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Question Posted Thursday August 11 2005, 9:52 am

i had my period last month for 2 days and it was very light. Now it is very heavy and its more than two days. Does this mean they will change each month?

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needadvice answered Thursday August 11 2005, 5:12 pm:
i guess it depends on if you have been active recently or not sometimes it depends on what your're doing

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shutupnkissme98 answered Thursday August 11 2005, 3:35 pm:
yah it just means you have an irregular period. but thats totally normal and nothing to worry about.hope i helped XoXo

[ shutupnkissme98's advice column | Ask shutupnkissme98 A Question

illNEVERforgetTHATnight answered Thursday August 11 2005, 2:23 pm:
yes it will change for a while.
it usually lasts from 5-8 days
you will get it will get it late
just be ready for it...make excersizing part of your daily (or weekly) routine. it will help
but if it starts gettin extremely heavy for more than 3 days...tell your mom or your doctor. that happened to my friend. she had horrible cramps. BADDD pms and a really heavy period. she got pills and it helped so much.
so if your period gets heavier and heavier each time. just let someone know just so they're aware of it

[ illNEVERforgetTHATnight's advice column | Ask illNEVERforgetTHATnight A Question

oneandonly345 answered Thursday August 11 2005, 1:09 pm:
yeah .. it does that a lot .. for like 1 year.. then you will get on a normal paddern.

justine. please rate.

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Perhaps answered Thursday August 11 2005, 12:59 pm:
In addition to all these good answers it's also important for you to know that even when you've had your period for a while your cycle can change. This is often due to a changed diet, increase in exercise, differing sleep pattern or even just plain stress.
Don't worry about it too much. However, if the changes are too great or you feel unnerved in any way always mention it to your Doctor. Always make sure you have a box of assorted tampons for different flows because it's none too helathy or comfortable to use super plus on a light day.

[ Perhaps's advice column | Ask Perhaps A Question

xcheerbabex108 answered Thursday August 11 2005, 12:40 pm:
It might change each month. 2 days isnt normal, usually its 3-7 days. And why it was so heavy was because last month you got it so light and for a very short amount of time, and thats why it lasted over 2 days.

Any comments, questions, or concerns, just drop 'em in my inbox.

[ xcheerbabex108's advice column | Ask xcheerbabex108 A Question

FLiP4DaStArZ09 answered Thursday August 11 2005, 12:15 pm:
If you just started, yea, it will be quite irregular. After about a year or so, it should regulate and be about the same amount of days every time. If youve had it for a while, you might want to go to the doctor and they can put you on Birth Control to help regualte it, but if your just starting, i wouldnt worry about it. Hope I helped and if you have any more questions, drop one in the inbox!

~*raY jAy*~

[ FLiP4DaStArZ09's advice column | Ask FLiP4DaStArZ09 A Question

ThugGirl041790 answered Thursday August 11 2005, 12:13 pm:
Yes it could change like this.. its normal if your period change the period of time you have em and hom heavy they are.. ♥ Dez

[ ThugGirl041790's advice column | Ask ThugGirl041790 A Question

ShYbl0nD3 answered Thursday August 11 2005, 12:04 pm:
yes it will change each month, and it can be from either 2/3-9 days long.

[ ShYbl0nD3's advice column | Ask ShYbl0nD3 A Question

funkymunky817 answered Thursday August 11 2005, 10:16 am:
it may be the seasons. when climate changes your blood gets affected. when its really hot your blood flows faster thus making you period heavier and lasting much longer. in cold/cool weather your blood flows much slower thus making your period lighter. its either the seasons or an irregular pattern.

~hope i helped
~~~plez rate

~*** funkymunky ***~

[ funkymunky817's advice column | Ask funkymunky817 A Question

xomegaroni answered Thursday August 11 2005, 10:12 am:
it depends. sometimes it goes in reverse, like light the first few heavy the last few, OR heavy the first few, light the last few. it kinda depends cause each girl its different. it doesnt mean they'll change each month though, but it could. as long as you get it every month, i think you'll be okay. if somethings wrong, then you should go see a doctor.

good luck!

[ xomegaroni's advice column | Ask xomegaroni A Question

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