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When a Stranger Calls.

Question Posted Wednesday April 18 2007, 6:03 pm

I get so scared when I babysit this kid named Tommy. Whenever I go over there, this person always calls saying, "Nice outfit," or "Is Tommy asleep yet?" I have told the parents, and asked them if anyone has called like that but they think I am joking. Assist please!

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notanangell answered Sunday February 1 2009, 1:21 pm:
That's pretty scary. I don't blame you for being shaken up.

Next time they call, demand to know who they are. If they don't tell you, hang up, or say something disturbing, then call the police right away. This person could be a neighbor that just likes to play pranks, or it could be more serious.

You should also talk to the parents about it. Say to them exactly what you told us.

I hope I helped and good luck!


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hot_shortie_327 answered Saturday June 30 2007, 10:46 pm:
Okay well stay calm and call the police and tell them but first call *69 to check the number and give it to the police

[ hot_shortie_327's advice column | Ask hot_shortie_327 A Question

Vilily answered Tuesday May 1 2007, 10:13 pm:
Next time someone does that report the number to the police. If it doesnt show the number then just warn the police that you are getting these kind of phone calls. Because you never know if its just a prank or the real deal. And by not telling the police you could be putting your life and Tommy's life in danger.

[ Vilily's advice column | Ask Vilily A Question

Ashumms answered Sunday April 29 2007, 6:40 pm:
The absolute next time that this happens try dialing *69 to check what the number is. It is possible for the caller to block the number, but if they're cocky, they'll forget. If it is blocked though, call the police immediately. They can trace the call.

[ Ashumms's advice column | Ask Ashumms A Question

AskKris answered Thursday April 26 2007, 9:21 pm:
Well the next time this happens you must call the police!! you've probably seen the movie the police really track the caller and if you tell then this has happened more then one they probably wont pass you like you may think! and another thing the next time you baby sit bring a FRIEND and check to see if its one of your own friends people can be cruel and if it happens every time someone knows your babysitting!!
Truly AskKris

[ AskKris's advice column | Ask AskKris A Question

AskJR answered Saturday April 21 2007, 10:54 pm:
This is serious whether the person is pranking or not because he has to be able to see you.

This means it is a neighbor that can see into the house and what you are wearing and knows the kid's first name.

Stop babysitting for these people immediately.

If they aren't serious about it and your wellfare and their child's wellfare, then you are working for the wrong people and jepordizing your own life.

Do not go back and warn your friends too.

[ AskJR's advice column | Ask AskJR A Question

xokristabelle answered Wednesday April 18 2007, 11:49 pm:
Tell the parents in a serious tone of voice. If they still think you're joking, STOP babysitting for them because something fishy's going on.

Another thing to consider...have you told anyone what you are doing? Have you told a friend or sibling "I'm babysitting for Tommy tonight?" If yes, they could be the culprit- it's fairly easy to get someone's number.

If it happens, CALL THE POLICE. Seriously. This person could be playing a prank, or they could really want to hurt/rape you. Either way, they deserve to be punished.

[ xokristabelle's advice column | Ask xokristabelle A Question

Lalagurl answered Wednesday April 18 2007, 8:28 pm:
omg! thats friekin scary!
you seriously need to call the cops, tell them what your situation is. and if they know your scared, THEY WILL DO SOMETHING! also you need to have a mature sit- down talk with Tommy's parents. and tell them that you are serious, and if they have caller i.d. than show them. and next time you go there, bring someone with and make sure the creepy caller doesn't see him, so if something does happen you have a defender and a witness.
i'm serious, you really need to do something before something really bad happens to you!
good luck!

[ Lalagurl's advice column | Ask Lalagurl A Question

Xenolan answered Wednesday April 18 2007, 6:59 pm:
There is something seriously wrong here. Let me summarize what's happening:

(1) Tommy's parents go out, leaving their child with a sitter.

(2) Someone (the "Caller") knows that they are gone for the evening. He is obviously watching their house very, very closely.

(3) The Caller calls their house while they are out, and asks about their son, calling him by name. This guy has too much information to be a simple prank caller!

(4) He's also watching YOU. He knows that you are alone in the house, with only a young child, and he has an idea of how long you'll be alone. In other words, he knows exactly what his window of opportunity is.

(5) When the parents get home, you inform them that someone who meets every definition of a stalker is calling their house while they are out, asking specifically about their child, making comments that suggest he has an uncomfortable interest in you.

(6) They BLOW IT OFF.

I can tell you right now that NO normal person would react this way regarding a potential danger to their child, their home, or to a guest in their house (which you essentially are). For them to respond like this sends up all kinds of red flags. I can virtually guarantee this much: they KNOW who is calling you.

Here is what you need to do:

(1) Under no circumstances babysit for them again or visit their home for any other reason.

(2) Assuming you're under the age of 18, inform your parents of what's happened. Make sure they take it seriously. Don't let them laugh it off or tell you you're making a big deal over nothing. You have every reason to be scared. Convince them to get the police involved.

(3) Again, if you're under 18, your parents should talk to the people you sit for. This needs to be viewed as a threat to you, their home, and their child. Your parents should inform them that they intend to call the police and have the matter investigated. Phone records can be checked; there are ways to find out who's been calling.

(4) If you're over 18, go straight to the police yourself. Try to have dates and approximate times that you received the calls; they're unlikely to be able to do anything without that information.

Your life may be in danger. Do not delay.

[ Xenolan's advice column | Ask Xenolan A Question

cheifbritneeilu answered Wednesday April 18 2007, 6:45 pm:
TiNA_DUH is wrong. if the person doesn't make any threats or anything the police can't do anything. all they can do is track the call. personally i would have a family member who is older than me come with me. or a good guy friend of mine. (their stronger lmao)

edit. - i have seen the movie when a stranger calls lol like 2637643 times (i love it)

also i once did have a stalker who would like appear out of my windows and stuff (creepy right?) anyway. i told my mom and idk apparently she knows a cop or something? and she said that the cop said if the person doesnt aucually make a threat ;or harm you in anyway (or something like that part) all the police can do is track the call and calm you down. which is very hard to keep someone like that on the phone for a long enough time.

[ cheifbritneeilu's advice column | Ask cheifbritneeilu A Question

christina answered Wednesday April 18 2007, 6:32 pm:
Are you an idiot? Call the damn police before you get raped or killed.

[ christina's advice column | Ask christina A Question

nida answered Wednesday April 18 2007, 6:17 pm:
U need to stop going there. They can get someone else, or call the police they might be able to help

[ nida's advice column | Ask nida A Question

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