Hey everyone (: Im Casey. Im in 9th Grade at jhs which I hate .. I started this advice column back in November and now im starting up again in my second year of January Even though im only in 9th Grade I have been through alot. Please rate too (: Thanks A Bunch


There is this girl who i know used to like me a lot. Im not sure if she still does. I never thought i had feelings for her before, but now i realize i do... a lot. i think i may have came off as immature/annoying when i talked to her yesterday, and now she wont pick up when i call her, so i dont really want to talk to her and be annoying.. Do you think i still have a chance with her or shld i give it up?

If i was you, I would try to lay low for a couple of days, try not to IM her or call her or whatever and see what happens. There could be another reason as to why she's not picking up her phone or something else so don't be too quick to believe that it's because of something you did. Try to see if she talks to you first. Hope this helped somewhat.


hello! i am totally obsessed with getting the new sidkeick 3. I read every blog about it everyday and every website. I don't know, it's the first electronic that I REALLY want. One problem: i only have 60 dollars. and asking my parents to buy it for me is out of the question!!! The only thing I can do is work at my dads store, and i make 50 dollars a week!! It will take me so long to save up for the sidekick 3, and it comes out july 10th! I just want to buy it as soon as i can!( but i definitely dont need to buy it on july 10th) SO: what are some fast ways to make money. DO NOT SAY GET A JOB SOMEWHERE CAUSE I'M TOO YOUNG. (my dad lets me work at his storre cause im his daughter) also, no babysitting cause i put up like 5 flyers in stores around town for me babysitting but no ones has called and its been 3 days. please i'm desperate!!

Talk to your parents about how much this sidekick 3 means to you. Maybe they will let you help around the house or even your dads store some more. Talk to your neighbors or even your family and maybe even have a yard sale to make some quick cash. If all else fails, talk to family members [ i know you said no babysitting ] but if they have children or if your family members know anyone who would need help, if its babysitting, cleaning or working somewhere. I hope I helped.

Oh also, PS. If you go to Music Stores, or Video Game Stores, such as like Strawberrys, I'm not sure how much, but I know that they pay for used CD's which is also some quick cash. Hope i helped :)


Oso there was this guy I used to like. He does'nt like me now. I was getting emails on how to win guys over and it never worked with him. It's ALMOST final he will never like me like that. Next year is another year with new guys. Should I delete all the emails and pursue someone else without help, read all the emails and pursue an new guy, delete all the emails and pursue the old guy, or read all the emails and go after him still? Please help me this is soo stressful for me

well this is kind of a tricky answer. if you feel like you gave it your all, there is nothing else you can do to pursue him, you gave him everything you had, then maybe you should keep him in the back of your mind and have fun this summer and think of guys again when school starts back up. if you feel like you dont need the emails then delete them. if you feel like you should keep them for reference, if you need them - then keep them. but, if your trying to forget this other guy, the emails will only remind you of how hard you tried but nothing worked for him to like you. sometimes deleting things, is a way of letting him go slowly, but you could also keep them to learn from your mistakes or use them in the future. [ that was the messed up answer ever lol ] im so sorry but i really hope i helped :)


I don’t know what to do anymore, my life seems to be dying slowly even though I am alive. I don’t want to live anymore; I have imagines everyday of me jumping out my window. My life just seems all messed up. It may seem like nothing to you but all my problems put together are just killing me little by little. No one understands. Today I came from school all upset I couldn’t take it and told my grandmother I don’t want to live anymore. She got mad, called my mom and dad and was yelling at me telling me how lazy I am. She kept saying I’m just a lazy person that wont get anywhere in life without studying. She kept yelling and talking and now her and my mom got into a fight over this. My grandma tried to make this all seem like she’s the victim and I’m taking advantage of her. She kept saying with a grandchild like me the one who cries for every little reason she should just take an overdoes and die. Why on earth would she say all these things when she knows how I feel about life! I go to her are you crazy you bitch, don’t you understand why I want to kill myself you are one of the main reasons. I don’t have a main reason its juts that I’m very unlucky, I have really low self cofidecne, some people tend to make fun of my face, since I have acne and put a lot of cover up on. Which hurts the most because I had acne for about five years and I tried everything, I went everywhere, took her pill possible, and nothing works. It’s like a long rode that never ends no matter how hard you try. You keep running and running until you think you got to the end but it just keeps on going. That’s how my life feels. Now we got new teachers and new students in our classrooms. I hate most of my classes, and most of all I hate my math teacher. Now I’m really bad at math I mean really bad I don’t even know what 7 times 8 is unless I think about it for half an hour. Yeah sad I know. Hes really mean and trys to bring people who are not as smart as him down. I tired getting out of his class but my counselor is such a bitch! She told me to come early to school today so she could change my singing class since they put me in the wrong one. They put me back to the one I already took, so I would be learning everything all over and I passed her class with a 90. I come back at the end of the horrible day I had and she tells me the teacher said its okie and I can stay in that class. I was like butt … she stooped me and said theres nothing I can do. I was like but wait im learning everything over again I don’t understand. She goes yeah I know but then we would have to change your whole program I was like sooo you do it for everybody else. I know shes just a fucken lazy bitch that needs to get fired, Counselor my ass. I don’t know what to do! I hate schhol and wanna quite im only 16 but I don’t see school in my future. My grandma makes me feel like shit about this but I don’t know what to do!!! Please help and don’t say talk to her because that wont work ill just end up killing myself faster. I don’t know what to do with my life. Please answer if you ever felt like this about school and juts ur whole life and tell me what you

i defintley know how your feeling, you try and try so much but nothing works, so after a while you lose hope and you think whats the point of trying if all your going to do is fail? i know that this may seem hard now and im sure it is, i have many hardships in my life similar to yours but maybe it would help if you told someone or talked to a therapist of some sort. i dont rely on anyone, so i have kept all of my feelings hidden for a long amount of time and i have wasted so many tears on things that are not important and such. im only lecturing you because i feel as though you should try to turn your life around, when other people never got the change. if you need anything aim me [caseyyx143] i feel similar to you, so maybe we can relate .. i hope i helped somehow?


okay, my hair is very very curly and frizzy and thick its nasty!! i sometimes put hair gel in it and it looks fine and then other times i stirghten it but it still gets frizzy easily. I use hair serum and this one spray to control the frizz but hey im always lookin' for something better can you guys suggest anything?

ah i know how this feels because my hair is the exact same way! well after i get out of the shower i usually brush it through and then i add mousse which helps it before you blow dry it or air dry it .. let me know if anything helped!


sorry this is long...
okay me and my friend ellie both liked this guy named neil but i liked him more (we agreed on that) and then after winter break i told neil i knew who liked him and he askd who and ellie had told me that i could tell him so i told him... two days later he asked her out... needless to say that my heart was completely broken and it was all my fault... but now that hes going out with her im stuck with the two of them and noone else... all the time!!! and everyone is always like "stop trying to steal neil" well the other day somehow it got out that i was still in love with him... but I managed to convince everyone that i didnt... but we always fight (me and neil) oveer the stupidest things and i hate it!!! I cant help it but I love him so much it makes me hate him... I hate how jealous i am .. what should I do? how can I get over this guy??!?!

i've defintley been in this situation before and told the boy i liked that my best friend liked him and they went out, which left me totally heart broken like you. I think that your friend is also in fault because she knew how much you liked this guy so its also her fault, i think you need to let her know this && she needs to know that what she did was wrong .. after all she is supposed to be your best friend, i would sit down and talk to her, although it might be hard and she might get mad, she needs to know it.

i hope all is well and let me know what happens :) always here!


I went out with this boy for 4 months and we broke up. He has a new girlfriend now. I don't know her, but one day she messaged me out of the blue and started asking me if I still liked him and have feelings for him. So I told her that I don't because I kinda do, but only a teeny bit. Anyway, she won't leave it alone and everyday she asks me if I want him back and blehh. What do I say to her to make her stop, cause I'm really tired of telling her that I'm not trying to steal her boyfriend.

Well then she must be insecure about her relationship and maybe he even likes you or thinks that he does. the only way you are going to make her stop is make it with her clear that you dont like him .. tell her it was a one time thing and you like someone else even .. try telling her that you werent ready for a real relatonship and dont like him more than a friend anyways .. it will help her get over it and you get over him .. hope i helped & please rate (:


(15/F) I have two best friends, and I'm either with one or the other. I don't have any other 'good friends' in school. Everyone is already settled with their own group of friends and I feel so alone when I'm not with my best friends. I think girls view me as a snob though, because I do have more guy friends and honestly I'm attractive. How do I get more friends and find people my age that I have stuff in common with? I don't want to come off as desperate or dorky but I do need more girl friends to hang out with.

Trying talking to other people .. like in your class. i have one great group of friends but we are all friends with all types of people. if that doesnt work try joining a academic .. after school or sport team !! its fun and you will defintley meet new people! hope i helped please rate (:


I have to give a speech in fron of the whole class next week, and I'm absolutely terrified. I am really bad at speeches. I start shaking and I can't read my notcards. Does anyone have any suggestions to help me get over my fear?

I know how you feel .. i feel so terrified but then i get up there and i talk like nothing is wrong with me while im dying inside .. at least dont let anyone see that you are nervous! i bet at least half of the kids in the class are as nervous as you are so just imagine its just you and your friends .. no big deal. its easier to calm down


I'm 16 and I have this friend I have known for like 5 years. She's like a sister to me and I love her to death. The bad thing is that I feel like I can't trust her. I went to my ring dance and I didn't want to go with my ex-b/f who still likes me and I didn't want to hurt his feelings so I didn't tell him. Well I told her and my other best friend not to tell him or mention anything about the ring dance to him. Well they didn't and everything was ok and all then he came up to me at karate class (we take karate together that's how we met.) and told me that my friend had told him I went to ring dance with someone else. I couldn't believe she told him then she was talking about me to this other guy that I didn't like but he liked me. I stopped talking to him cause he was bad news and all. I don't know what to do with her. Please help me.
~confused chica~

Hey confused chica ..

i know exaclty what your going through because i have a friend exactly like that! its hard to know what to do because all of my friends are friends with her so its not like i can just ignore her .. and plus news travels fast .. im going to tell you what i would do even though this doesnt work for me because idk she can be so mean .. sit down and talk to your friend .. hopefully after a while you will be able to resolve all of your differences .. if not take it from there


how can i make my crush like me enough to finally ask me out. cuz he does like me is just dat i dont feel any connection at all. but he tells all my friends he likes me so wat's up with dat ?

You could always ask him out! He is probably shy if he is telling all of your friends that he likes you but not telling you. If you feel like something is there and you want to try it .. go for it! Dont be shy .. sooner or later he will open up. Guys dont always have to make the first move. Hope I helped

- Casey. Rate Please (:


okay so here's what's been going on.. i've been with my boyfriend for a while and i don't think i've ever been so happy with anyone else. he's the reason i live life each day and the reason i'm so happy. well lately we have been having problems and wouldn't stop arguing, and we would argue over things that we shouldn't argue over. we argued over somethings that i didn't mean to do, like things that i do on accident. i didn't think it was fair but there was really nothing i could do. i've been hurt so bad, and i've also never been so sad in my entire life! i am so in love with him and i want to stay with him but sometimes i don't know what to do because i've been hurt so much! but when we are together and having a great time, then i totally forget the pain i went through. he makes me forget the pain and makes me happy again, he like heals my heart! we haven't argued for a couple of days and we have been really happy and i think it's really good.. but this morning he was acting kind of strange and i was just a little confused because i think it has to do with me but i have no idea what i did. can you help me out and give me advice because he is the greatest thing in my life and means so much to me and i seriously don't want to lose him, but i want to make things better.

Well it seems like you are so in love with your boyfriend. I think what you have to do is talk to him about this .. sit down with him and talk this out. If he gets mad you will know that he is not as dedicated as you are in your relationship. Communication is the only way of finding out what is happening between you two. Hope I helped. Rate please (:


my garbage cans do not fit under my sink in the kitchen, so we leave them to the side. What are some good things tht I can do to them to 'hide' them, because they look really ugly just standing out in the open. I want to make them look nicer. Thanks!

get a lid for it and make the garbge bin preety by painting it or covering it with something. if this doesnt work then try buying one that will fit underneath your sink that you can use. hope i helped


theres this guy and i really like him alot. and i think he likes me too. i dont know if i should wait till he asks me out or if i should ask him out. i really like him alot im like in love with him. what should i do? he seems to like me but im not sure if he likes me like i like him. should i take my chance and ask him out? or should i wait till he asks me out?

if your postitive that he likes you then go for it. if your just not sure yet talk with him and flirt with him alot. one day dont talk to him try to see if he begins a conversation with you instead of you beginning one. if this happens and you kinda catch on that he likes you then why not .. go for it. hope i helped


okay.. heres the deal-iO ! i used to be bestfriend with this one girl.. but now we arn't as close.. it makes me really upset and sad. I wanna still be really really close with her.. but it seems as though we are drifting fast. I really wanna get together with her.. but it seems liek we can never find time or anything.. what should i do? thanks... hope

Try telling her how you feel about you and her drifting apart. You have to make it work and so does she but you both have to want it. I have a friend and we say we will get together but never do. Talk to her about it and make plans like a sleepover or movie night or something. Hope i helped


Im 15 male and from scotland. Currently i am in a long distance relationshop and i am confused!
I love this girl, im sure of it. And she loves me too, but i dont know, things seem hazy, its not that i dont trust her of course i do. But like she has a load of male friends and is rather shall we say "close" to them. I dnt mean anything goes on or that jus im not sure what goes on coz i cant be there and see. Like i sed i do trust this gal with my life i jus dont know wot 2 think at the moment, plz help me sum1.
Youres anon

dont worry about it .. if she really loves you like you say she does then she wouldnt lie to you .. make sure you talk to her about it .. hope i helped


I've had my period for almost 10 months now and it still doesn't come on the same days or "schedule" or whatever. I don't know when I am going to get it, because it's such a bad frequency. I don't want to leak in school, and I'm always scared that I did leak, and I didn't notice, and like people are laughing behind my back. I just don't know what to do. I don't wear pads either so..please help?

its normal. i just got my period in july of this year and i was supposed to get it two months ago and i havent yet! so dont stress it will come! wear panty liners to protect yourself. hope i helped! rate please (:


Okay well this is what happened..My boyfriend and me were best friends before we went out and so then I had another best friend who went out with him and she still liked him. So, I liked him and he liked me but my friend was getting his whole grade against me (they are a grade older) and meanwhile i was practicaly in there grade, or acted like it. We are going out and people got mad, a lot of them aren't mad at me anymore but some are and so is she..I don't want to dump him but is there anything that you think I can do to make forgive me?

*Now I sort of like another guys they are my best friends..and they are twins and they are in my boyfriend and best friend's grade but I can't tell the difference to them..and I don't know if they like me..but they are SUPER HOTT, NICE, and SMART!*

did you know that your friend liked him? if you really like those other boys then go for them. your friend even if she was mad she should of been happy for you. i mean my best friend went out with the boy i liked and i was really sad but i had to be happy for her its only the right thing to do. talk to her about it. rate please. hope i helped .. if not im me [ xsunkiszed3x ]


hey gurlz,
how can i make time to change my tampon at school? i never have time in between classes, and i dont like to leave the class w/ my purse b/c everbody would know. i usually don't put stuff in mypurse b/c all my friends go through it. i usually ut stuff in my lunch box, and change during lunch. can any of u give me advice on how to manage it?
i will rate high

put one in your pocket. ive tried it and no1 expects it. just make sure its not outta your pocket so everyone can see it lol. rate please(:




wow thats a tough one. maybe its how you act around him how he likes you sometimes and then doesnt. by the way your saying things i defintely think he likes you though. if you keep getting these same signs then go for it. hope i helped(: please rate


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