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Hi, my names Melanie.
I'm fifteen years old.
I love fashion, hanging out with my friends,
and drawing and writing along with a bunch of other stuff.
I used to have an old account here that was quite known for awhile,
but I sort of just lost touch with it,
so I decided to make a new one.
I'll try and help you the best I can,
just hopefully I didn't lose touch with my good advice, haha.
And feel free to IM me with your problem too.
I also put my myspace in a link down below,
if you ever want to add me & talk.
But incase you don't see it or something, it's:
Website: my myspace!
Gender: Female
Location: Pittsburgh
Occupation: student.
Age: 15
AIM: mel le disko
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i finished breaking dawn by stepehnie meyer,

i want to know how you guys liked it.
i loved it! (link)
Actually, I was a little disappointed. I mean, not that it wasn't great, because the whole twilight series is wonderful. But the third book is probably my favorite, by far.

I adored reading about the wedding and everything, but I don't know... it just seemed a little cliche` of an ending. She definetely had twists to it to make it interesting, but I don't know.. I think I was bothered by their having a baby. I'm not a sap of the whole "happy family ever after" thing usually. The ending of the final Harry Potter series did that two where like, everyone was married and seeing their kids of to Hogwarts. I was just like "How touching, I predicited this?"

I would've prefered if Bella and Edward just were by themselves at least for awhile. ;] But it did make me cry, at one point, haha. And even though I am heavily Pro-Edward

ummmm ..... for my myspace i want to have a picture next to the text in my about me section but i dont knoe how to do it how do you get the ppicture and the text to be next to each other? please answer me back my myspace url is feel free to send me a message (link)
i'm sorry,

i don't know how to do that either. :/

i wish i could help.

instead of just asking one person privately,
i would post this a public question on here so then you can get a bunch of different advice from people who can hopefully help you. =]

so my thighs are kind of fat..and i have a pool party really soon so is there any way to make them skinnier ? everything else is fine it's only my fat thighs,help!? (link)
here's a site that should help you out:

i hope i helped! :]

this summer i want to go on a vacation with my best friend for 10 years. i've only gone on family vacations before and i think it would be the funnest thing in the world to go on a vacation with my friend. problem is, my parents wont' let me.. i asked if i could go with her family and they said it was placing too much responsibility in their hands and that it was "dangerous"..and if my friend went wiht our family it was placing too much responsibility on their hands and stuff.. and then when i suggested that both our families go somewhere they said that they didnt know my friends parents very well (cuz they speak different first languages, so they never spoke too much when me and my freind met up)..and they said it would probably be a very uncomfrotable experience. but so many people at my school have gone on group vacations before all the time and i just want one vacation with one REALLY close friend and my parents won't let me at all!! i hate them,they never let me have any fun. they don't understand anything! (link)
Well talk to your parents about this one night whenever they're both available to talk. I would just sit down with them and be like,"Mom, Dad, I know you two believe me going on a vacation with my best friend and her family would be too much repsonsibility in their hands, but I can ensure you it's not. Is there any way I can prove to you guys I'm responsible enough to go on vacation with them, and that it wouldn't be a huge hassle for her and her parents [ or this could be where you've already been helping around the house, etc. to show how reponsible you'ev been being lately ]. [ your friend's name ] has been my best friend for ten years, and all I want to do is be able to go on vacation with her this summer and hang out with her. At least she's not some new strangerthat I just met. You know her very well and you can trust her, and me." [ or say however you want to say this ].

Or also just try and convince your parents adn youe best friends parents to have dinner together sometime. That way, you guys can all discuss the plans of what would happen in the summer; where'd you be going, staying at, etc. and getting all the details down. Also now the parents could meet and your parents could get a better idea of what your friend's parents are like and if they're truly alright with you going along on vacation and everything.

I hope something works,
and I hope I helped!

Please help this is kind of long, though.

I am 13, female. There is this kid who just asked me out. My friends gave me a heads up so I knew. They said I would look really cute with him. But there is a problem. I don't like him though. I said "I don't know. I think we would be better off friends. Sorry." Then to my friends he said things like "FUCKERRRR" and "AHHH" and "Why does everyone say no to me am I really that ugly" and that kind of stuff. I feel really bad that I said no but I just don't like him like that. I am going to talk to him later so what should I say in addition to this? "Hey. I am so sorry. I don't want you to hate me. Can we still be friends and act like nothing happened?" What else should I say? (link)
That sounds good enough right there to me. But if you really want to add more on, whenever you're talking to him next, just be like,"Hey, I am really sorry. I don't want you hating me, and I don't want you thinking that it's you. It's really not. I just think that things are just better off if we stay friends. Can we still be friends and everything because I'd really hate for us not to be friends anymore over this."

I hope I helped!

could you give me a list of up beat country songs? thanx!!!! (link)
i'm sorry i don't listen to country, really. so i wouldn't know what's upbeat and what's good and everything. :/

i would try asking someone else.
i'm sorry i couldn't be of more help.

i dont know if this is in the right catagory or not but does anyone know who the song "graduation" is by? it sounds like alot of teenagers singing it or something and they used to play it all the time on radio disney. thanks!!!

Shelby ( Oochemo) (link)
I believe you're talking about "Graduation" by Vitamin C, I love that song.

The other person's right, there's other graduation kinds of songs, but Hot Hot Heat's is called "Graduation Day", not "Graduation" so I'm sure the one you're talking about Vitamin C's.

I hope I helped.

So, I'm not a huge fan of PDA (public displays of affection). I just don't enjoy seeing other people kissing all the time in public and i'm not totally comfortable doing that myself.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 10 months now and i just don't like the PDA.

My friend and her boyfriend are always kissing and stuff and I just think it look trashy. And if i ever say how i feel to my friend shes just like well your not affectionate with your bf. And we are, i love to be affectionate. i just dont like to be in public.

I mean I don't mind holding hands, putting arms around eachother, hugging and a peck to say goodbye. But I feel that should be all. Is this normal?
This is completely normal. Alot of people, including myself, feel this way. I mean sometimes a semi-long kiss is alright every now and then, but not full-on make out session. Numerous amounts of couples in my schools are like that - I'll be walking down the hallway to my next class and I'll turn the corner and there'll be two people making out right in my face, tongue and all. I'm just like thinking,"Mk, I'm gonna just goooo arounddd..."

The next time your friend makes any remarks about you and your boyfriend not being affectionate, I'd just simply reply,"We are too affectionate, just in our own way. Me and [his name] don't like making out infront of everyone. We prefer to save it for whenever we're alone. It makes it more romantic." Or something along those lines.

It's good you and your boyfriend aren't like this. It shows people it's more than just making out and hooking up with someone, that you two really do like eachother.

I hope I helped.

is it okay if i smoke on my roof? and if i do like what would i use for a little ashtray thingy? (link)
um, i don't see why it wouldn't be alright to smoke on your roof. whenever you're going up on the roof though just be careful and watch where you're stepping and everything.

uh, you can use anything as a substitute ashtray, really. paper ( just make sure it's really put out but of course make sure no matter what you put the cigarette out on ) uh you could even probably just put it out ontop of the roof. don't just flick it though like some people do. that's how fires and everything start. just smash the tip onto a surface and make sure there's no heat still laying on it. make sure it's completely put out.

i hope i helped.

i want to read more. any good FUN books? not like boring books.

and i also want to start watching more 'trendy' shows. any ideas?

thankyou! (link)
here's a site that'll help you out:

it's a site that has loads of different kinds of books that are really good reads and ones that have just recently come out. and some books even come with reviews so you'd be able to see what otehrs think of it before you read it to determine if it's even worth getting or not.

some trendy shows that are out there are TLC shows. they have alot to do with fashion like stacy & clintons "what not to wear". and stacy has recently just come out with her own talk show i believe called "shut up! it's stacy london" or something like that. i'm not too sure what other trendy shows there are, but if you flick through your channels, there should be a listing of all the tv shows that are currently on and the shows that will be on after & their times. so maybe try checking there for any trendy shows that might be coming up.

i hope i helped!

i live in a small closed-off neighborhood that i thought never had any kids in but me. but then i discovered that there's a girl who's exactly my age who lives like 2 houses away. i added her on mysapce and she knew who i was, and we talked and i asked her if she wanted to hnag out someday. and she said yeah but over the summer. but i want to hang out with her now. she's never outside or anything and i never see her, so how cna i get her to hang out with me sooner? she says shes too busy other days to hang out (link)
well if she's too busy, she's too busy. there's nothing really you can do about it. :/ summer is not that far away so don't worry - you'll be hanging out with her soon enough. just keep talking to her over myspace and getting to know her better and just every now and then every couple conversations just remind her that whenever she's available just to give you a call sometime and you two can hang out. :]

maybe during one of the conversations, just mention how much you really wish you two could hang together now instead of having to wait till summertime comes and how nice it is having someone else in your neighbor that is the same age as you and everything since you didn't think there were any other kids before.

maybe once she sees how badly you want to hang out, the next time she's open and is able to hang out, she'll remember to give you a call.

i hope i helped.

ok so i have trouble falling asleep alot. it's cuz on the weekends i stay up really late and then on school nights i can't sleep till late. and then i wake up early and dont get enough sleep and therefore fall asleep during school. it's really bad. any advice for waking up early better or sleeping techniques? thanks (link)
i also googled up some sites for you on both waking up early and sleeping techniques:

i'm sure a couple of these sites'll be able to help you! i hope i helped!

what are you (link)
what am i?

what is the greates kind of love on this world (link)
I can't really answer that seeing as how personally, I've never been in love so I haven't been experienced in that area.

But love's different for all types of people. Whenever it happens to you, you'll figure out what you think is the greatest kind of love in this world.

what can aderall do to you if you don't have ADD? my friend said that it makes you high and if you only take like 40 miligrams it will barely do anything to you.

but like is it dangerous? (link)
I wouldn't know much about the drug, but I'm sure it's dangerous if you go over the normal amount of what should be taken. Even if you're not sure or not, it'd be best not to even attempt to go over the normal amount, just to be safe.

I just looked at this site though however, and it says if you don't have ADHD and you're taking this, you can hyperactivity effects, so I'm sure there's other kinds of effects if you're going more than you should.

I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help,
this is something you should Google up.

so, i've been EXTREMELY stressed out about.. well, just about everything. and i've been taking the easy way out.

i've been skipping school almost everyday for the past 2 weeks. its gotten so bad and its at the point where its like a habbit and i crave it. and i'm SOO behind in all of my classes and i know that i really need to straighten up and actually go to school and study and do well so i can get into a good college. and like everyday i tell myself 'okay i'm NOT skipping today' and i always end up skipping school. any ideas on how to break this habbit? and buckle down and get to work.

also, i really like this one guy. but i know i shouldn't.. i can't like him. it would just cause so much drama and its not like hes going to like me anyways- so how do i get over hiM?

thanks! (link)
for the school thing, that's a tough one. if it were me, i would just do what you did - tell myself that i'm not going to skip today, but if you're doing it anyways? that makes everything so much harder. i would talk to your teachers or your parents or someone and let them know all the work you've been missing and to make sure that you stick to your classes and your schedule.

also, i know you probably won't want to, but if you're really stressing about school this much and really are having trouble sticking to classes and everything, maybe cyber school would be a good suggestion for you. you'd be able to just be at home and then work on all your school work and get an education from your computer. that could also be another good option for you to think about. if none of this is working for you though, i would suggest going to your school counselor. they'd know what's best for you and for your education.

about the guy?

the best thing to do is just try as much as possible to forget about him. focus your mind on other things, like school for instance, the less you think about him and everything, the less you'll probably like him and pretty soon he'll just be another guy to you. just have fun and go out with your friends and pay attention to your school work and while you're out with your friends, go looking for other guys. if you're too busy paying attention to one guy and know it's never going to happen, you might miss a great future boyfriend somewhere out there.

i hope i helped.

Okay, so this boy.. he likes me. He used to go with one of my friends. Well, really we just got good friends.. but I didn't know they were going out untill like a week ago.. I really want to go out with him, yet again... I don't want to do that to a friend. But, we're not like best budz for life.. or anything, we're just like..friends. Soo..would I be wrong for going out with him... Should I just leave him alone,?..and go fetch some other fishes in the sea? (link)
Well first I would talk to your friend. Let her know that you've developed feelings for him and you know the two of them used to date and you don't want to try anything with him if you know it's going to make her uncomfortable [ this shows your a good friend and you respect her and everything and are considering her feelings in the matter whereas most girls wouldn't ]. See what she says.

If she says she's fine with it, then go for it & good luck! :]

If she says she's uncomfortable with it, then tell her you understand and don't try and make a move on him. Of course talk to him and everything still, just don't give him hints that you like him and everything. She may be uncomfortable because she might still like him a little or feel he's her "property" of some sort, so try and get her to set her new sights on another guy and see what happens then. Obviousyl, don't make your plan of making her like another guy obvious, but just point out to her all the cute guys there are in the area next time you two hang out at the mall or somewhere, and see what happens later.

I hope I helped.

okay. i've tried killing myself before.
and now i'm thinking about it again.
and i just don't know what to do anymore, it seemes like EVERYTHING in my life is going wrong.

and i can't tell my friends, or my family or a counselor. what do i do? (link)
You need to realize that there's nothing worth killing yourself over. NOTHING. I know it seems like everything in your life is going wrong, but you're young. You have your whole life ahead of you to improve on things and make everything better. Where there's bad, good will shortly follow after. Everyone has their up and down moments. I've had some terrible times in my life, but I know not to give up and give in. I know things will only get better for me if I keep trying and things have gotten better. Life for me right now is great.

But anyways, if you can't talk to your friends, family, or a counselor about it, then talk to someone who understands what you're going through, and will be there for you whenever to help talk to you to about your life.

Go to this site:

Loads of people call whenever they feel they can't go on with their life and all they want is someone to talk to, and here, you can without worrying what they'll think of you because they don't know who you are. All they know is you need a listening ear, and they're there to give it to you.

Like I said, whenever there's bad, it can only get better from there.

I hope I helped.

I Cant Get Over This Boy . I Did Everything You Told Me Too . But I Cant Get Over Him . (link)
You might need to resend me the question you sent to me before so I can re-read the situation. I can't really tell you what to do as of now because I don't remember the conflict or whatever was going on between the two of you.

So please send me the old message you sent me if you still have it saved somewhere or something.


I'm sorry I can't remember, I get lots of similar situations so it's hard to remember one from the other.

yeah thnx, but im not sure though im afraid that since its been almost a week since he said that to me well what if he thinks i like him back, which i do, but I dont want him to know, im afraid he only wants us to become friends with benefits =( (link)
um, i'm sorry but you're going to need to re-send me your old question cause i get tons of questions so i'm not too sure what your talking about.

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