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STDs from giving head?

Question Posted Monday August 30 2004, 7:22 pm

Hey, I was just wondering if you could really get an STD from giving head. Because I just read it on here, and I've given head to one of my ex's, and I never knew that there was a possibility that I would get an STD, and now I'm really scared about it. Can you guys please help me out?

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Peeps answered Wednesday February 24 2010, 9:58 pm:
You can get just as many STDs from having oral sex as you can having vaginal intercourse.

Serious risks include:

1. Herpes is probably the biggest STD risk during oral sex. Both strains of herpes can live in the mouth or the genitals, and particularly during outbreaks (cold sores, herpes lesions) can be passed from one place to the other. More than 50% of a random group of people will have antibodies to the virus (indicating some level of infection). Genital herpes is complicated and uncomfortable. Herpes can be passed on even if no sores are present.

2. Chlamydia and gonorrhea can infect your throat, showing strep like symptoms. These can also infect the eye; eye infections can have serious consequences. Roughly, 80% of women who have chlamydia have no symptoms and it can prevent them from ever having children.

3. HIV can be passed through unprotected oral sex. The infected semen/precum or vaginal fluid must enter the body through a cut or sore in the mouth or esophagus. You may not even be aware you have a cut in your mouth or throat. Some people take up to 10 years to show that they have contracted HIV/AIDS.

4. HPV can be passed during oral sex. HPV has been found on vocal chords. There is no test to find out if a man has HPV and men usually show no symptoms.

5. Syphilis can be passed similar to HIV. Signs and symptoms are indistinguishable from those of other diseases so some people go a long time without knowing they have it. Mothers can pass this onto their babies without knowing it.

6. Hepatitis A is also a risk, but usually only oral-anal contact. Hep A is not a chronic condition like Hep B and C, but can make a person quite sick several weeks.

[ Peeps's advice column | Ask Peeps A Question

xo_dream answered Tuesday September 14 2004, 9:54 pm:
Yeeep, you sure can.

[ xo_dream's advice column | Ask xo_dream A Question

russianspy1234 answered Tuesday August 31 2004, 5:41 pm:
yes you can, but the chances arent as high as they are with regular sex. you dont have to have cuts for the chance to be real, bt it increases it. you dont have to be freaked out about it but next time use protection

[ russianspy1234's advice column | Ask russianspy1234 A Question

xLilWillyx answered Monday August 30 2004, 9:05 pm:
it is very possible to become infected w. an STD while giving someone head however it is not as common as getting an STD from having sex...if your unsure perhaps you could get checked @ your local doctor...i hope that helps

[ xLilWillyx's advice column | Ask xLilWillyx A Question

jesikuh977 answered Monday August 30 2004, 8:47 pm:
yeah you can get like herpes on ur mouth...cold sores are herpes but their like a mild version but the kind u can get are like..gross all over the outside/inside of your mouth so yeah..u can.


[ jesikuh977's advice column | Ask jesikuh977 A Question

bebecaliente6989 answered Monday August 30 2004, 8:44 pm:
sorry to say it but yes u can get and STD. if u have a cut in ur mouth or any kind of sore if hes infected then his fluid can get into ur blood stream and u can easily get AIDS or some other serious virus like that. the best advice is to go and get tested. thats the only way u can know for sure. sorry bout all this!! hope i helped!! leave one in the inbox if u need anymore help!!

[ bebecaliente6989's advice column | Ask bebecaliente6989 A Question

shockren-b12 answered Monday August 30 2004, 8:35 pm:
yes. if you're planning to do that you and your partner need, no have to get tested.

[ shockren-b12's advice column | Ask shockren-b12 A Question

bAyBeEgUrL8 answered Monday August 30 2004, 8:33 pm:
you can get an std in your mouth.. cold sores are a form of an std.. and you can get some kinds of std's in your throat

[ bAyBeEgUrL8's advice column | Ask bAyBeEgUrL8 A Question

Jane answered Monday August 30 2004, 8:14 pm:
*Yes, you can get an STD if you have a cut in your mouth. But if you don't then you won't =). Just make sure your boyfriends get tested...just to make sure!!!*

[ Jane's advice column | Ask Jane A Question

xForeverxForgottenx answered Monday August 30 2004, 8:05 pm:
sorry to say but yes it is possible. if the guys wears a condum then its less likly that that will happen. sorry.

[ xForeverxForgottenx's advice column | Ask xForeverxForgottenx A Question

soljette answered Monday August 30 2004, 8:05 pm:
yeah, you definitely can. if someone has like.. herpes or warts, they can transmit it to someone through oral sex. a lot of times, if your infected with an std, it happens to show up later, from days to months. if youre worried, go to a clinic to get checked out. and if youve had sex as well, get down there checked as well.

[ soljette's advice column | Ask soljette A Question

EmbracedxRain answered Monday August 30 2004, 8:04 pm:
Yea it is possible. Of course if you got an STD you would probably know. Like have symptoms or something by now. hope it helps *amber*

[ EmbracedxRain's advice column | Ask EmbracedxRain A Question

Karen answered Monday August 30 2004, 8:03 pm:
Yep, you can get an STD from giving head but you can only get it if the guy isn't wearing a condom. Hope I helped :)

[ Karen's advice column | Ask Karen A Question

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