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Question Posted Wednesday March 31 2004, 9:15 pm

how do i stop people from calling me gay...i dont do anything not gay....for goodness sake i like a girl...(im a boy duh...) wut should i do....i dont want to be called that anymore....

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Airjordan232305 answered Wednesday December 5 2012, 10:53 pm:
Tell him to stop if he keeps doing it here are some comebacks: 1) By the way, your boyfriend told me you wear a pink dress at home. Do you wear wigs and false boobs too? 
2) Aren't you afraid that having rough trade sex with ugly guys will give you AiDS? 
3) Why are you always cruising me in the restroom? 
4) I am NOT interested in SEX with you. Go back to your wh-re, PLEASE!!!! 
5) Who was in the stall with you in the boys bathroom? And why do you smell like ****? 
6) IS it true you still rub your c-ck on your daddies underwear to get off? 
7) Listen, d-ckbreath, you keep harrassing me and I'll kick you in the balls so hard you won;t have to ever worry about having children! 
8) Why are you always singing "i Am woman?" when no one else is around? 
9) Do your parents know whose c-ck ya been puttin in that filthy mouth of yours? 
10) Is it true you sucked off your dog just to taste d-ck?

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geeseimme53 answered Monday March 6 2006, 11:24 pm:
you know what to do. i had this problem also but i ended up gay any way and im damn proud of it. im not saying your gunna be gay by all means but you should say to any one who dose it here ill do it like this:
-hey you gay
-shut up dont call me gay cause your trying to coverup fore yourself.
it works almost every time i wish you the best of luck and if they give you a hard time still just go to your guidance coucelor or your vice principal.

good luck hope i helped


[ geeseimme53's advice column | Ask geeseimme53 A Question

fallenforyoohxo answered Thursday July 22 2004, 5:14 pm:
prove it to people . ask htat girl oyu like out. be a hopeless romantic n prove ur not gay! good luck! plz rate me
xoxo steffy

[ fallenforyoohxo's advice column | Ask fallenforyoohxo A Question

bAhAmAmA0250 answered Saturday June 5 2004, 3:58 am:
ignore half of them are probably stoned while saying it anyways! ha im just messing just dont pay attention to them. they just want attention and some are probably just saying cuz the "cool guy" is saying it first.

[ bAhAmAmA0250's advice column | Ask bAhAmAmA0250 A Question

spikeybeast answered Thursday April 29 2004, 12:24 pm:
i have teh same prob, all the peeple who say that u should get a girl, it aint that easy u know.
i do one of two things:

1. say you are gay. it sounds dumb but sometimes it works
2. if your not gay the who cares. tell someone that ur gettin called stuff. its bullying if they do it loads

[ spikeybeast's advice column | Ask spikeybeast A Question

geniusney answered Monday April 12 2004, 12:22 pm:
why don't u prove it and go out with the girl.

[ geniusney's advice column | Ask geniusney A Question

Winona1992 answered Sunday April 11 2004, 10:15 pm:
Why do you think people are calling you gay? You might not be, but maybe a boy around you feels like you are to atattched to him...maybe you are trying to make friends and pushing it with other boys (this can be on purpose or not) maybe you should ignore them, or tell the girl you like her.

[ Winona1992's advice column | Ask Winona1992 A Question

GC_rox_my_sox answered Saturday April 10 2004, 5:41 pm:
The key is to stop caring about what other people think. You know your not gay, so why does it matter what everyone else says? And they may not mean that your gay as in homosexual. Society today has started using gay to describe objects. As in "Duuuuuude that shirt is soooo gay". Last time I checked, clothing didn't have a sexual preference. So if people call you gay after you make a stupid remark, like if they say "Duuuuude you are soo gay" then they probably don't mean it.

[ GC_rox_my_sox's advice column | Ask GC_rox_my_sox A Question

Magenta answered Monday April 5 2004, 10:16 am:
Seriously, ignore it. These people are stupid, narrow minded idiots. Rise above it.

[ Magenta's advice column | Ask Magenta A Question

endilwen answered Sunday April 4 2004, 1:32 pm:
Just ignore them. I'm guessing you're still in school, and trust me, kids will call anything or anyone gay if they don't understand it or target it as different. If you ignore them it's likely that they'll get bored and stop. Just hold your head up high and be safe in the knowledge that you're more mature than they are.

[ endilwen's advice column | Ask endilwen A Question

evilgogeta answered Sunday April 4 2004, 7:28 am:
You're still in school right? Everyone gets called gay, it dosen't mean anything. Just ignore it and move on.

[ evilgogeta's advice column | Ask evilgogeta A Question

Centralgal06 answered Saturday April 3 2004, 4:12 pm:
Well if they're calling you gay they are just mean..dont listen to them and just go on and if it keeps on...take the girl you like ask her on a date and ask her to be your girl..adn they'll see their mistake and if not they're just insecure about their sexual ways

[ Centralgal06's advice column | Ask Centralgal06 A Question

Moop answered Friday April 2 2004, 4:30 pm:
next time they do that be extremely serious and ask them out or ask if they're interested in you. It should freak them out considerably. This should probably stop them. If it makes things worse... oops?

[ Moop's advice column | Ask Moop A Question

angelsp answered Friday April 2 2004, 3:49 pm:
ask the girl out, they will look silly when they see you with her.

[ angelsp's advice column | Ask angelsp A Question

Lizzy answered Thursday April 1 2004, 6:50 pm:
Get with a girl. Don't just use a girl, ask out the girl that you like, and if she says no, then it will at least be less humiliating then being called gay. Make your relationship public

[ Lizzy's advice column | Ask Lizzy A Question

n*cheer answered Thursday April 1 2004, 5:58 pm:
hey! i'm a girl and this guy at my skool always calls me a lesbian, and he knows i'm not! i have a boyfriend too! instead of speanding your time trying to explain yourself everytime they say something like that just don't listen to them and walk away. hope it helps.


[ n*cheer's advice column | Ask n*cheer A Question

Logic-Man answered Wednesday March 31 2004, 10:00 pm:
Let me put things in perspective. You're upset because MORONS are acting STUPID? You can't let this anger you, it happens all the time. That's why we call them in-duh-viduals. Or you can be like me and give a witty reposte! Or scream yell and curse, as I'm prone to. I really like to meet these dumb***es face to face, have them call me it, and point out how it's clearly a sign of their homsexuality, and walk away without saying any more.
IN short, don't get so touchy about what TOTAL MORONS think of you. They'll just end up pumping gas and/or flipping burgers. Trust me, they WILL.

[ Logic-Man's advice column | Ask Logic-Man A Question

Cspinoza1 answered Wednesday March 31 2004, 9:29 pm:
The best way to stop being called gay is either confront, or let it roll off your back. If you let it show that it bothers you your easy prey so just chill, or mkae it extremely apparent you like females.


[ Cspinoza1's advice column | Ask Cspinoza1 A Question

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