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all of a sudden i got this horrible pain right below my boobs, like and when i breath deeply it hurts even more, i've eaten like 3 cookies since i woke up. do u think its that? and what do u think it is. thanks \
hey i had that after my surgry when i was in the hospital...the nurses say it was gas.....not like the farting kind lol just gas that builds up in your could be from the cookies...not having anything healthy to eat and eating cookies right away....if its like a really sharp pain when you inhalf, its most likely gas....take some tylenol and drink water...

Does anybody know any store that sells Paul Frank hoodies?? Pacific Sun doesn't sell Paul Frank hoodies anymore.. but thanks (link)
tillys has them...i dont know if you have that store where you live but thats the only place that i know of that has them

Hey, I have Insomnia. Every night I'm up late trying to sleep. I've tried everything!!! Reading, singing, counting sheep(lol), and I don't drink that much soda. Please tell me what's wrong,b ecause I've been tired lately and I'm getting bags under my eys. (link)
my neighbor had this problem...she couldnt sleep....she went to the doctor i try that and if you cant go to the doctor or something...then take tylenol PM....

My ex boyfriend and I had been together for about two years, and now that we've broken up, he doesn't want to see me at all. (-there wasn't a fight, it was more of a 'this isn't working out, I don't feel that way about you' type of deal.) He's returned my things through a friend of ours, who gave them to me.

Well, I'm still kind of upset about the whole thing, and we were going to talk a little after we'd had some time apart. I still have some things of his, and was wondering if I should A. give then to our mutual friend, B. drop them off at his house/in person, or C. wait a week or two and then give them to him myself.

All of our friends are shared, so it seems that there will come a time when we'll be forced to see each other. I wouldn't cause a scene or push him to feel bad about our breakup if I did see him, but he seems to want to avoid me at all costs right now. When he'd broken up with me, we didn't talk at all, and it seems this still has to happen (not to get back together, but to clear my mind and his a little between us.)
What should I do? Should I wait it out? (link)
i think in about a week or so...go do what he did to you but do it in person...not through a friend...if he didnt want your shouldnt have to have his stuff right? but since your upset about it...maybe you should do it in person so maybe if you see him you can just calmly say.. "heres your stuff back" or someting...dont be like OMG I HATE YOU HERES YOUR EFFING STUFF BACK! and maybe hell want to talk then...i dont know him so i dont know how hed react?....but if i was you that is what id do..

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