HeY!! ThaNkS FoR ComIn!!! HeRes aLiL bOut me... I LOVE to play volleyball
I Love to listen to music ((SwItChFoOt))
I have The BeST FriEnds In ThE WOrLD!
My HoBbiEs arE Shopping, goin to the MoViEs, eaTiNg, and playing sports!!


~~** OMG Haley u are so sweet and pretty! I couldn't live without you, i can talk to you about anything!** You are my best friend, we have known eachother for 11 years!!! We have so many insiders.. Halloween was AWESOME!! We always no how to cheer eachother up cough cough play boy bunny! LOL


awWw! ThaNks! *YOUR* so sweet n PreTTy!! 11 YEaRS StROnG BaBy!! lol HoP hOp HoP!! ilY!!!!!!


HALEY u are so aweosme i loved having art with u its so sad that we dont have it anymore u r my one and only GOAT haha we have the best times togther and the bball tournament was so much fun with u u are an awesome manager!
luv ya so much!

Ahh ur soo sweet!! iLy! ThaNks! Ur an AWESOME BaLLeR! or should I say BaLL-eT?? haha!


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