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There's this little boy and he's 12 years old. His mom got in a freak car accident in which a lighting bolt struck a tree and it fell on her car a killed her. And if that wasn't bad enough his step-dad kicked him out. I really want to help him out because he's such a sweet kid and he doesn't deserve this. Any suggestions about what to do? Thanks for any help I'll try my best to give you good rates! (link)
perhaps you could take him under your wing and show him that everything is going to b okay...i hope everything works out 4 you

Where are some cheap places to find a homecoming dress? I'm basically just looking for a black one, nothing too formal. (link)

I am a theater freak. Recently I tried out for the play 'Aladdin'. But, I found out today I didn't get the part I want, and I got a small part instead. All my friends got cool parts like the Genie, Aladdin, Jasmine, the main parts. I feel really rejecting, I've never got rejected from a part I wanted before... (link)
there will b more plays....move on

Hey, I was just wondering if you could really get an STD from giving head. Because I just read it on here, and I've given head to one of my ex's, and I never knew that there was a possibility that I would get an STD, and now I'm really scared about it. Can you guys please help me out? (link)
it is very possible to become infected w. an STD while giving someone head however it is not as common as getting an STD from having sex...if your unsure perhaps you could get checked @ your local doctor...i hope that helps

Ok,i like this boy but were friends and all.Really good friends.But like everytime we talk i get so into the conversation and just want 2 blurt out that i like him.Should I??

Signed NEED HELP FAST! (link)
wow i have that exact same feeling...if you truly like the person and you think he likes you then go for it..i hope all works out

lol, ok, i kno this is dorky and all but, how do u french kiss??? i mean i've always wonder, u kno, like what do u, i kno, i kno, this is a stupid question (link)
when it comes to french kissing your tongue does all the work just basicly swirl your tongue around inside your partners'll feel natural

Hey everyone! I have a problem. There's this guy I like, and i like him alot. Last year we were in all the same classes, but this year we're not in any together. How do I get him to not forget about me? Thanks for your help! (link)
talk to him...become friends w. him...and most importantly b yourself

Okay, please Mods PLEASE do not delete this as I'm REALLY concerned!

Well, this girl at my school, she's not my friend or anything I don't know her that good, but she's pregnant. And, she's only 12. We're in 7th grade and all that, and she's expecting TWINS, she should get an abortion and all that but she wants to go through with it. At least that's what I heard, (I hear a lot of gossip. -__-;) Well, anyway, she also smokes and drinks, and she has purple hair and a ton of piercings, and I'm afraid if she goes through with it, her body won't be ready with all those drugs, and she's so young, and she might die...

She's got a pretty bad life, and nobody really likes her, but I still worry about these kind of things...and well, I'm not quite sure what to say to her to try to convince her not to do it. Can anyone give me ideas?

Sorry this was so long. =\

what this girl needs is someone who is there 4 her..even if no1 likes you try and b a friend shes going throu a rough time

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