Im Stephanie. I'm very into art, and I love anything to do with hair. I always change mine.
I love Indie music. I'm a vegitarian, if you want to know what its about, or what tastes good in the world of meatless choices ask me. I could help you with anything from styling your hair, a great art product, a good camera for photography, your romantic partner, emotional issues, effects of suicide, to what book you would maybe enjoy reading. You can ask me about everything, and I'll try more than anything to give you an appropriate answer. I also love new friends, so IM me or add me on myspace :)



I like this guy and he knows it. We dont know eachother that well. My situation with him is really uncomfrotable because once he found out from my friend he told all his friends and now they stare at me. One of his friends(I swear to god this boy is gay and wants my crush) is ruining every chance that i even had with him. He shouts out "there she is!" "or go say hi" or "Oooohhh" or something equally stupid.Well at first it was cute b/c he would just stand up and smile at me and he was always blushing now its pretty lame cause his friend even got tampons then threw it at my crush and yelled "its from your girlfriend". Now its harder to talk to him he still looks at me but so do all of his friends and it makes me nervous he is never ever alone. I'm always being put on the spot whenever he comes around. If i even come near his one really annoying friend will definately embarass me. What should i do? Also I have no idea what to say to him so if you could give me some tips in case i ever do get him alone.

No, Dear. See his friend, may actually have a thing for you. Known as "cock-blocking" He maybe wants you all to himself.

You need to confront this guy, and tell him to leave you alone, and that his immaturity does not affect the way you feel towards your crush. Maybe he will back off, and maybe if he doesnt, get to know the guy so you know whats going on in his head.

The tampon thing..un-nessasary. You should talk to your crush and figure out what the deal is with his friends and why they treat you so, if he cares he will try at keeping their immaturity at bay.


okay so there's this guy. i sorta like him. i wanna go to the 8th grade dance with him. but h's the type of guy who is really flirty and such. he always tells me how much he loves me and i would really like to go to my 8th grade dance with him. but it seems that he wants 2 go 2 the 8th grade dance with pactically n e grl. but the only problem is this guysis like my friggin brother. but i love him more then that. help? ♥

Get it out there, tell him you REALLY want to be his date. If hes flirty like you say, flirt with him alot back so he'll notice you since, he seems to pay attention to alot of other girls.

If hes like a brother to you, act as if you would in any situation, it will be so much easier with him being so close to you.


heyy. i paint with watercolors as of right now and i really want to learn how to paint on canvas this summer. what are the best materials to start with & how big should i be getting the canvas? i just want to have fun with this. thanks!

Well, as for canvas, it doesnt matter what size you use. You can find cheap canvas at a local meijers. ($6.00) :) It helps to use oil paint, its more dramatic and passionate in my mind. You can also find a set of 20 oil paints for about $20 at meijers. If your trying to do this at little cost.


My natural hair colour is a very dark brown but I've been dying it for about a year.

A while ago I tried to dye my fringe hot pink, but it went wrong so it was bright ginger. I tried to dye all my hair chestnut brown to cover it up but the front was still lighter. I dyed it again a few months later but the front was still lighter than everywhere else.

I really want to get it back to my natural colour but the only way I can do that is by growing it out or using a colour stripping solution. I've never used one before and I'm not sure how badly it will damage my hair. I have very thick hair and all the dye hasn't really affected it, so I'm not sure whether or not that will make a difference. Any advice or suggestions on a colour I could dye it would be welcome.

Okay, i dye my hair a TON. Like maybe 8 times a year, so i know all about what your worried about. I also have thick hair, that doesnt really get too damaged. My advice is to go a little darker than chestnut brown, maybe a dark brown. So that if the dye fades it will not be too light. Garnier Nutriese is really good for hair and doesnt tend to damage, but it fades quickly. You may want to use Color Silk, it does not fade quickly. My best advice is to go to a hair stylist and get your hair professionally darkened, it would not fade.

As for the color strip, it will not restore your hair to its original state, but it would bring the ginger back once again. So, my advice is to not try that out, and it does give the hair a slight damaging effect but so does the ammonias and dyes.

hope this helps.


i have the thinest hair like...ever. its so flat all the time and i hate it so much! I really want hair extensions because my hair dresser told me they'd make my hair thicker and longer (i can never grow it long because its so thin and brittle that it breaks easily). If anyone has ever had them, I'm interested in knowing if they're worth it (because i know they're pricey) and about the upkeep of them.


Hair extensions would lengthen and thicken your hair but, because your hair is thin and brittle, extensions could damage your hair. Extensions are supposed to be replaced every month or so also.
My advice is to use hair thickening shampoos and hair volumizers. For hair volumizers you might want to use bed head products, little pricey for hair but it works great. Normally between 17.99 and 23.99


Not one boy has ever liked me or even said I'm pretty. I think I'm average but I just feel like I have no appeal to boys. What can I do to make myself prettier? Like what are the "in" styles for hair and clothes, and what's some good make-up to wear?

There is one boy that likes you, just because he doesnt come up to you and say that doesnt mean no one does. You have to understand there are people in this world that are just as shy and cannot tell someone how they feel. Personally, you should never change the way you look for a boy to like you. If he likes you, he'll like you with no new clothes, makeup or hair. But, if this is what you want.

I have to know what kind of hair you have to tell you what you should do with it.

If anything, avoid too much makeup, and little clothing. Being a woman, you have to respect yourself and show that your not one to be toyed with.

The best thing to do would be to look in a magazine like Teen People or Cosmo Girl they always have short make overs and show the latest styles.

Good luck.


How do I know if what my parents are doing to me is child abuse? They hit me really bad, but it never leaves a mark. They do throw stuff at me and yell and scream and hit me. They verbally abuse me and say God didn't know what he was thinking when he put me on this earth, and they tell me I'm never going to have a job, a husband, children, or friends and they say I'm going to go to jail. They say they love my sister more then me. They say it to my face. What would you recommend doing? Calling child abuse or reporting it. Is what they do to me considered child abuse?

What your parents are doing to you, is not only child abuse, its verbal, physical and mental abuse also. You are a human being, and you are capable of excelling and going to great heights, and your parents are in no way right when they tell you that you are never going to end up with anything. I know of these issues first hand, because i had to deal with them at one point in my life. I really suggest you go to a couselor and tell them what your parents have been doing to you, or another friends parent that you feel comfortable and know they will help. Maybe even a teacher also. If anything this has to stop, right now. You do not deserve any of this, and it is never your fault. They are wrong when they tell you these things. I hope you find courage to tell someone, and i wish you the best of luck.


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