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I just dyed my hair medium brown and I really like it. How do I keep the color from fading? Are there any special shampoos or techniques I should follow? (link)
use pantene pro-v for color treated hair or anything that is specific for hair that is colored, then after washing your hair you can use a hair serium for colored hair to keep it from drying out and from fading down

Hey I recently dyed my hair black and I was wondering if it will look good with red highlights. I have brown skin. if you have anyother colors that might look good please tell me. not blonde everyone has blonde i wand something different. (link)
you could do red low lights but if you were do not get chunks of them, you could do very skinny either really light red or really dark red and get them as natural as possible, because the bigger strips of a differnt color that stands out that you get in your hair the worse it looks.

Ok..our uniforms are the navy shirt w/ khaki pants or plaid squirts..i have brown hair(past my bra strap) and brown eyes and i have no acne and i have a natural what kind of eyeshadow should i wear to go to school?

Thnx in Advance! (link)
the good this with uniforms is that you can wear really any color makeup and it doesnt necessarilly have to match. I have brown eyes and brown hairand i recently went to this great makeup course and i found out that purples, greens and browns really bring out your differnt tone colors in your eyes. i wear tan on my eye lid and usually apply it with a brush that i dab in water to give it more color and then wear drak brown in my crease of my eye and light browns on the top of my eye and finish of with a lighter brown or sometimes darker brown under my eye brow with brown eye liner. My friend though wears green brown eye shadow on her lid with green eye liner and light brown abover her eye. you can mix and match colors but try to stay away from too luch black eye liner because if you do your eyes will have a vibrant glow to them (well at least my friends tell me i have that) you can also wear your hair right by your eye on one side but not covering your eye up to attract more attention to your eyes.

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