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i'm taken

Question Posted Thursday August 11 2005, 12:40 pm

my friends keep trying to set me up with all these different guys all the time... but hello IM TAKEN!! i tell them that everytime but they wont listen to me. They say that it doesn't count because he lives so far away and i never see him. And recently me and my bf are going thru a hard time in our relationship and according to my friends going out with other guys is supposed to make me "feel better?" um ok what's up with that? They aren't even acting like friends, they should be supporting me and telling me everything is guna be ok but instead they are already assuming that we're guna break up. And i hate it when they tell all these guys that im single... IM NOT!!! how do i get thru to them??

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AllThatIveGotx711 answered Saturday August 13 2005, 8:07 pm:
if u read what you just wrote u gave your own self advice.... just be like will you please listen to me i have a wonderful boy friend and im taked please get that straght i dont want to dat eother guys right now... and just talk to them about it

i no i have the same problem my bf lives in illinois... and i live in boston..

hope i could help?

[ AllThatIveGotx711's advice column | Ask AllThatIveGotx711 A Question

VainTaraLynn answered Saturday August 13 2005, 3:00 am:
Keep telling them that you want to stay with your boyfriend, and you dont appreciate them going out of their way to set you up with these guys that you clearly dont want to be with. If they continue doing it, you could also ask them to stay out of your personal life, but reassure them that you still care about them and appreciate what their trying to do but you really dont need their help on finding another boyfriend, when your currently still with one

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ncblondie answered Thursday August 11 2005, 11:19 pm:
Just tell your friends that while you appreciate their concern for you, you do not need their help to find a guy, even if you were single. A true friend would respect your right to choose a boyfriend for youself, even if they don't agree with your choice. Just keep telling the guys that you are not single. Eventually the word will get around and they won't be able to find a guy that doesn't know you're alrady in a relationship.

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carebear answered Thursday August 11 2005, 5:37 pm:
i dont think that those are true friends that you have tell them that you dont care if he lives far away you love him and thats all that matters i dont think that being w/other guys is supposed to make you feel better its just goona make you feel worste b-cause you knowing that you have a bf and that he loves you you still went and got at another guy now imagine if your bf finds out :(

[ carebear's advice column | Ask carebear A Question

deardarian answered Thursday August 11 2005, 5:27 pm:
how about you tell your friend that you like all she is doing for you but you are already taken dont try to sound like someone tould you this but make shore you tell her good enogh so she gets the point if she keeps on trying to set up try sitting down and talking to her.Dont let her leave the room until she gets the point of what your trying to tell her

[ deardarian's advice column | Ask deardarian A Question

shutupnkissme98 answered Thursday August 11 2005, 2:16 pm:
talk to them and tell them that your relly happy with the bf you already have. and let them know that its making you relly mad that they keep telling everyone your single wen you arent.hope i helped XoXo

[ shutupnkissme98's advice column | Ask shutupnkissme98 A Question

illNEVERforgetTHATnight answered Thursday August 11 2005, 1:50 pm:
ok i think i kno what you you love your bf even though he lives far away. and i think your friends just think you want someone to live close to you. just tell your friends that you love your bf and that your having some problems with him right now and you just want their support. not their blind dates. and i think they'll get the point...hopefully.
hope i helped!

[ illNEVERforgetTHATnight's advice column | Ask illNEVERforgetTHATnight A Question

ADViCEx4xY0U answered Thursday August 11 2005, 1:48 pm:
Just talk to your friends & tell them that you don't want another boyfriend because you already have one & you want to stay with the one that you have. Then tell them about the rough time that you're going through & tell them that you could really use your friends through this & that they aren't helping by trying to set you up with other people. Maybe then they'll stop & help you out. I hope everything works out & if you need anything else just leave it in my inbox.

x33 ;; Always,
ADViCEx4xY0U =]

[ ADViCEx4xY0U's advice column | Ask ADViCEx4xY0U A Question

xomegaroni answered Thursday August 11 2005, 1:23 pm:
OMG you sound like me haha. ok my bf lives far away from me but i love him a whole lot. and i know what you mean. my friends can be like that to, but what i did is sit down and tell him that my bfs the only one for me. i appreciated them trying to make me happy, but i AM happy with him. and thats what you have to tell them. tell them you juss want to be with your bf and no1 else, but you appreciate what theyre trying to do, and when you need help you'll come to them.

good luck!

[ xomegaroni's advice column | Ask xomegaroni A Question

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