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I was just curious to know if it was wierd that Im in 8th grade and have never had a first kiss? Part of it is that I am too nervous but I just wanted to know...ThAnX I RaTe HiGh!! Maddie 15/f (link)
nope not weird. im in 9th grade and i had my first kiss the summer after 8th grade

I have about 20 zits on my face, little ones, and i want to get rid of them because yesterday i only had like 15 and i see new ones like every morning. My question is, should i use proactive or the pill? I heard proactive works really good, but will it rid ALL my pimples? And i also heard that birth control works really good on acne too, also i have an irregular period so it should help on that too? How much of a change does birth control give on zits? Does it make them completely gone?? So, my question again, proactive or the pill? I have a really bad money problem so i cant buy both, and how much is the pill?
-thank you!!
*~*~*~JeSs~*~*~*~ (link)
poractive really works. i'm just like you, i have little acne too and its helped a lot. hope i helped

I'm a freshman, and was planning on doing tennis this year, but am far too busy for it. I was just wondering if I could still be the captian by senior year if I start as a sophomore? (link)
I really dont know, but im sure its possible.

I'm a 14-year-old girl. As I was leaving school the other day, I was walking with a casual male friend. As we were talking, he developed a
very large, very obvious erection. I was so embarrassed for him! I pretended not to notice, and didn't say anything, but he seemed
mortified, and left in a hurry. What should I have done? (link)
Just acted like yourself and pretend nothing happened. Thats about all you could have done. Hope I helped

well you know how my sis and bros are always getting me into trouble even with things i don't do,my dad always hits me for no reason and sometimes my sis does something bad and blames it on me and my dad hits me,sometimes for no reason..there's never one day were he doesnt.. he hits me about 4-6 time a day for things i didnt even do..i tell him i didnt do them but he doesnt believe me he believes my sis and bro cuz they are younger,i try talking to my mom but she doesnt listen or believes me anyways she is never home so she never sees how my dad treats me,i want to talk to someone in my school ,a counsulor(w/e its spelled) but i'm shy and scared i dont want my dad to go to jail or anything but i just cant stand it anymore when he hits me like mad for absolutly no reason..and also bosses me around i understand thats his job but...i mean he tells me to pick up my SIS OR BROS OR HIS stuff but its not fair why cant he boss my sis and bros around i mean its there mess sometimes i tell him 'why should i its not my mess why would i need to pick that stuff up'..but he just hits a bunch of time and i csnt defend myself cuz he might keep hitting me harder and that hurts....what should i do? (i sometimes think about cutting but thats not the way out of a problem so i dont i just hold in my anger? (link)
Get help!!! you cant have your dad hitting you everyday. i know it might be hard to talk to someone but you need to tell someone before it becomes serious!!! hope i helped

Ok so here is the deal i know that i am supposed to be a good freind and all my friends say i am a good freind. But latley my friend who is a 14/male has been trying to act well cool he is drinking and i dunno if that is such a ood idea seeing as he is trying to get me to do it i know that i used to be an alcholic but i have stopped because my other friend who is a 14. female told me to so i did. But that is not the real deal. My friend has also begun to overdose and talk about suicide i have talked to people about it yet when i try to talk to him i am to afraid to tell him to stop i know i need to and i know i just would rather have him be mad at me yet he knows me o to well and will put up a fight.

Do i dare try to talk to him because he is violant or should i leave that to a parental unit???

Monn (link)
I think you should try to talk to him but if that doesnt work tell a parent and have them talk to him.

How do you make all that stuff that appears when you type in stuff in a box like on Google? There's so much of them on my computer and I can't get it to go away. I deleted the cookies in my Temporary Internet Files, I deleted my Temporary Internet Files,and I deleted my history but it still won't go away. How can I make it go away? Usually I'm good with computers but I just can't figure it out! Help!

~K~ (link)
click on the box and wait until all the stuff you look up pops up and then press the delete button not the backspace and it should all go away. hope this helps

I am about to get my braces off and i dont know why but my orthodontist does a lot of stuff to your teeth like 3 weeks beofre you get them off and they are so sore and i am having to wear 5 different rubber band in 5 different places and they are just really sore and i was wondering if anyone knew anything i could do to make them feel better besides eating ice cream because i am on a diet.
Also, anyone who has had there braces off, i have heard it does hurt and i have heard it doesn't hurt. Does it? Does that polishing thingy feel weird?

Thanks for any advice!
It doesn't hurt, i thought it was going to but i was wrong, it doesn't. :)

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