I'm Steph. I'm 18 and I live in Nevada.

I love country music, cattle dogs, border collies, bicycles, dog training and guys. Probably not in that order.

I have a border collie/heeler, a heeler/greyhound, a goldfish, a betta fish, and a Colombian Redtail Boa.

Some other stuff, blah blah blah.


So, I ended up losing my virginity to my boyfriend around Thanksgiving. Since then we've been having sex regularly. In early December we were having sex and he didn't pull out in time, and, well, you know the rest. After that I had an irregular and way lighter period that lasted longer than usual. But it was so off and different that it didn't even seem like a period. After I had stopped bleeding, we began having sex again. And, well, he didn't pull out then either...

My period has always been regular, always at the beginning of the month. And now it's Jan 13th and I'm getting worried.

What do I do? Am I pregnant?

Wear a damn condom.


okay so I've been with my boyfriend for quite some time and I really love him and he loves me too and I know he does because we've been together for like a year. well he fingers me many time and I love it but we never had sex yet. he makes me feel great by the stuff he does but what should I do to make him feel good as well? I don't wanna suck on his penis because I'm not that type. what should I do to make him feel good ?

Here are a FEW options:
sex (it's been a year)
dry humping


"Nothing at last is sacred but the integrity of your own mind." - Ralph Waldo Emerson, from Self-Reliance

please please please help me !

what does this mean?

thank you in advanced

I think it means something like, the integrity of your owm mind is something sacred, that you have to protect. You cannot let it become contaminated.


ok well people say that you can train a dog to hump things. is that true? and another question, why would people want to train their dogs to hump things???

You can train a dog pretty much anything. Well, anything within it's physical limitations. I don't know why you would want to, though.


what are some ways to masterbate to hit a good orgasm

punch yourself in the face while you do it.


what are some new ways my b/f can masterbate

Have him stick it in a meat grinder.


14 f
ok so my body is maturing and i hate it! like having puberty hair and getting big boobs. i hate it. sometimes i never want to take a shower becase i hate seeing myself naked. i am such a momys girl and i know my mom hates it that i am growing up! i dont want tog row up! i hate having a mature body1 i dont feel ready or mature what should i do?

it happens, get over it.


How do you "do the dew" ???

drink mountain dew.


okay, well there's this movie i used to like when i was little, and i cant find the name of it. it's really bugging me. does anyone know about a CARTOON movie in which the creatures lived in a tree or something like that and then these people came and distroyed their homes and there was a truck that had leaked onto where they all lived and they had to move. it was such a a cute movie. im not so sure about everything else, that's the only part i remember if you guys can't figure it out, it's all right.

FERNGULLY!! Love that movie.


I have chicken legs..and i really want a way to get rid of them..it doesn't matter if it is slow..as long as its effective..i don't mind..p.s it would help if it was something that could be done anyplace..anytime..if you know what i mean?
thanks :D

just eat them like normal people do, or if you're vegitarian, feed them to your dog


ok i am just curious
when a girl gives a guy a bj
why should she enjoy this?
i mean isn't just the thought of having his thing in her mouth disgusting? and swallowing his cum... wouldn't that just taste and make you feel disgusting?! i'm just wondering cause i don't get it at all why anyone would want to do that!

It's tons of fun. Dunno why, just is.


is dry humping really enjoyable or is it like a strange hug? can you really get aroused from it?

Yeah it's freaking sweet`


i recently gave my guy a hand job. afterwards and during it he kept asking how i liked the size. honestly its just average size and i told him it was fine and that i liked it, blah blah blah. i really dont care how big it is, thats not a big deal to me but he wont stop asking about it. how can i help him feel comfortable about being just average and by average i mean about 7inches which is good for us being only 15 almost 16, if i really cared what size it was and if i was that shallow then i wouldn't be doing things with him.

Say "It's HUGE I love it!!!!!"


i have a male hamster and today i noticed that he has a something like a small ball on his butt.It scared me because i dont know what to do about it!!do you think that he is sick?

Are you sure it's not a testicle or some poop?


is breast cancer genetic?



Hi, I am against declawing kittens but my mom said thats the only way I could get two.

So my question is... About how much does declawing a kitten cost in NH

Why don't you just adopt a cat that's already declawed?


i want to put up signs for baking so i can make a little extra money, since i bake amazingly. but i have no idea what to write. any ideas as to a slogan of some sort?

I'll bake my dough for your dough.

Cake (picture of a cake) for cake (picture of money)

Eat my food. Not by Menu Foods, and not poison!

I bake.


When a guy fingers you or when you give him a handjob, do you still keep kissing while doing it or do you stop kissing?

Whatever you feel like doing.


Is cunt the same as cum?

Nope :)


iam 18 years old and a 15 year old asked me out and was stupid enough to say yes becouse i don't know weather i can go to jail or not if iam an 18 year old girl can i go to jail for dating a 15 year old boy?

No, unless he can't keep it in his pants.


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