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Question Posted Tuesday November 14 2006, 1:13 am

Do you have to be 18 to buy condoms?

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LoganIsJustLogan answered Thursday February 7 2013, 8:17 pm:
Nope. I'm under 18 and i bought some last halloween to lay on peepz doorsteps and filled with mayo. And I tied a note to them saying "Mom, heres the condom"

[ LoganIsJustLogan's advice column | Ask LoganIsJustLogan A Question

adviceman49 answered Wednesday February 6 2013, 11:40 am:
If you are over 14 years of age; under a Federal Law none as HIPPA you may purchase birth control. At14 years old or older a girl does not need parental permission to ask a doctor for birth control.

This law was enacted by congress to allow 14 year old and older medical confidentiality when it comes to the health of their reproductive system. They can make appoints to see and see their doctors for problems with their reproductive systems without parental permission or knowledge.

This is done with total confidentiality. Neither the doctor, pharmacist or anyone in their employ may release any information without the written permission of the person being treated. You have total medical confidentiality as congress wants people this age and older not to be afraid to see a doctor if they have a problem. Your parents cannot be in the exam room, by law, so that you can speak freely with the doctor knowing the doctor cannot tell your parents.

[ adviceman49's advice column | Ask adviceman49 A Question

rainhorse68 answered Wednesday February 6 2013, 5:17 am:
DEFINITELY NO! This is one area where age-of-consent laws do more harm than good by making you feel you are doing something terribly wrong. If you're thinking about having sex, GET CONDOMS. And argue the ethics LATER!

[ rainhorse68's advice column | Ask rainhorse68 A Question

cookierat123 answered Tuesday February 5 2013, 8:58 pm:
Nope! You can buy condoms at any age

[ cookierat123's advice column | Ask cookierat123 A Question

Peeps answered Thursday December 23 2010, 1:49 pm:
No, there is no age restriction to purchasing condoms in the United States.

Even under-age individuals are not denied the purchase of these over-the-counter contraceptive methods. It's like going to the pharmacy and buying vitamins, in some respect. Even if the package says the vitamins are for elderly, frail men a 20-something woman can purchase them.

So, just because you're not SUPPOSE to be having sex doesn't mean you can't protect yourself from the bad consequences of the behavior.

It's like denying a 14 year old girl who thinks she may be pregnant from purchasing an over-the-counter pregnancy test. It would be silly to regulate such things.

If you denied a 14 year old from purchasing condoms and other safe contraceptive methods available over-the-counter then it would not encourage better behavior by the individual, but, rather, riskier behavior.

You can purchase condoms at any age. Buy as many condoms as you want. The cashier shouldn't deny you or refuse to sell them to you.

[ Peeps's advice column | Ask Peeps A Question

gaaah answered Tuesday September 28 2010, 6:43 pm:
i'm preeetty sure there is an age limit.
depending on where you are.
like in GA, the legal age to have sex is 16 so the legal age to buy comdoms is... you guessed it. 16

[ gaaah's advice column | Ask gaaah A Question

Krysta16 answered Wednesday November 15 2006, 5:34 pm:
You can buy condoms at any age

[ Krysta16's advice column | Ask Krysta16 A Question

disasterxwoah answered Wednesday November 15 2006, 4:15 pm:
No way !! You can buy them at any age.

[ disasterxwoah's advice column | Ask disasterxwoah A Question

MelLeDisko answered Tuesday November 14 2006, 9:49 pm:
Nope. You can buy condoms at any age, any time.

Haha, if they put an age limit on buying condoms, there'd be a wholllleee lotta babies coming into the world, lol.

Anywyas, I hope I helped.

[ MelLeDisko's advice column | Ask MelLeDisko A Question

looloo12 answered Tuesday November 14 2006, 7:11 pm:
NO!!! if you had to be 18 then the drugstores/stores wuldn't be promoting safe sex. then for people who really wanted sex mite go off and get people pregnant and no1 wants that (unless you plan it of course)

[ looloo12's advice column | Ask looloo12 A Question

Melody answered Tuesday November 14 2006, 3:49 pm:
You sure don't. All birth control is free, & you can get them just about anywhere. =]

[ Melody's advice column | Ask Melody A Question

MotherDuck answered Tuesday November 14 2006, 1:09 pm:
Dear Condoms,

You can be any age to buy condoms. If you think about it that would suck if you were like 15, and you wanted to have sex, there would be alot of pregnate 15 year olds.

Love, MD

[ MotherDuck's advice column | Ask MotherDuck A Question

MissxJacky answered Tuesday November 14 2006, 12:52 pm:
You can be any age to buy condoms.
I always thought you had to be atleast 18 too but you can be any age..

[ MissxJacky's advice column | Ask MissxJacky A Question

BitsandPieces answered Tuesday November 14 2006, 12:08 pm:
No, and you can buy other birth control, too. Make sure to get condoms with spermicide for added protection against pregnancy. Read the directions and follow them exactly. They won't work if you don't get the guy to wear them the whole time and correctly, so demand it everytime and have plenty on hand. You can get them for free at clinics usually, especially Planned Parenthood if there is one near you.

[ BitsandPieces's advice column | Ask BitsandPieces A Question

jealousyxo answered Tuesday November 14 2006, 11:34 am:
currently there is no age limit to buy condoms so anyone at any age can buy them.The person at the cash register wont usually say anything i guess maybe there glad your using being responsible and staying "safe".

♥ danielle

[ jealousyxo's advice column | Ask jealousyxo A Question

love_peace answered Tuesday November 14 2006, 9:48 am:
there is no age limit on buying them, so my friend says. but i kno that i have, and my boyfriend have. there may once in a while be some hard ass at the register that wont let you cause he wants to "protect you" but other then that no.


[ love_peace's advice column | Ask love_peace A Question

Mackenzie answered Tuesday November 14 2006, 7:46 am:
No, you do not have to be 18 to purchase condoms. Somehow, kids generally find a way to do whatever it is they want to do, regardless of what anyone says. Bottom line is, if you can't stop their decision, you might as well encourage them go about it wisely. Using condoms is considered safe sex, and nobody has the right to take that away from you. :)

[ Mackenzie's advice column | Ask Mackenzie A Question

babiigirl answered Tuesday November 14 2006, 7:34 am:
nope. You can buy them whenever.

[ babiigirl's advice column | Ask babiigirl A Question

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