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Question Posted Friday February 18 2005, 11:22 am

OK. I'm allergic to fake earings and it really sucks. I can't get those earings with fake silver that only cost a dollar anymore. Is there any way I can were fake earrings(not clip-ons) with getting a rash on my ear?


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Shortlilcutie answered Saturday February 26 2005, 7:15 pm:
just get the slerling sliver earrings its fake around and it had the lil iron thing that is real silver......


hope i helped

[ Shortlilcutie's advice column | Ask Shortlilcutie A Question

LiSaxOBaBii answered Monday February 21 2005, 8:24 pm:
i don't think so...i have senstive ears too but sometimes i wear fakes. There's nothing you can do about that so just stick to real ones so you don't get an infection.

[ LiSaxOBaBii's advice column | Ask LiSaxOBaBii A Question

brittanysays answered Sunday February 20 2005, 8:20 pm:
Most likely it is the nickel in the earring that you are allergic to. lol, i am too! I find it best to not buy those really really cheap 50 pairs in a box earrings (bad expierience,haha)
I usually buy the nickel-free earrings. Sensitive solutions are also pretty good. They packages the earrings come in usually say nickel free or for sensitive ears. Hope you can find a solution. For cute earrings go to They're awesome!

[ brittanysays's advice column | Ask brittanysays A Question

xo_dream answered Sunday February 20 2005, 12:02 am:
nope, not really. But claire's & kohl's & some other stores i'm sure sell sterling silver & something else .. i don't know what it is, but anyways, anything that says "sensitive solutions" or "for sensitive ears" should be fine, and a lot of it really isn't that expensive.

[ xo_dream's advice column | Ask xo_dream A Question

Greenday56889 answered Saturday February 19 2005, 4:00 pm:
Ok i have the same problem i cant ware fake silver or gold. So what i do is i ware them and then i take them out right before i go to bed or if they are buggin me!

hope i helped

[ Greenday56889's advice column | Ask Greenday56889 A Question

peaches_n_cream552 answered Saturday February 19 2005, 10:15 am:
you could maybe wear them durning the day and take them out before you go to bed. hope i helped.

[ peaches_n_cream552's advice column | Ask peaches_n_cream552 A Question

l0stiNth0uGht020 answered Friday February 18 2005, 9:43 pm:
I have the same problem. Except I'm allergic to real earrings too.. The only think you can do is probably get real gold earrings, because you're probably allergic to some metals. If you can't get gold earrings, try to get non-allergenic earrings or even plastic ones (if you can find them). Hope I helped!

[ l0stiNth0uGht020's advice column | Ask l0stiNth0uGht020 A Question

candiapplebabe answered Friday February 18 2005, 9:23 pm:
There are some kinds of earrings that are specially made for that kind of stuff. If you ask the people that work at Claires or something they should be able to help you find some. Hope I helped!

[ candiapplebabe's advice column | Ask candiapplebabe A Question

SugaHigh answered Friday February 18 2005, 4:22 pm:
How about you use medicine, or get real ones.

[ SugaHigh's advice column | Ask SugaHigh A Question

ThugGirl041790 answered Friday February 18 2005, 3:30 pm:
No jus buy real silver earrings.. like buy one pair you really like.. i cant wear fake earrings either..much luv

[ ThugGirl041790's advice column | Ask ThugGirl041790 A Question

jeanine278972 answered Friday February 18 2005, 3:21 pm:
I have the same problem.. try Titanium.. and if not.. then dont wear earing for extended time periods.

[ jeanine278972's advice column | Ask jeanine278972 A Question

shake answered Friday February 18 2005, 3:06 pm:
Well if you're allergic. NO

[ shake's advice column | Ask shake A Question

r3miXx327501 answered Friday February 18 2005, 1:30 pm:
You could try gold earings. If you are allergic to neclaces or any of that try putting clear nailpolish on it and let it dry over night.
Hope i helped...

[ r3miXx327501's advice column | Ask r3miXx327501 A Question

Sophie_xxx answered Friday February 18 2005, 1:16 pm:
I'm from the UK but I've visited America and I think that you have Claire's accessories there.
Well in there then there's a lotion that protects your ears and cleans them from possible infections and stuff.
Usually it costs around seven dollars I think.
Hope that helped!
Sophie xxx

[ Sophie_xxx's advice column | Ask Sophie_xxx A Question

MFS answered Friday February 18 2005, 12:54 pm:
Remember, there are many materials used for earring posts. You probably need surgial steel posts. Sterling silver may also work, but will cost more. There's nothing wrong with the surgical steel - in fact, they tend to be the most inert and do not tarnish (as it is high-grade stainless steel). The cheapy-crap usually contians a crapload of lead and other cheap metals (which also makes them softer).

[ MFS's advice column | Ask MFS A Question

chaos answered Friday February 18 2005, 11:38 am:
You could try taking them apart and mounting them on new posts. You can get them at Hobby Lobby.

[ chaos's advice column | Ask chaos A Question

jbdreamer answered Friday February 18 2005, 11:34 am:
I use to work in the acessories department at a Herberger's, a department store. You can get lots of earrings at a resonable price. What you need in nickle free earings. You can find many for under $10 and even cheaper when on sale. Another choice is sterling silver. Most stores have theirs at 50% off all the time. You can get a pair for under $5.

[ jbdreamer's advice column | Ask jbdreamer A Question

xoxlilshortyxox answered Friday February 18 2005, 11:33 am:
No probably not. I'm allergic to everything besides silver. Try fake-gold earrings. They might work.

[ xoxlilshortyxox's advice column | Ask xoxlilshortyxox A Question

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