Hey everyone. I'm you're normal 13 year old girl with adventures, stories..and oh yes..problems. Everyone has them. Life's like that. You have to go through problems but the best way to do it..is through other people. I know that I have been through the good times and the bad but in the end...because of advice from other people...I overcome that problem. And that's why I'm here for you! So ask me anything! I'm on at least once a day so ask away! Ha..that rhymed.


---->Mmkay...my name's Maggie but only the cool people call me M-CHA, Magpie or Magz. I go to AMS which I love to death and I am going to miss it so unbelievably much next year. I love language arts even though math is my best subject. You can call me a teachers pet. As if I care! Puh-lease. I don't care what mean things other people say about me because I know that they're not true. Hmm..anyways, I love Language Arts && I'm suh-weet at math. Favorite teacher? Er..that's a hard one...Mrs. Dunbar or Ms. Music.. I'm not afraid to express myself && I love taking risks. It is part of life. Cedar Point is my anti-drug. I love it like no other. Roller coasters are my life. I have self-pride but I donâ??t have an ego unless weâ??re talking about "Fifth hour" vs. "Seventh hour". My favorite place in the world is NYC. Love love LOVE it there. I love silly nicknames like KVAN, Sausage && the Kopemyster. Heck yes. Wild, Crazy, Random, Silly = ME.


(Rating: 5) thanks i wasnt sure because i was reading this survey and someone put their race down for it instead of their heritage
(Rating: 5) thank you for the advice, but if you want to know a little more, well, i wrote another one that adds onto this!
(Rating: 5) Thanks for the advice
(Rating: 3) thanks
(Rating: 4) ty.
(Rating: 5) thanks.
(Rating: 5) can you find me some cute tanktops with like sparkles on them or really cute ones that are cheap/on sale? thankss.
(Rating: 5) Thanks....=)
(Rating: 5) yipeeeeeeee.
(Rating: 5) thank you
(Rating: 5) thanks bunches. I may take you up on that 3rd offer =)
(Rating: 5) YAY. dreams come trueee.
(Rating: 5) thanks
(Rating: 3) i tried..and plus you should've read the additional information

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