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I know this isn't the right catagory but its the only one I could think of.
So anyway im a 14/f,
I masturbate every now and then, and I've looked at porn once or twice. Well my question is that if I get turned on by girls who doing sexual things with eachother does that make me a lesbian or bi or something? I have crushes on guys and I have a boyfriend and I've never had feelings for a girl, but I get turned on by girls doing stuff like that. Is this normal? Thank you so much for the help! (link)
From what I hear many girls think about the same stuff, so chill. Plus wheather you act on it or not it's something to be proud of because it's HOT. :)

I want to start shaving my bikini area. All of my my friends do but I'm a bit embarassed to ask them this!
You see, I'm just a bit, well, nervous, really about going around my bits with a sharp razor. For the first time, who wouldn't be? So I really need like a step by step guide. I've looked on the internet and I can't find much for teens that doesn't sound scary. Could any of you ladies out there help me? It needs to be quite detailed.

Much Love, FF. xx (link)
I am a guy, but I have normally shave my self done there and my gf does sometimes, so here is a rough step by step guide:

1. Have a hot bath or shower first to open your pores and soften hair.

2. Use shaving gel(u can see where ur shaving better - no foam!) but not menthol or cooling cos it will sting!

3. Use a clean sharp razor and shave carefully in direction of hair growth using short strokes. Don't go aginst the grain or it will be red and painful when growing back!

4. Wash off and PAT dry do not rub.

5. Use moisturizer when done to sooth skin.

Hope this helps!

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