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Question Posted Tuesday March 15 2005, 9:57 pm

I am about to get my braces off and i dont know why but my orthodontist does a lot of stuff to your teeth like 3 weeks beofre you get them off and they are so sore and i am having to wear 5 different rubber band in 5 different places and they are just really sore and i was wondering if anyone knew anything i could do to make them feel better besides eating ice cream because i am on a diet.
Also, anyone who has had there braces off, i have heard it does hurt and i have heard it doesn't hurt. Does it? Does that polishing thingy feel weird?

Thanks for any advice!

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AnimeFreak233 answered Tuesday October 11 2011, 10:01 pm:
Actually, some times it does hurt. I'm about to get my braces off tomarrow. But it helps to floss before hand. It will take away the pain feeling if there is any. But its not as bad as they say it is (I hope)also take pain medications it helps :D

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some_girl answered Thursday March 17 2005, 10:29 pm:
It doeen't really hurt, It's more of a weird feeling, you finally get to run your lip over your teeth lol. Anyways, take advil or tylenol or whatever before you go to get them tightened, then by the time you get in there, the pain killer has already kicked in

hope i helped!
some girl

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parisnightsx3 answered Wednesday March 16 2005, 6:41 pm:
it doesnt really hurt. the actual taking the braces off part doesnt hurt at all, and its over in like two seconds. the polishing is uncomfortable at times, especially at the front, it just feels really cold. but you gotta keep picturing how great your teeth will be after.
hope i helped, check my site <333

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2cute4words answered Wednesday March 16 2005, 4:38 pm:
Use advil it makes the pain go away for a little while i know cause my friend used it wen she got her braces on and couldnt feel anything. Wen you get your braces off it may hurt or it may not...different ppl hav different mouth's. Hope i helped!

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bimbo89 answered Wednesday March 16 2005, 2:31 pm:
It doesn't hurt, i thought it was going to but i was wrong, it doesn't. :)

[ bimbo89's advice column | Ask bimbo89 A Question

Melanie4981 answered Wednesday March 16 2005, 4:40 am:
Take a few painkillers before you go.

It doesn't hurt when they pull them off and it doesn't hurt when you have them polished but your teeth are sensitive for a while after.

I would reccommend using a toothpaste for sensitive teeth and steering clear of really hot/really cold food for a couple of weeks.

It does feel really good though when you get them off.

Hope it all goes ok for you!


[ Melanie4981's advice column | Ask Melanie4981 A Question

sk8trash answered Wednesday March 16 2005, 3:38 am:
Hey! try tynadol(sp) It takes the pain away or just get something that will make it numb! I had my braces off, it doesn't really hurt, they snap it off and youll have to get used to feeling cause for me it felt like my gum w as peeling! polishing does not hurt at all, they are just talking off the glue. Its just like brushing yor teeth.

[ sk8trash's advice column | Ask sk8trash A Question

godslildevil777 answered Tuesday March 15 2005, 11:22 pm:
take some motrin, ibprofan, alieve, or advil.

sorry person that posted this question but i have to ask this..: i'm 14...if i get braces next year how old will i be when i get them off? and would that like, kill my social life or my chances for guys to think im hott?

[ godslildevil777's advice column | Ask godslildevil777 A Question

punkrockprincess answered Tuesday March 15 2005, 11:03 pm:
It kind of hurts. Well, actually, it's just weird and uncomfortable! It's not that bad! I took Motrin to take the pain away. And I also ate smushed up crackers and mash potatoes! Be excited that you're getting your braces off though! I sure was!!

&hearts; Always,

PS. Make sure you wear that retainer though! I stopped wearing mine way to early becuase I accidently threw it away in a trash can at a football field and I never bothered to get a new one so now I think my parents are going to make me get braces AGAIN because my teeth are moving back to the original spot...blahhhh!

[ punkrockprincess's advice column | Ask punkrockprincess A Question

xxASKAWAYxx answered Tuesday March 15 2005, 10:49 pm:
i have had braces off before IT DOESNT HURT dont worry !!! You should be excited ! If you weigh over 100 pounds my orthodontist said to take TWO advils ! It helps SO MUCH !! Also try getting something hard u can chew on that also helps ..

anytime ... ASK AWAY

[ xxASKAWAYxx's advice column | Ask xxASKAWAYxx A Question

FlaWlessMonoLith answered Tuesday March 15 2005, 10:44 pm:
i heard of one time there was a girl who had braces and when the dentist took the off her teeth he accidently ripped out like 2 of her teeth......

[ FlaWlessMonoLith's advice column | Ask FlaWlessMonoLith A Question

XxLiiLSiiNgErXX answered Tuesday March 15 2005, 10:35 pm:
I've never had braces b4 but I have had plenty of friends that either have them now or have had them and they say that when you get your braces off that it doesnt hurt and that after you get them off it feels really really weird.. like you don have any teeth or osmehting and that it feels so weird to chew on things... bu it gets better after a while. And for the teeth thing.. I suggest that you take some advil or some tylenol... hope I helped!

[ XxLiiLSiiNgErXX's advice column | Ask XxLiiLSiiNgErXX A Question

MummuM answered Tuesday March 15 2005, 10:26 pm:
It doesn't hurt at all. While they're taking them off, you don't feel a thing. It's really unconfortable because your mouth has to be dry; just like it was when you got them on. It'll take the same amount of time to take them off, as it did to put them on. The polishing thing does feel a little weird. But they do this mainly because they have to get all the glue and dirt of your teeth. Don't worry, it's going to go well. You might feel a little weird after you get your braces off, because your not used to seeing yourself without them. As time goes by though, you'll get used to it and you'll be glad you got braces. You'll have a beautiful smile and I'm sure you'll be happy in the end.
&hearts; Krissy

[ MummuM's advice column | Ask MummuM A Question

therocketsummer answered Tuesday March 15 2005, 10:01 pm:
It doesn't hurt, it's Just very unfortable. you have to sit there with your mouth extemely dry for a while.. like 40 minutes? Well for the rubberbands.. the only thing you can do is advil, or aleve... the more you wear them, the less they hurt.

good luck with your new smile!!

[ therocketsummer's advice column | Ask therocketsummer A Question

mgh12 answered Tuesday March 15 2005, 9:59 pm:
It DOESN'T hurt!! I promise!!!! and the polishing thing, yes it feels weird, but at least you dont have those braces on your teeth anymore!! And for the pain, try taking an Advil or some Tylenol!!

Hope I helped!!!


[ mgh12's advice column | Ask mgh12 A Question

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