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Hey my name is Ashley, Im very down to earth and truthful, all my friends come to me for advice whether they like what i have to say or not, thats the gift I have I can solve anyone elses problems except my own. I want to be a writer or a journalist someday, but for now the most I can do is give you people advice about anything so let me know whats on your mind.
Sincerly, Ashley
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I guess im asking this cuz im looking for comfort because i just got rejected by a guy i like he didnt say he did not like me just that he had a girlfriend so now im sad but things could change right? (link)
from 5th grade to 9th I was in love with this guy at school who knew it but was really mean to me I always thought he secretly liked me and he was just embarrassed to like me but it was all in my head I wasted 5 years of my life on someone i cried over every night I made myself believe he really wanted to be with me from the signs he gave but the truth of the matter was he was just a dick and from time to time I think about him because he was my first love but what i'm trying to say is there's someone out there for you. Don't let this one rejection hurt you as bad as it did me move on while you can

What are your top...lets say 3...reasons to live? What makes you happy to be here? (link)
True Friends and Family
Learning to live and love with all I have to give
Having kids one day giving them a life I've never had

What do you think is the key to a successful marriage? Or what exactly are you looking for in the m an that you marry?

As for me I think that I found the type of man that I want to marry. We're both fairly young though, I still have yet to start college but I'm a bit behind (I'll be 21 in less than six months, so I'm a bit behind). My boyfriend just turned 22 in July, and has two years of college left to complete.

I say that he's perfect for me, because I think that in a man success is so sexy. He's the first one in his family to ever obtain a college degree, he got his associates in June 2011. To me that shows success because in a family where not everyone graduated college, it can be fairly difficult to actually get your degree of any sort. I have full confidence in him that in June of 2013, he will have his bachelors degree and be almost ready to obtain a good future for himself.

The point of success where the two of you are currently at should also be a strong consideration. If you barely have enough money to support yourself, the two of you are going to struggle financially which will lead to many fights. I've seen this plenty of times, especially exposed to parents who have been unhappily married for over half of their marriage.

The level of support that he gives you should be a consideration as well. My boyfriend is extremely supportive of me, and his opinion on things is very important to me, the only other opinion that I value more than his is my own.

Trust and communication, the two of you have to be able to trust each other and communicate very well together. Without trust and communication a marriage can be very miserable, I've seen this before. You have to bring up the little things that upset you about him, or else they're going to build into even bigger things. I trust my boyfriend very well, and we've communicated well with each other enough for him to be my longest relationship which will be six months on the 18th.

So I think in order for a marriage to work out the two of you have to be successful, be able to work out your problems, be able to trust each other very well, and support each other when the two of you need it.

As far as personal traits that I think need to be happy in a marriage one day is to be with someone whose caring, loving, takes good care of me, is good in bed.

I've never been married, so I don't know if I'm inaccurate as to what makes a marriage work or not. If you are upset or offended by something that I said, I apologize. (link)
Well I've never been married either but when you look at him you should feel he is the one regardless of success because sometimes struggling a bit to get where your heading can only bring the two of you closer as for trust and communication yes that is the most important to make a marriage last but sometimes you have to work up to it especially because the two of you are young and should be out living up the college years instead of worrying about marriage not trusting each other will happen that's including being jealous so as long as you both know you love each other and would rather spend your life together then marriage should be come easy if you work at it

he says daily he loves me but he has a girlfriend. Should I just leave or try to see if he will leave her? (link)
Well the way I see it with cheaters is no matter what people say once a cheater always a cheater look at it this way, he probably said he loved her to and now he wants to be with you down the road he is gonna be looking for the next best thing maybe in the back of your mind it sounds good to wait around till he leaves her which could be never but one day whether he loves you or not he will be leaving you for the next thing who gives him the time so do your self a favor and forget about him and never look back their is someone for you who will love you and only you

18 f

i have an on-going flirtation with this one guy that i go to school with. we openly flirt and will most likley hook up within the next month. i know he thinks im attractive and all but he recently said that i was a 9, as in a 9 out of 10. i dont know whether to be flattered that he gave me such a high number or insulted that he doesnt think im a 10. any opinions on this would be great.

thanks! (link)
Well I think you should be flattered because sorry he is probably lying about you being a 9 even if you are very attractive because a 10 to me is perfect and no ones perfect that's what makes us human so don't look at it as a bad thing but its not even close

So theres this boy and i like HIM but recently, he grabbed my butt. I was excited but i want him to like me for Me and not my butt. What should i do????? (link)
Well, first of all you need to just move on because not only is he not respecting you but it shows that he will be pushing for sex and you dont need that

i like this guy and my friend likes him to but she told me to go for if..
but then when i tryed she got mad..even tho she didnt to me befor...what should i do ? :o (link)
well usually when a friend likes a guy and you like him to, you should just walk away it always leads to a fight because even if she says sure its ok she doesnt mean it she figures your her friend and you wouldnt do that too her just think how you would feel she is just hurt and thats normal what means more some guy or your friendship walk away and find someone else theirs plenty of fish in the sea

So, as an addition to another gift I'm giving him for his birthday...I wanted to make him a mixtape. He LOVES music (same with me), and I think he'd really appreciate it. I'm going to include songs that both he and I love...and some songs that describe how I feel about him, and our relationship. ^_^ But I want some more... any suggestions? :) (link)
well it depends on what you listen too but my suggestion would be

1,Shes in love with the boy-Trisha Yearwood
2,My baby loves me-Martina McBride
3,Check yes or no-George Strait
4,You got it bad-Usher
5,Love of my life-Darla Day

I wanted to see what it would be like to have sex with a woman.talked to my boyfriend about it hie answer was yes but when I called him into the room to come see he rubed her pussy and let her suck his dick without asking me if it was ok. I say it's cheating because I did not give him premission to do anything and it's been over a year and I still hurt behind this (link)
next time think about it 3 somes are ALWAYS a bad idea even if he isnt involved your man shouldnt be in the house while theirs a naked woman around

theres this guyat my school and i really like him. apparently so does one of my really good friends. i was going to tell her that i liked him but then she told me that she liked him before i had the chance to talk. she knew i thought he was cute and called dibbs on him. i dont know who he likes...but if he likes me..what would i tell him? that i cant like you my friend called dibbs? i dont want to hurt our friendship..any ideas on what i should do?
well first of all you cant claim someones feelings maybe she is just being hurtful by knowing what you thought of him or maybe she just wasnt thinking of how you felt you just need to talk to her and if your friendship means that much there is plenty other guys out there

i love my best friends boyfriend, i have no idea what to do. shes already caught us sexting an he says he loves me. i love him to. HELP!!!! (link)
well first of all she is your bestfriend and that isnt right even if she doesnt care about him thats still not what friends do especially best ones its your decision on what your going to do about this but just remember friends are forever guys arnt once a cheater always cheater just wait and see next time its going to be you on the other end of this mess sorry thats just the truth

Do you feel like your a better parent than your parents?

Are there some thing that your parents did that you couldn't imagine doing or not doing to your own kids? (link)
No my mom is the best but one thing I will do to my kids is dicipline

my boyfriend of 10 months broke up with me 2 weeks ago. he broke up with me when i was drunk, we got back together the next day and then he broke up with me again 2 days later saying that everything was 'weird'. he broke up with me because i said stupid stuff when i was drunk like that i wanted to be single and other stuff that i didn't mean. anyways, we've been talking a little and he told me he misses me but he doesn't wanna get back together but he's giving me really mixed signals and i think he's still hurt. the last (and pretty much only other time) we broke up it was because he broke up with me when i was drunk and i kissed some random guy at a bar because i was so pissed. he never forgave me for that and he told me that after that he started taking all of the dumb stuff i said about wanting to be single seriously. he says if we ever got back together he would be worried i would cheat on him. he says his feelings for me will never be the same but i don't believe that. i think he's just hurt because he keeps sending me really mixed signals. my question is how i can gain his trust back. i already haven't drank since we broke up (i had been drinking maybe 3 nights a week this summer) and i haven't hooked up with anyone else. i just need to figure out a way to show him i ONLY wanna be with him. because that is truly 100% how i feel. thanks (link)
yeah well be in his shoes of course he is hurt you would be too what you really need to do is STOP drinking sounds like he really loves you but he isnt going to stick around if you dont stop drinking thats about the only times he has broken up with you so if you really wanna be with him let the booze go

what and how is a easy way to die quick without pain if u wont tell me sumbody else will (link)
have you ever thought about after you die you will never do anything again you will be stuck somewhere if not hell think about it its pretty scary get some help and move on life only gets better trust me i have been in your shoes i was even put in the hospital it only helped

I'm 19 and i met this guy a year ago. from the very start i was'nt attracted to him but he forced things out. i gave in because I'd just broken up and wanted to show that 'thing' that i was doing well. I have never loved him and always wish if got a nice guy,i would slip out.I hate him yet he loves me dearly. what should i do? (link)
well not to be mean or anything but it doesnt sound like your a very nice person because if he loves you and treats you right then you got lucky these days it shouldnt be about attraction because the good looking guys are always going to break your heart in the end whether you wanna hear the truth or not sometimes the best of guys are the ones you rather pass up another thing you shouldnt hate him if he is willing to love you cuz your ex wasnt if you dont want to be with him tell him but be gentle cuz you should know about getting your heart broke and its not lovely next time dont use someone as a backup if you dont want this to happen

Ok, so there is this guy that I had a crush on but then I lost interest. He is moving to Canada in two days, I think I like him but I'm not sure. I thought he liked me back but now I don't think he does anymore. I think about him all the time and I imagine him telling me he likes me and that he'll miss me, but my heart doesn't skip a beat when I see him like it used to. Do I like him, should I tell him? Fast answers would be appreciated as he is leaving in a day.
13/f (link)
What it sounds like to me is you don't like him anymore but since he is moving away your tricking yourself by thinking you like him when really you just know that if he moves away your never get to be with him if you ever change your mind and trust me we have all been through it so what you should do is tell him your miss him and part as friends and if he never knew how you felt before let him know so later down the road you wont have any regrets

-bullied through elementary and hit highschool more guys joined in, name called , took it to the streets and played niki-niki-nine-door , egged and paintballed my house, tried to run me over , through food at me outside school
-got raped and assaulted different times
-no councelling ever
-gotten more negative toward everything
-im emotionally torn apart
-friends all left me
-everyone bullied me lives around me the rape area is around me everything thats negative is surrounding me and I just cant forget it..
-im getting nightmares almost everynight, stress , anxiety , and emotionally break down almost every day
should I move away? should I get councelling?
any thoughts?

btw im 19 (link)
well im sorry I dont believe life throws you some blows step up and tell someone sure in the end you will need counsling but this is much worse you need to go to the police if you have been raped those guys deserve what they get

well at school my friends have all fell out with my other friend and i feel sorry formy friend but the others aare my bestfriends i am not taking sides but i just want us all to be back to normal because we cnt all be together at the same time because it wouldntbe fair, what should i do??
If this is a friend stand up for her what can your other friends do nothing if their truely good friends of yours dont be a follower thats not were you wanna be what would you want a person you thought was your friend to do if you were in their shoes

What does it mean if a boy is ashamed of a girl he is dating or with? (link)
it means that he is a jerk you need a guy who dont care who is around who will show you off to the world

i've been dating my boyfriend for almost 2 months. we've been long time friends, and dated once before, but now its becoming more serious. lately, he's been getting tutored by his ex girlfriend. she goes over to his house, and he goes to hers all the time. they used to have a really close relationship, and now its getting back on track. he says i have nothing to worry about and he wont ever go back to her. i feel very jealous and insecure. i dont know what to do. please help.

I agree with melissa123 but then again I would tell him to get another tutor because its not that you dont trust him its you shouldnt trust her maybe things ended for a reason but if their tutoring all the time theirs a reason no guy cares about their grades that much even if they are failing but if you trust him then stick with that its just my opinion but if he ever blows you off to learn their is a PROBLEM :-0

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