Hey everyone. I'm you're normal 13 year old girl with adventures, stories..and oh yes..problems. Everyone has them. Life's like that. You have to go through problems but the best way to do it..is through other people. I know that I have been through the good times and the bad but in the end...because of advice from other people...I overcome that problem. And that's why I'm here for you! So ask me anything! I'm on at least once a day so ask away! Ha..that rhymed.


---->Mmkay...my name's Maggie but only the cool people call me M-CHA, Magpie or Magz. I go to AMS which I love to death and I am going to miss it so unbelievably much next year. I love language arts even though math is my best subject. You can call me a teachers pet. As if I care! Puh-lease. I don't care what mean things other people say about me because I know that they're not true. Hmm..anyways, I love Language Arts && I'm suh-weet at math. Favorite teacher? Er..that's a hard one...Mrs. Dunbar or Ms. Music.. I'm not afraid to express myself && I love taking risks. It is part of life. Cedar Point is my anti-drug. I love it like no other. Roller coasters are my life. I have self-pride but I donâ??t have an ego unless weâ??re talking about "Fifth hour" vs. "Seventh hour". My favorite place in the world is NYC. Love love LOVE it there. I love silly nicknames like KVAN, Sausage && the Kopemyster. Heck yes. Wild, Crazy, Random, Silly = ME.


ok on this survey it asks your heritage.....is your heritage like if your german or like italian or irish..etc? or does it mean like your race? i know dumb question but ill rate high.


It's like your culture, traditions. Um, tradition would probably be the best way to describe it. And it's not a dumb question. =]



i started my period in 6th grade. my mom knows. then i didn't have it again for another year. she knows about that. that was a year ago. ive been regular ever since, but am afraid to tell her. now she wants to take me to the doctors cuz she thinks theres something wrong with me. what should i do?

Oh jeezy..I think you should take your mom's advice and go to the doctor. It's the best way to handle it. There is probably nothing wrong with you, but it's safer to check!



My eyebrows were thick until I attacked them. But they grow in very long pieces.. and they often get pushed down over my eyelid. I tried cutting those.. but it looks weird when I do that.

Should i get my eyebrows professionally done?

I want my eyebrows not to be so low near my eyes.. I want an arch..

Do I grow out my eyebrows first and go see them?

Or go to one and get it done and
then wait for it to grow out?

Get them professionally done. You'll look great!



Can you gain your metabolism back? I recently stopped being anorexic and I want my metabolism to be high again.

Well..You could (I can't believe I'm saying this)eat unhealthy foods. Like hot dogs, chocolate cakes...etc. You get a higher metabolism that way.

Good Luck!



What is 8th and Ocean? Is it the new Laguna Beach?

Haha..that'd be a no.

Laguna Beach can never gonna be repeated. nah uh...

I ♥ Laguna Beach.

Watch...the HILLS starring Lauren Conrad on Wed. May 31st at 10pm



hey, my grade is going on a trip to canobie lake park. i want something cute to wear. im thinking a skirt, some type of tank/cami, flipflops, and a bathing suit. does anybody know any good places to go ESPECIALLY FOR THE BATHING SUIT. links would be great = ].

Well..In my area, Pac Sun is having a HUGE sale....so yeah. Um..bikini's at Hollister are $32 I think. Aeropostale is very cheap as well.


Hollister Co:


American Eagle:



What does it mean when someone says the phrase "I'm the sword inside your stone"? I'll rate anyone who knows! Thank you so so so much.


Well..I think it has something to do with Merlin and Arthur. Arthur just wiggled the sword from the stone and got it out. So I THINK it means things might seem to be hard, but it are really not.



My friends and I have recently become interested in playing card games. But, the problem is, we've played the following games so much that we're sick of them:
five card draw
texax holdem
crazy eights
indian poker
go fish
and a few others that I can't remember. Does anyone have any good card game ideas? They need to be fun and easy to play- I just need some new games. Thanks! I rate fives for good answers.

Egyptian Rat screw...holy moly..it's like my favorite game ever. I'm not a very good explainer...so read this website:


And SPOONS!!! I love spoons too..lol. Not actual spoons but the card game...here's another link: (this link also includes the game PIGS but that isn't as fun):


Hope I helped!


holdd up. mcha i know you are NOT letting someone else call you that tooo!?! ohh no you didntt girlll


Lmao...okeee...Marisa, yer not aloud to call me m-cha....los siento....='(


-&hearts x389q470938748979q0847509q84574985-


EEK! MAGGIE'S PIC IS SOO ADORABLE! I WANT TO CALL YOU M-CHA. IT SOUNDS FUN. mine should be like, m-sel or something. i know this isn't a question. i'm sorry.

xo- marisa

lol..yeah..KVAN (kelly) gave me M-CHA. xD

M-sel..hehe that's cute.


-♥- Magpie


but i dont know if you love me back!?

Oh.My.GOSH!! I love KVAN x384733718247039841790384713908471093847190387.

Hope I helped...xD



hey maggie, i am like really big boned i guess?? i have some stomach rolls but i am only 13 5'8 130lbs. all my friends are all sooooo tiny and whenever i try on shirts that are theres i look so fat and i feel so out of place i wish i was just normal what shuld i do

Hmm..well first, I have a question for you..do your friends laugh at you? Answer that..now..if the answer is:

Yes - They aren't really your friends. I don't think you should do anything about yourself. Be yourself and boost your confidence about yourself.

No - Then you should be fine. If your friends don't laugh at you, nothing is wrong. Don't you DARE go anorexic or anything like that! That will be terrible and you'll be hurting yourself. I think you need to have self-confidence no matter how you look!

=] Peace



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