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I just dyed my hair medium brown and I really like it. How do I keep the color from fading? Are there any special shampoos or techniques I should follow? (link)
use pantene pro-v for color treated hair or anything that is specific for hair that is colored, then after washing your hair you can use a hair serium for colored hair to keep it from drying out and from fading down

Hi, I'm 14/f and I've been in dance for 9 years. The only thing is, I really suck. I'm not just saying this, I really do. I'm one of the worst in my class, and I get cruddy parts in my recitals. My teacher plays favorites, and I'm not one of them, because I'm not good. A lot of the people who are really good are huge snobs about it. They're like, obsessed with themselves. My other friend is in the same situation. (we go to the same dance school). We want to quit, but we can't, for a number of reasons. We'd be leaving some of our friends. We might as well just wait until we graduate, because that's when most people quit. (when someone quits before they graduate, my dance teacher talks badly about them, and all the snobby girls laugh). Our moms would get mad. Also, they both say if we quit, we have to join something else, but we don't like anything else. We're not good at sports. I don't even like dancing because I'm not good. And even if I was, I don't think it's really my thing. But don't tell me to quit, because I just can't. I just need help. I want to get better, because I think if I get better, I'd feel better about my self. (I'm very self concious about my dancing) But my teacher doesn't like me and my friend, so I can't ask her for tips. (like, if we're doing something wrong, she just says that's wrong and doesn't tell us how to do it) Does anyone know any exercises to get your leg higher in your arabesque, get your feet in 5th position, do splits, have balance, etc.? Thanks, I really appreciate your help. Sorry about the length, but I really need help. Thanks. I rate.
Ok hun i used to be in dance and i was terible at it, when i started i would be in a cxlass with kids younger than me but i kept working at it, and when your doing something wrong and your teacher says you are, ask her "well how can i fix it i really want to get this right" and stand up for yourself, when the good girls talk just tell them that you are working and getting better at it and that you are having fun and thats all you need, tell them that its alright if your not perfect, but that dancing makes you happy and have tons of fun. Also some good excerisizes could be to keep your center while you bring your foot into arabesque and doing turns while keeping your center, like doing quarter, half and full turns and a great way to get your splits down is to start out with your back leg tucked in go out to runners lunge position and have your front leg straight and extend your back leg out, it was a good technique to help me start to get lower... hope you do great and dont underestimate your strenght and talent

i wrote b4 about how my friend gets really frustrating and annoying, and every1 told me that i shoulldn't be friends with her, but its not that simple. one, anybody who just outright says ur so annoying she doesn't take seriously and just thinks they're joking, even after they tell her they aren't, and two, if i just go up to her and be like: i dont think we should be friends, we dont get along, etc etc, that would be really mean, and i have most of my classes @ skool with her, sitting right next to her, and i wouldnt be able to do it there some other option? (link)
ok the other girls who answered this question arent right, it would be very rude of you to straight up just start ignoring her or even write her a note, an easier way to do it is to not tell her flat out that shes annoying because that would be mean but just sit her down and be like its not only me who thinks this, but alot of people think it too and i think you could get along with everyone better if you tone it down some, but try not to make any rude remarks or hurt her feelings by just saying stop. give her a reason and tell her how she can not be so annoying and she will probably start acting more mature and not hate you, plus yall can still be friends.

ok.....i like this guy. lets call him bob. and i've liked bob for a couple months now. and we've become good friends. and i had a friend ask how he felt about me, and he said that he just liked me as a friend. but...lately, there had been some stuff goin' on.....rumors if you will, about him likin' me. and i mean A LOT of rumors. i heard it in a lot of different places. someone even told me that bob had been tellin' people on his bus that him and i were goin' out. and then i got this news about him likin' me as just a friend. BUT I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO BELIEVE! I'M SO CONFUSED! please help!

sry for the length and thx in advance (: (link)
hun, just ask him how he feels because rumors only get better and worse as they go along so just talk to him!... maybe tell him how you feel or maybe he only told your friend he likes you as a friend because he doesnt know if you like him but guys are confusing your best bet is to confront him yourself

A guy named Kiel, who works at the same place I do, started giving me notes, asking me if I had a boyfriend and kept telling me how nice I looked. Then we started talking on the phone. He kept asking me if I wanted to date him. At work, a lot of girls flirted with him, but he didn't flirt back. He basically only talked to me. He seemed very interested in me. Today, Kiel called me. We talked for about three minutes. Then, all of a sudden, some very angry girl in the background yelled, "HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!" (The chick DID NOT mean that I was his gilfriend, she meant that someone else was.) There was silence for a couple of seconds and Kiel said madly to the girl, "NO I DON'T!!!" Then the girl sounded even madder and told him, "F**k you!" Then some other background noise went on. After that, Kiel said, "Can I call you back?" I said, "Yeah," in a what-the-hell-is going on tone. Then I told him bye (a little nicer) and hung up. Then, a few minutes ago, my phone rang once, then stopped. Maybe he accidentally hit redial.

Then the SAME girl that was yelling at Kiel called me from a different phone number. Here's our conversation:
Me: Hello?
The Mystery Girl: Who is this?
Me: Sarah.
The Mystery Girl: Don't call Kiel. He has a girlfriend.
Me: He does?
The Mystery Girl: Yeah. Do you know him from work or what?
Me: Yeah.
The Mystery Girl: Don't call him. He's fucking stupid. He has a girlfriend.
Me: Ok. Bye.

What should I do? I want to find out the truth. I really like Kiel, but of course I don't want to be with him if he has a girlfriend. What would you do in this situation? (link)
First of all confront him and ask "who sarah, she called me after we talked" and if he has to think about it or he studders you need to find out about her. she might be a sister or best friend but the conversation with you and her seems a little sceptical. when you go to work dont just dont Kiels throat about what happened just talk to him and act a little annoyed by it... that may crack him a little bit. when he flirts with you flirt back a little but not alot just to send him a little taste of what he can have, but also dont be consistant with the questions about the phone call just ask like "what was that all about" just dont make it a big deal unitl you find out more... maybe ask one of his friends in case hes holding back in giving you information. if i was in your situation which i kinda am right now with a guy i like and who says he likes me but then comes out and says he made out with a girl who likes him but he doesnt like her... well anyway id confront him and talk about it just not interrigate him. Try just talking casually about it and asking him what was the whole thing about and see what he says, then if you need anymore help just ask me and we can see whats all going on. hope i helped!

Hey I recently dyed my hair black and I was wondering if it will look good with red highlights. I have brown skin. if you have anyother colors that might look good please tell me. not blonde everyone has blonde i wand something different. (link)
you could do red low lights but if you were do not get chunks of them, you could do very skinny either really light red or really dark red and get them as natural as possible, because the bigger strips of a differnt color that stands out that you get in your hair the worse it looks.

Posted Monday December 06 2004, 9:44 pm
I need some help on this one...
My dad has been really depressed lately and i dont know what to do about it. He keeps on tlaking about how he is going to kill himself and everything and how there is no God and God just wants to be left alone. He also gets mad at stupid things and jsut tells me that i am worthless and that i will turn out to be just a worthless as he is no matter how hard i try. I try and put it aside and remember that it isnt my problem or just try to walk away or ask him to stop talking like that, but he doesnt listen, or he just comes back at me 10 times worse! I would file something on him or try to get him help, but he is my only parent/ family left thats in this country that i know...what do i do?
I know you want to help your dad but not loose him, and you can do that... try to get him into annonmous help meetings like AA but not. Try talking to your councler about him and you really dont even need to say it is your dad, but if you do, do not say anthing that they will have to go to the police because of the confidentiality rules. If he says that he wants to kill himself do not leave him alone. Get him help in anyway and you might have to stay with a friend for a little while or be with him more. no matter what he says do not brush it off. recently my friend mother killed herself and it has been very bad on everyone. the same thing happened to me as one of my friend killed herself and a two weeks later a friend from middle school killed himself. you can not leave this alone if you need any help please come to me or anyone and i will try to help you solve this. this is a serious issue and you need to help him if all you both have are each other.

Ok..our uniforms are the navy shirt w/ khaki pants or plaid squirts..i have brown hair(past my bra strap) and brown eyes and i have no acne and i have a natural what kind of eyeshadow should i wear to go to school?

Thnx in Advance! (link)
the good this with uniforms is that you can wear really any color makeup and it doesnt necessarilly have to match. I have brown eyes and brown hairand i recently went to this great makeup course and i found out that purples, greens and browns really bring out your differnt tone colors in your eyes. i wear tan on my eye lid and usually apply it with a brush that i dab in water to give it more color and then wear drak brown in my crease of my eye and light browns on the top of my eye and finish of with a lighter brown or sometimes darker brown under my eye brow with brown eye liner. My friend though wears green brown eye shadow on her lid with green eye liner and light brown abover her eye. you can mix and match colors but try to stay away from too luch black eye liner because if you do your eyes will have a vibrant glow to them (well at least my friends tell me i have that) you can also wear your hair right by your eye on one side but not covering your eye up to attract more attention to your eyes.

Hey guys!I don't really know how to explain this but I'll try!Ok..there's this guy that I like and I want to get to know him more and just have a real conversation instead of a few words once in a while..well it happens like everyday.I'm kinda shy so I don't know what to do to start a conversation!I know that kinda sounds stupid but I'm asking it anyway..thanks! (link)
ask him for help on homework or if he knows about the latest parties. small talk with him trust me if he wants to talk it will turn into a bigger conversation than just a couple of words... just dont talk about each other or your day because that will lead nowhere.

I got a new neighbor a few months ago, tight before school started, he's nice and sweet and loads of fun to be around. I told him i liked him a few weeks after he moved in but he said he had a gf who he loved and would never leave. so i kinda gave up, but lately we have become wicked good friends. we hang out all the time at my house or we just walk around the neighborhood. a few weeks ago he tried to kiss me while we were on my trampoline(he admited to it later) but i had a bf at that point and he was still with his girl so i just turned away and got back up. the next day he tells me that he dumped his girl. the next day i get dumped by my bf cuase he wanted to date some slut in a grade below us. so i tell him that. my neighbor and i were on my trampoline again and we are kindalike wrestling a little...and he started feeling me up then we started making out.he pushed away from me and started saying why...why...why...i was soo confused. it was my first kiss too. aparrently he had gotten back together with his gf the day before,he didn't want to cheat on her so we stopped. like 2 minutes later he is fingering me and we are making out again.when we finally stop my brother was pulling in the driveway so we separated quickly and he went home(my bro saw nothing thank goodness).i told my friend who knows everything about me and guys that he kissed me and only that he kissed me i didn't tell anyone else and she said something about it to him and he flipped at me. he didn't want anyone to know cuase then his sis would find out and she would tell his rents then his rents will tell his gf who will start cutting or something again. he stopped talking to me and then one day last week i was sick from school and the next day he asked me if everthing was okay and we started talking again. we started hanging out again. but now we include my friend a lot cuase she lives down the street and we were down at her house and we were watching a cartoon thing on her comp and she was sitting at her computer desk and i was sitting like right next to her on the piano bench and he was sitting behind me. during this cartoon thing he started tickling my side so i grapped his hand. i let it go after i moved it away and then he tickled me again so i grabbed his hand again and he laced his fingers in mine. he just plays with my head like that all the time. should i tell him to stop or no? i really like him and everything but nothing can really form with his gf still there.What do you think i should do? (link)
i did this before and it was kinda like your story... except with the neighbors thing... umm and if things get bad it will be much worst at the end, let me tell you the ending... it ends bad yall dont talk for a while and when it finally blows over he still has a gf, so youve got two choices play around until it gets bad but dont send him too many signals or tell him to stop be friends and keep that friendship which once he breaks up with his gf.. which he will its not like they are going to get married you can be there for him as a friend and he will notice you and who knows but if i were you i wouldnt help him cheat youll just loose all your friends and get called a slut everyday in school and get made fun of by his girlfriend who will probably stay with him if its as bad as her cutting.... the choice is yours

i cant stop cracking my nuckles and their already all swollen and stuff and i know theyll hurt alot when im older if i dont stop but i dont know how. does anyone know how to stop cracking nuckles? ill rate! please help! (link)
I used to crack my kunckles all the time and my fingers are fatter becasue of it. i stoped by having something to hold in my hands so i dont figit with my hands myself and i wore rings and thought about how fat my fingers would get... just start being aware of when you do it and it didnt take me long to stop...

hey i'm a female and i'm 14 yrs old and here my problem well theres a guy that i really,really,really like and i dont know if he knows how much i like him.well, my friend has him for 6 period and he tells him stuff about me and then the guy tells him about him and so far he been cool with it,but theres somethings i haven't got clear in my head well here are 3 examples well the first one is people tell me or some of my friends he has a gf and his friends say he doesn't and i don't know who to believe.the second example is that he looks at me like in the creepy way but when he is alone but when he is with his friends he doesn'.the third example is sooo stupid my friend did the stupidest thing ever well she knows how to draw really good well we were in 5th period and we were passing notes talking about him and i ask her to try to draw him and she did it and it look like him alot and every time we get out of 5th period we go to 6th period and we always see him and i ask her to show it to him to see if he though it look like him well my really stupid friend gave it to him saying i drew it!! i was so mad all this happened friday december 3,2004 and now its monday december 6,2004 and i didn't go to school cuz i'm soo wierded out and i don't know what he may say to his friend or my i really need advice should i tell him how a feel and it wasn't me who drew that pic?

singed confused and shy, (link)
Stop being immature and if you really want this guy talk to him, in all reality he probably doesnt like you if your friends have talked to him about you and he hasnt come up to you... just go up to him and tell him the truth about everything and say you wrote the letter. Gosh your questions make people upset to see immature little kids but i'll still answer your question... good luck with that, you'll need it


I'm going to be a Senior next year, which means I need to start thinking about colleges, majors and such. Even though I've only done 1 play in my life, I was in show choir for one year, and when I was little I was always in chorus in church musicals, I really want to study theatre. When I was little I hated performing, but as I got older, I've just been more interested in the whole acting thing. I've taken an acting class (for television, not for theatre) and even though it was two hours of notes and some acting, I LOVED it. I loved learning the techniques and its something I'm interested in. I'm a shy person when you first get to know me. The second day of class we had to cry in front of the class and I was able to do it, and I loved it. That was probably one of the best moments of my life. The whole class was silent (I was the youngest one. Second to the youngest, was probably a 20 year old), watching me and when I was done, the teacher said I was the best one.
The problem is, is that I'm never in the school plays, or musicals (even though i was in show choir--singing and dancing--musicals aren't my thing, I'm more into acting) because the director picks and already has his favorites and he is so wierd in a freaky way... Anyways, even though I LOVE acting, going to movie sets (I was an extra in a movie) I haven't used my talent at all except for the little things I listed above. If I want to major in theatre, is it bad that I haven't done much yet? If I study it in college, I know that I'll most likely be very active in it (I'm a good liar--which is like I kind of have a little natural talent). I mainly want to do television/commercial. I've been to plays as well as numerous of movie/tv sets and I think I would love commercial acting better. Is it something I should go for? (link)
You need to start small if you are serious about going into acting, i used to want to be an actress which i took lessons and everything, turns out now i want to be a chef(with a cooking show though) so even now i still want to be on T.V. seeing that you have not done numerous amounts of acting it will be tough to get into an acting college but you can do it, start by still doing chruch plays but look up in your community theatre and start to get involved, even if there is a play goiong on already ask to volunteer and try to get into that way. It wont hurt to take a dance or singing class either, but start out small and never stop... you should never underestimate your strength, keep working on it and remember the more you get into doing the better. Try taking some classes in school and volunteer colleges love that and it will show that you really do have an intrest get reccomendation letters from your acting teachers and others involved. Anything you can do can help and dont leave it off just keep trying to achieve your dreams, you can do it.

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