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i think i might have ocd. every day like twice an hour i have to say this random sentence. its not even a sentence its just a bunch of random words that make no sense but i still have to say them. okay i have to say this sentence in my head like about 2 or 3 times a hour. "true dat word yea really get a room go back to band camp go for it i get that a lot" dont ask me why but if i dont say that sentence i get soo nervous its like an addiction and i cant think straight if i dont say it. i tried to not say it for like 4 hours but i had this huge urge and i was like shaking. none of those words relate to me or have anything to do with me but for some reason i HAVE to say them or i feel like im about to die. and the kitchen cupboards if they are open i have to shut them or i get in a really bad mood and i cant leave them open.. same with tags. you know the tags on peoples shirts? if they stick out it bothers me soo much and even if i dont know the person i will tell them to stick in their tag or i will do it for them haha. soo do you think i have ocd or what??helppp (link)
that DOES sound like ocd. i have it and i have similar symptoms. you should tell your parent(s) and ask a doctor about it.

Hey guys.

ok, well I have a best friend. me and him are very close and would do anything for eachother. we go to school together now and talk non-stop. lately though since we go to the same school he would say that he wanted to be with one of my friends.. it's kinda akward to me because he is my best friend and i don't know it's just really weird to me. i don't want to loose him. he wants me to hook him up and i think it's just.. idk weird. what do you think it is? and what should i do? thanks. (link)
do you like him? it sounds like you have feelings for him. but i might be wrong. what the other person said could be true, too. sorry if this wasn't much help!!

i don`t know if i`m obsessive compulsive , but maybe , i always have to have like even numbers of things and like everything i do has to be like evened out , i`m really crazy about having everything even . can someone tell me if that`s kind of obsessive compulsive or am i just not normal . lol .. (link)
kind of. you seem to have the compulsive part, but i don't hear any obsessions. ocd isn't just about being a perfectionist or organized. there are usually...i guess 'bad' thoughts that come along with it.

This question doesn't even relate to the Rolling Stones, but you've seen their tops; they have the tongue!
My realy question is, can you roll your tongue?
I want to survey how many people can and can't. Answer this if you can or can not.
If you are an 'expert', can you tell me how? How long does it take?
I'm taking Spanish 1: Do you need to roll your tongue?

Thanks so much!
Anything will help; and you might get a points! (link)
I have a pathetic version of tongue rolling, and I'm in Spanish 3. My teacher is pretty fair and nice, so she doesn't mind. I think you should just keep practicing, I have been and it's improved a little...but it still sucks, haha.

I ussually do a lot of exercise but whenever i stop my face seems to get fatter and not my body,weird. Well to let you know how fat i'm 78 kg at the moment and my face is like a face of a 90 kg person and my body is like a 70kg person. Its seem like all the fat tends to move toawrd my face.

So is there anyway that i can do to keep my face in proportion with my body? i prefer my face looking skinnier. THX in advance (link)
Um, I don't know how to measure kgs...I live in the USA, so I use pounds...but sometimes having a "fat" face is cute. I know this girl and school and she is not fat but not too skinny and she has a..."fat" face and all the boys like her and all the girls are jealous of her. So just accept yourself the way you are, and make the best of your imperfections. ♥

I need help about religion. I currently attend a unitarion Universalist church and I am taking the class and all that. Oh yeah and im 13/f. I really do not know what I beleive in. I guess you could call me agnostic, but I do believe that there is a higher power out there. I just dont know what. The thing is, no offense to anybody, I just dont believe that God sends people to hl for sinning and stuff. I really dont know about christianiy all that much, but Im from the south where alot of people are really mean but they think they are such good chrisians because they read the bible. My question is is this normal? I just dont know what to believe and its anoying becuase some people are like "Why dont you believe in god?!" and its really embarrising. (link)
Wow. You sound a lot like me. I don't really know what religion I am, either. Believe what you believe is what I say. Answer peoples' questions truthfully.

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