thats boring.


ok, so i have a neighbor who lives across the street and the parents are away. there are three guys home, two brothers and a cousin. the cousin's a year older than me and the brothers are one year older and one year younger. i'm a not-that-experienced 16-year-old-girl who previously had only been felt up. so i was walking on my block and they invited me over, which was a little weird b/c we never hang out, but w/e. the cousin had been wanting to hook up with me for a very long time. we ended up in a room together and i ended up giving him head and a hand job, but i had to stop before he came b/c my mom was outside calling my name. i think he wants to do it again but i'm feeling really weird about this. he's texted me and called me twice while i was sleeping, at about 2 in the morning. what should i do?

If you like him then there is no problem with it. But if your gonna end up getting hurt in the end, i woudn't do it. But if you just want to hook up like he might, then go for it. He probably wanted you to sneek out and thats why he called you at 2 in the morning.
And here's a plus-- if he wants to do it again than obviously you did something right =)


this guy i like is the cutest smartest funniest guy i have ever met. one problem though. he is the most quiet guy i have ever met. hes really hard to talk to becuase he only nods his head in response or something similar. how do i get him to warm up to me? im 14/f btw.

you should start talking to him on a deeper level, without it being awkward. Confind something in him, and let him do the same. Once you do that, he knows you trust him, and he can trust you. Hope I helped!


how do models and people get their mascara to look like this?


No offence, but you do not want your eye lashes to look like that. They're all clumpy and unattractive. Generally if you have a good mascara and you know how to use it, your eyes will look great. And if your really concious about them being too thin, you can always use fake ones. Hope i helped!



i have a rack of lamb from trader joe's. & it's thawed. um, i sorta need a recipe for it... but it has to be baked. i have mustards, cheeses, etc. so i was thinking of just a simple salt, pepper, cheese one? would that taste really bad / weird with the cheese on it? (it's good cheese - like mozzeralla). can someone help me? i WILL NOT be offended if you give me constructive critisism on the cheese idea. i just sorta love cheese on everything. hahah! i don't have too many exotic ingredients, but if you ask me some questions i'll add info to this question so you can properly answer it :]


well i'm sorry that I gave you "bad advice" but go to GoVeg.com
And watch the video called "Meet your meat" and you can see why I freaked out.
That is the nastiest thing. I'm sorry but if you really like the taste of flesh, become a canibol. Because its the same thing.


I have a confusing problem, I don't know if I'm Gay or now. When ever I masturbate, I have sexual fantasies of other guys (I am a guy) but when I look at guys in real life, I just don't have any, emotional feelings for them, like a guy does when he has a crush on a girl. So I have sexual feelings for guys, but when i look at girls, I get the butterflies and goose bumps, and I always have these day dreams of asking this one girl I really like out. But I've never had any sexual fantasies about them. So now I'm just confused as to why I have sexual feelings about guys, but the average crush like feelings for girls, but not the sexual feelings that I sometimes have for guys.

your most likely just curious, and maybe the only way to cure that is to actually do something with a guy. And maybe not. It may just be something temporary. Just because you fantsize over guys doesn't mean you like them. Hope i helped!


13/f. I shave down there but should i shave the whole "triangle" or not?

it depends on what your going to do with it. If your like going to have a bathing suit on in public i would suggest shaving anything that may have a chance of being seen. If your planning on being active with a guy with just his hands or his penis, then you don't have to shave all of it, but if you plan on having him eat you out, then i would say you should go for it all. But again, its whatever your comfertable with also. Hope i helped =]


Ok well I share my stuff with ym friends like drinks and food. Um..I just found out that one of my friends is sexually active.

I don't know if she has anything from it but if it's bad and I share my drinks and food with her will I get it?

no, you can only get STI's from sex or blood. Not saliva.


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