I'm Steph. I'm 18 and I live in Nevada.

I love country music, cattle dogs, border collies, bicycles, dog training and guys. Probably not in that order.

I have a border collie/heeler, a heeler/greyhound, a goldfish, a betta fish, and a Colombian Redtail Boa.

Some other stuff, blah blah blah.


iam 18 years old and a 15 year old asked me out and was stupid enough to say yes becouse i don't know weather i can go to jail or not if iam an 18 year old girl can i go to jail for dating a 15 year old boy?

No, unless he can't keep it in his pants.


Basically I have begun to really really like my guy friend. I am 13/f. He has gone out with 3 of my girl friends but they always dumped him because they stopped liking him. I have liked him for months now and seriously think about him 24/7. We flirt alot and I was wonderring if you have any ideas on how to tell if he likes me other than just asking him. These are things that he does that make me think he does like me:

I catch him staring sometimes and when I do he'll smile back and stick out his toungue (i know childish)
I am of mixed race and when people bug me about it and call me names he'll defend me and get them to stop
Sometimes he'll trip me for no reason
He always says hi to me in the hall
When we talk we have total eye contact (never wavers)
When we talk we'll usually end up shoving eachother and touching eachother
When he says something mean (even if it was a joke) he'll say sorry afterwards
If he's talking to the guys and I walk into the con he'll acknoledge me immediatly
he shows concern when im upset and kind of demands a reason why and such
Sometimes he'll put his arm around me for no reason

Reasons I think he doesnt:

He flirts with my friend who dumped him last year
If people say we look like a couple he'll suddenly run away
If people say were flirting he'll yell something like "Stop Flirting With Me" or "AAH Shes trying to Rape Me"
We walk to our buses together and whenever he approaches his he'll see the guys then run away screaming
He says rude coments when people say "we should just go out" such as "Oh ya like Shes sooo wanted" in a mean sarcastic tone

I have no idea if hes just being a good friend or maybe likes me! Any signs? How could I find out?

Sorry to break it to you, but it sounds like he's just being a good friend.


okay,i love my boyfriend to death and would do anything for him.but he drinks,dips,and smokes and i hate it.what i hate the most is that he tries to lie about it to me and it pisses me off. he wont do anything when im around him so im not worried about him pressuring me into doing it.but im worried about him getting caught,hurt,or in any kind of trouble.so my question is what can i say to make him stop?

If he lies, you should break up with him.


theres this boy that i think i really like. hes not the coolest person ever (not that it should matter...but i havent even told my best friend that i like him yet) anyways, what are some subtle ways to hint to him that i like him cause in one of my classes we sit next to eachother and talk all the time...so what are some things i can do to hint it? cause i want him to know but im not ready to say it yet.. thanks

In my experience, hints don't work on guys. Not in the slightest. Just be like "hey, you wanna hang out/do [insert fun thing here] sometime?"


13 - female.

I met this guy a few weeks ago.
We exchanged numbers and he called me and stuff.
the next time i saw him, he found out i was 13, and i found out we was 17!
then he hasn't called me.
i really like him a lot, and now it feels awkward between us when i see him...
any good conversation starters i can use that will make it more comfortable between us?

Sorry to say, but it's REALLY rare for a 17 year old to want to date a 13 year old.


I need help. I do not know what to do and no matter what choise i make i will end up hurting someone. So heres the story of my life...
I Love this kid named Mark* and well he broke up with me planning on getting back together with me, and after 3 weeks this kid named Brad* asked me out and I said yes, dont get me wrong i do like him. But when it comes down to it, Mark is the one i want to be with. Mark and Brad are totally two different people. Mark is kind of bad ass... different, stubborn at times, knows what he wants and doesnt let people stomp all over him. And Brad well, hes sweet, caring, romantic, yeah sounds like the ideal guy right? BUT my heart keeps going mack to Mark and i like the bad ass kind of guy, and also mark has lied to me in the past and hurt me, but i just cant seem to let go of him... and i feel like if i leave brad i will be alone because i dont know if mark still likes me and even if he does i dont know if things could ever be the same again, and if i stay with Brad i feel like i am gonna hurt him for me being with him and wanting to be with mark... ahh i dont know im confused, I like brad i do... but i like mark more... but i guss i am trying to convinse myself that if i stay with brad my feeling for him will grow..... i dont know what to do.. any advise?

Stop leading Brad on. You're going to do this for a while; thinking, "Well if we keep dating, I will like him more" and then you won't, but he WILL like you more. Dump the poor kid.

It's ok to be single. Trust me.


What does it mean if you give someone your heart? Like, I got a question from my bf; it said 'if I gave you my heart would you love it or let it go'.


It's basically the human version of the dog's "Can I trust you enough that if I roll on my back and show you my belly will you be so kind to not tear it open?"

Pretty much, it means can i show you me -all of me- including the deep stuff- without you using it as a weapon


what are some flirty sweet names to call a guy besides sexy or baby???

Honey, Cutie, Pantsface, Loverboy, Handsome.

As in, "Hello Handsome" or "Hello Pantsface" Oh how romantic. I'd swoon.


Girls: Do you think it would be cute for a guy to ask before kissing a girl? Would you find that cute or weird?

Do you mean like "Can I kiss you?" ?

Totally sweet.


okay, so i'm one of those girls that has a lot of guy friends. Well, one of my guy friends likes me, but i don't like him. i've told him that, but he constantly hugs me, puts his arm around me, etc. i try to be nice and just shrug it off, but it keeps happening. And it'd just be awkward if i said something about it. What on earth do i do?

also, i went to a party that he and his friend went to, and his friend is one of my really good friends, and he and i hung out a lot, and the guy who likes me got a little ticked.

i really really just want him to not like me. it's too difficult! Any suggestions as to what i should do?

You can try punching him in the face :)


what kinda of guy do 15 year old girls like i need this knowlege.. well i would like it i would feel more comfortable.. it would be nice if a girl my age could answer this to make this acerate.. just .. write down how you would like your lover to be like and just so i can explore differnt opnions from ppl thank you so much


-He's smart
-Loves dogs
-Polite to my family
-Easy to talk to
-Someone I can talk to for hours
-Likes good music
-Longish hair helps


Hello, my name is Beth! I am 15, and I really need help!

Ok! So, I guess I should start at the beginning.

A year ago I started dating this guy, Logan. Well, a couple months after we started going out, this other guy, William, kissed me. Well, I didn't like William that way. I only saw him as a friend. So I told Logan, Logan got mad at Will, pretty soon the problem died down, and it wasn't anything bad anymore. Logan was even comfortable with me being around William alone. So, me and William become really good friends, but he starts crying all the time because I didn't love him back. And I tried to explain it to him that I don't love him. Well, he respected it, but he didn't understand. So, he got alittle depressed, and he wouldn't come near me. Well, I was ok with it. I didn't love him, so no big deal. But, me and Logan started having sex, and my mom caught us, so I wasn't allowed to see Logan anymore, and she started shoving William on me. Well, I didn't love William. So, me and Logan started having problems. We start to go to Missouri on vacation, and my mom invites Will. Will agrees, and so we're on our way. And me and William start having alot of fun! Like, we start dunking each other underwater, flirting alot, having loads of personal fun. Nothing like sex, or anything. But, I call Logan later telling him how great my day is, and he get's pissed and hangs up on me. Well, I can completely understand why he hung up on me, I would be mad if he was wrestling with a girl who loved him. So, something happened. Like snapped inside me, and I didn't want Logan anymore, I wanted William. So I told William that I thought I had fallen in love with him, and of course he was happy as could be. But we couldn't date or anything because I was with Logan. But i've been with Logan so long, and I gave him my virginity. Like, that was the most important thing to me. So it got really hard for me to just let Logan go. Well, William is headed to boot camp in a few weeks, so I decide i'll finaly do it. So I do. And I get alittle depressed, but I have William to tell me it's ok. So me and Will start going out, and I couldn't get any letters the first 2 weeks he's gone. And I really start to get lonely, but i'm determined. Well, we finaly are able to start writing letters to each other, and about a month and a half I get a letter that says,"I can't say I love you enough." Well, I thought he meant he didn't love me enough, but he meant he couldn't say it enough. So, as soon as I misunderstand the letter, I call Logan and ask him to forgive me, because I still don't wanna be alone. Logan forgives, and takes me back like a hero, but later I get a letter from Will that says he DIDN'T break up with me. So I start freaking out, and I don't know what to do. Back at square one. So I dump Logan, and tell William about everything that went wrong, he calls me a few days before he's ready to come home, and we agree that we are still together. Well, 3 days later my MOM gets a break up letter from him that I can't misunderstand. It said he didn't have the patience for me, and that he can't forgive me for the misunderstanding. So, AGAIN i'm back with Logan wondering how Logan could take me back after all that, and William comes home, and he COMPLETELY ignores me. Utterly. I didn't see him the first 3 days he was home, and he finaly sends me a message saying,"You can ignore me like I have been ignoring you, or you can tell me how I screwed up." I told him I was sorry about everything, and that I understood if he didn't love me anymore, but I wanted our friendship back atleast. Well, he agreed, and he came out to see my mom, but he didn't treat me like a friend. He didn't talk to me at all. Well, 2 weeks go by, and I guess he starts trying to make me jealous with my twin sister, which works, but a few days before he leaves to go BACK to Cali he tells Emily, my sister, that he loves her. William wouldn't say something he didn't mean. And, basicaly...

I guess I want William to be happy. And i want to be the one to make him happy. Do I ignore it, talk to him about it, or what?! What do I do to maybe make him like me again...?

As for Logan. He's a great guy, and I regret hurting him. And he's been a part of my life for so long, I don't know how I could bare to keep hurting him. And I think he deserves better than me. I feel bad, but what can I say?...I just don't love him anymore. It would be easier if I did.

To be blunt, William sounds like a jackass. And Logan's getting the brunt of it. You were being very irrational throughout this whole ordeal, and I think you need to get your priorities straight. If you truly want William to be happy, you'll want him to be happy with anyone, not just you. You're young, and you still have 5/6ths of your life to enjoy. Leave William alone, and keep being friends with Logan. Try not to progress into anything more, though, that will awkwardize things too much. It's okay to be single. Trust me. When you do start dating, don't go and flirt with people who like you.


Well, for starters, I'm a freshman in high school (15/f). I like this guy in one of my classes, and he's really nice and we talk and all, but my problem is that he's a junior. I'm not worried about him using me or anything bad like that. I just don't know if he would consider going out with a freshman. Should I still go for him, or give up before I start? I'm probably going to go for him anyway, I just wanted to see what others think.

Well when I was a senior, I dated two freshmen (and they broke up with me) and now that I'm graduated, I like a sophomore. So yeah, you've got a chance.


About a month ago I got out of a five month relationship and it didnt end on very good terms. I seem to keep falling for guys that will wreck my heart. my question is where are places I can take a fiew of my girl friends to hang out where I can meet a bunch of new guys. And how do i aproach them without seeming odd.

Do you have a dog? Bring the dog for walks, or if you have one in your area, to the dog park. If you don't, ask if you can volunteer at your local animal shelter/humane society, and walk their dogs. I'm serious. Dogs (especially bigger dogs) are man magnets, and if a guy likes his dog and his mom, then you're set. (at least that's what my bible study teacher taught me)

Another thing you can do is go to a church with a youth group. Those can be great places to meet good guys, and it can bring you closer to Christ.


Hi, what are some cute, flirty things a girl can whisper, or say to a boy? They need to be super cute and flirty. I really don't know what to say anymore, but I want to start flirting better and stuff. I know how to flirt, I just want to be BETTER, and say cuter things. ANYTHING will help. PLEASE tell me what some things I could say are! THANK YOU!

Whisper "I'm whispering in your ear" lol. It's not flirty but it'd be funny and break the ice.


im 14, a freshman, and have never had a boyfriend. its odd. i feel so left out since so many people have lost their "IT" (lol) already. i mean i dont want to do that. but i want a bf and plus, i've never kissed anyone either, i know its because of my looks, i mean i've tried everything. i've even tried annorexia. i KNEW it was the wrong answer, so i stoped while i was ahead. oh im a girl, but i guess you caould have figured that out.
sorry if it was stupid.

Well, think about it. You're FOURTEEN YEARS OLD. That's not even 1/6th of the average lifespan. Does that make you feel young? As it should! Your friends, probably around the same age, have lost their innocence. You still have 5/6ths of your life left to do dumb stuff like have sex. I never say this, but I'm proud of every single person on this website who doesn't succumb to peer pressure and lose their virginity.

Or maybe I'm just bitter because I'm a virgin :P

Seriously, concentrate on schoolwork and friends (preferably friends with good morals). That'll get you into a good college, where you can meet lots of great geeky boys. Trust me on this one, if you don't regard any of the rest of this answer= FOCUS ON YOUR SCHOOLWORK IN YOUR UNDERCLASSMEN YEARS. I wish I'd known that, now I'm a flipping janitor, basically, because my grades were crap because I was focused too much on pretty girls and cute boys.


well i'll make this short

i think i like this boy. i sit next to him in one of my classes and we talk occasionally. he is not what you call "cool" but hes cute and nice. he's friends with geeks and popular people too but i feel that liking him is not a good choice.. is it ?

thanks in advanced !!

Geeks are the best. Trust me on this one.


i wanna know how you can tell when a guy is mad at you because my friend isn't even that talkative with me ever since we made out...

Well. I won't go into details, but my bestest friend in the world and I were hanging out one night and some words were said and some stuff happened, and a lot of stuff was talked about that we both wanted to happen, but it didn't, because we didn't want to ruin anything (lol, how's that for vague?)

But anyway, for the next 6 or so days, I acted like your friend. I was sort of awkward and standoffish, and I don't really know why. All day at work, I'd be excited to see him that night, but then he'd get over here, to my house, and I'd be shyer than hell and probably kind of rude. Then I told myself I was being dumb and unfair and I snapped out of it, and now we're closer than ever.

So, what I'm trying to say, is that he probably isn't angry. He's probably just feeling awkward. He'll probably get over it soon. :)


yea so listen up
my girlfriend just broke up with me but i feel there is still feelings between us but she said she broke up with because of distance but the thing is our towns are literally neighbors
so what do i do
do i pursue the relationship
or not?

If your towns are neighbors, and she broke up with you because of distance, it's clear she's not into you. Keep being her friend, and maybe she'll change her mind one of these days, but don't obsess over what might have been.


I have a date on Sunday with this guy I met from myspace. He's real I promise. Anyway, what should we do?? any suggestions??? I'm picking him up by the way and bringing him back to my town. we're both 18.

Everyone's saying bowling, and I say I'll have to agree. Just make suure you pratice with your friends or something first. One time, I went on this date with this guy I was basically in love with at the time and I was nervous for whatever reason, and I got an 8. Or play pool, that might be cool. Don't go to the movies. Have a picnic.


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