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Question Posted Sunday June 4 2006, 9:34 pm

Can too much attention freak a girl out and make her back off? Even though you're really close? I've heard people say this before, but I'm not too sure, and now I'm affraid that I've been bothering my girlfriend with too much attention.

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Stef7 answered Thursday June 8 2006, 10:17 am:
In some ways girls is not that much different to men. Women like to chase something sometimes. That’s what makes the relationship interesting. And if you give her too much love and attention she just might get the idea in her head that it’s ok to treat you which ever way she wants to because she’ll get away with it (worse case scenario) . But yes, she will get uncomfortable if you give her to much attention.

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barbieblissx answered Wednesday June 7 2006, 4:13 pm:
yeah totally alot of attention can get to clingy for a gurl or anyone of that matter. dont back off just dont show her as much.. she still knows. she wont want someone to be obsessed over her you know.. that may get her thinkin and agervated. well this is a personal experience from me.


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girlygirl answered Tuesday June 6 2006, 4:06 pm:
Yep it sure can. Most girls end up wanting the ones that they have to chase (at least a little bit). The ones that fall all over us, we're not interested in. Back off a little, do your own thing once in a while and make her miss you!

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helpachick answered Monday June 5 2006, 5:37 pm:
as long as you let her have her space, like spending time with her other friends and stuff, it should be fine. but girls like it when their boyfriends give them lots of attention. xoxo helpachick

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Queries4Carollani answered Monday June 5 2006, 2:04 pm:
You can totally freak a girl out and make her back off with too much attention, but it depends on the girl. She may bask in your attention and love every minute of it or she might be feeling like you've got her in vise grips. She will give you signals that she's getting an overdose of you if you'll just watch for them, but you should just ask. Open and direct conversation is the best way to avoid misunderstandings.

Just say something like, "I love giving you a lot of attention, but I know you might need some space once and a while and I just wanted you to know that you can tell me that any time and I won't be hurt." She'll be relieved that you understand and that you won't be hurt by her asking for that space. Just make sure that if/when she decides to take that space you're not passive-aggressively punishing her by pulling away emotionally or treating her differently.

Make sure you're not pulling her away from her friends, and that you're not neglecting your friends as well. When you're gushing over the new love interest in your life it's easy to alienate your friends, but it's unhealthy to rely on that new person in your life for every need you have. They shouldn't be your everything or they'll burn out under the pressure.

People get different things from the different people in their lives--you might have a friend you can be a total dork around, another who is great to study with, and another that you can tell all your secrets to for example. All of these people are important and shouldn't be traded in when you get a new girlfriend. All of your relationships need tending to now and again or they'll get weak and die like a plant without watering.

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Vikki27 answered Monday June 5 2006, 1:41 pm:
It can do but it really depends on the girl. When I was younger and a boy liked me, I went right off him if he started calling round to see me every day or phoned me all the time because everybody needs some space.

On the flipside of that, however, there are some girls who like a lot of attention and feel concerned if it disappears.

The best thing you can do is speak to your girlfriend about it. However, choose your words carefully or you might come across as sounding paranoid. Just explain that you are concerned you might be smothering her and you want to know if she needs a little more space. See what she says to this. Whatever happens, you should really make sure she knows she can tell you if she feels crowded at any point. The only way you can maintain a relationship is through open and honest communication. In other words, if something in relationship doesn't feel right, you need to speak up about it and that goes for the both of you.

[ Vikki27's advice column | Ask Vikki27 A Question

oXoCutiex6 answered Monday June 5 2006, 10:20 am:
Somtimes. Somtimes girls like a touchy feely, obbsessed guy.

I dumped a bf a few weeks ago becua ehe was too close,, i was getting called atleast 3 times a day, if i was buys studying/practice ect. and he kept calling i woudl tell him that i was busy then he would call a few more time and i would tell him i coudltn tlak again, then he would call 20 times more to tell me sorry then call to see if our relationship was okay. yea so, ther eis a limit to teh madness. haha, just be yourself, and if they dont like how you are, well im sure aother girl will.

[ oXoCutiex6's advice column | Ask oXoCutiex6 A Question

greeneyedgirl9o answered Sunday June 4 2006, 10:58 pm:
well girls are very complex ... see they love attention they love to feel loved. however they dont like being crowded, they like theyre space too. anyone can understand that, sometimes girls need their alone time or their friend time. if you give them too much attention, they might think that you dont trust them, like you dont want to give them space because your worried tha theyre going to cheat on you or something crazy. or if you give them too much attention they might think your like taking things too seriously or being stalkerish. orrr they might think that your attention is fake, too much good just be you pretending. so if i were you id apoligize for being to clingy and maybe give your girlfreind like 20$ or so and tell her to go out with her friends and have a girls night out. shed love that you cared that much about her, and thought about her feelings. after talking about it, just back off a little, now still give her attention just within reason! good luck, your obviously a good boyfriend, since you cared enough to get advice! (if you take my advice, tell me how it works out)

[ greeneyedgirl9o's advice column | Ask greeneyedgirl9o A Question

Razhie answered Sunday June 4 2006, 10:45 pm:
Yes, too much attention is freaky.

No matter how much they might like a guy, very few women want to feel like they are attached to someone at the hip, or that they need to tell someone every single thing they did and every thought they had, or that someone is living only for them or that the someone they like doesn't think about anything at all but them. If your girl could have gotten any of these impressions from you then you have crossed the line into creepy and freak-out worthy.

The best way however, to find out whether you are smothering the flame of love is to ask. It might be a simple compromise or reassurance necessary to put her freak-out at rest. Don’t try to be a mind reader (that is freaky) just ask her what is bothering her and if there is anything you can do, or not do, to make her feel more comfortable with you.

[ Razhie's advice column | Ask Razhie A Question

CiNdYLoUwHoO answered Sunday June 4 2006, 10:29 pm:
Girls love attention, and they love when guys are sweet to them. However, just make sure you don't get over obsessive and your not too clingy. Also make sure you give her some personal space. Hope this helps.
-cindy <3

[ CiNdYLoUwHoO's advice column | Ask CiNdYLoUwHoO A Question

DancinCutie08 answered Sunday June 4 2006, 9:56 pm:
I think it really depends on the girl and her age. Personally i wouldnt back off until i was getting so much attention that i was annoyed and couldnt stand you anymore.
Some signs to look out for are she doesnt want to talk to you and she seems really bored or annoyed around you. if she seems happy then you most likely arent giving her too much attention because personally most girls love attention

[ DancinCutie08's advice column | Ask DancinCutie08 A Question

FoReVerHelpful2U answered Sunday June 4 2006, 9:49 pm:
i'm a girl so i know what too much is. anyway you cant be too clingy because then she'll back off. you still have to show that you love/like her in ways so that she knows that you care witout scaring her

[ FoReVerHelpful2U's advice column | Ask FoReVerHelpful2U A Question

TANNEDxGLAMOURx answered Sunday June 4 2006, 9:35 pm:
Yes, too much attention can def. make a girl feel like your obsessed with her.

[ TANNEDxGLAMOURx's advice column | Ask TANNEDxGLAMOURx A Question

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