I'm Steph. I'm 18 and I live in Nevada.

I love country music, cattle dogs, border collies, bicycles, dog training and guys. Probably not in that order.

I have a border collie/heeler, a heeler/greyhound, a goldfish, a betta fish, and a Colombian Redtail Boa.

Some other stuff, blah blah blah.


yea so listen up
my girlfriend just broke up with me but i feel there is still feelings between us but she said she broke up with because of distance but the thing is our towns are literally neighbors
so what do i do
do i pursue the relationship
or not?

If your towns are neighbors, and she broke up with you because of distance, it's clear she's not into you. Keep being her friend, and maybe she'll change her mind one of these days, but don't obsess over what might have been.


I have a date on Sunday with this guy I met from myspace. He's real I promise. Anyway, what should we do?? any suggestions??? I'm picking him up by the way and bringing him back to my town. we're both 18.

Everyone's saying bowling, and I say I'll have to agree. Just make suure you pratice with your friends or something first. One time, I went on this date with this guy I was basically in love with at the time and I was nervous for whatever reason, and I got an 8. Or play pool, that might be cool. Don't go to the movies. Have a picnic.


See...well, I like my best friend as more than just a friend. I want her to know without making it so obvious. She does a lot of things that makes me think she likes me too. Whenever she does things like hug me or smile at me or say something really nice, I am always backing off and I don't know why! I want to be with her so badly, but I always change the subject or act like a complete fool whenever she says or does something really nice to me...I need help.

Know the feeling, unfortunately. Sort of going through that right now, but I know he's not into me. I know it's friggin hard, but bring it up. Maybe over a game of truth or dare. When she says truth, say like "what do you think would happen if we dated?" but maybe something sweeter and more articulate. Or over a game of chess, that might be cute. Be like "ok, so, here are the stakes. if I win, you have to kiss me. what about if you win?" Something cute and casual like that.


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