I am seventeen, but do not let the age fool you. I feel I am more experienced than the average seventeen year old. If you want the honest truth for your questions, ask me. I will definitely not hold back.


hi i wrote here about 3 months ago and i havent written since.
basically the backgroudn info was i wanted to see if i should break up with my boyfiend because he lied to me and hung out with his ex behind my back. Well now 3 months later. we are broken up and he is going out with her. Ive never hated anyone soo much. we were together for 10 months and we broke up right before school started. When school started we still hada thing and hooked up and were on the line of getting back. but it wasn't good timing for both of us and now he is with her. He disgusts me now but i still have those little feelings for him. i started giving him the cold shoulder because i just hated hims o much so he started talking shit about me n telling my best friends that i thot i was way to cool for everyone. wich honestly is the total opposite of me. and everyone knows that so no one listened but whywould he do that to me. and on friday we got intoa huge fight and started yellign at eachother and he goes and tells poeple to tell me he hates me. HE IS SOOO IMMATURE! anyways today he came up to me and was like it seems i haven't seem u in forver and acts as though nothing happened. How should i act towards him and why is he doing this. How can i make myself forget about him,?

You should act civil and mature towards him. By no means go out of your way to be nice, or go out of your way to speak with him. If the opportunity arises for you two to be in the same social circles, don't be rude. My advice would be to stay away from him, and absolutely do not talk about him behind his back to anyone. It will only cause trouble. As for getting over him, you just have to realize that he is obviously not making you happy, and you do not ultimately want to be in an unhappy relationship. It will get easier with time, and with not being around him so much.


me-- kota--14 almost 15
boy-- Mark--17

K so the day before mine and marks 1 month aniversary he told me he thought we should take a break becuase we moved to fast and he needs to catch up on things. I cried. A lot. more than i should have. He tells me he still likes me and he is going to come back to me. But in his other life, he calls all these other girls baby and stuff. We still ahng out at school he still walks me to my classes and we talk ocasionaly but not as much as we used to. he tells me one thing then goes and tells people another.. Until he broke up with me i trusted him completely but now.. its like i dont even know who the real him is.... i really dont have a reason to not trust him, but for some reason i dont. We are stillg oing to snoball together and i already got my dress and he is getting his tux pretty soon. When we are together it is just like it was when we were going out, he still holds my hand, kisses me, calls me beautifull, and says all the comments like "we can do it in the janoters closset" we can skip class and go to my house. and all that stuff... I am just confused if he really wants me? or if hes using me? i just keep telling myself to not push it and just see what happens becuae honestly i love this guy and i could see myself marrying him.. and he also still talks about our future and stuff.

from what i told you... any advise?

Actually, you do have a reason to not trust this guy. If he is telling other people stuff, and telling you something different, that is deception, which does not deserve your trust. I honestly do think this guy is using you; I know that is not what you wanted to hear, but when you get older you will be able to see the true intent of people, and I don't think he has your feelings in mind. Find someone that will think of your feelings and well-being, or be independent and make yourself happy by surrounding yourself with the people and things you love. And for the marriage thing, one month cannot even acquaint you with a person enough to even consider marrying them. You are still in the "lovey-dovey" stage at this time, and you really do not know enough about the person to know if you would be compatible enough with them to spend the rest of your life with this person. So many opportunities are out there;you should be thinking of your future and what will ultimately make you happy. Someone that hurts you and lies will ultimately not make you happy. Once you get past your butterflies and physical lust, you will be left with someone who is untrustworthy. There is no way that you could be happy spending the rest of your life with a person who lies to you. Don't just settle for any guy, find one that really deserves your time and attention.


Can someone give me some bands that play a large amount of accoustic songs? I'd greatly appriciate it. :] I don't care if they're a big band or not. Thank you!

I know they're kind of old school, but I really like Bush's acoustic versions of their songs. They are mellow and really nice. And although he's not always completely acoustic, jack Johnson has that feel.


im wearing a black halter dress to homecoming and i was wondering what i should do with my hair or what looks good with a halter thankss

Wear your hair up with a halter top. Too much around your neck(strap of dress, and hair) can be overwhelming.


Every morning, I wake up and my lips hurt really badly. I put on chapstick (carmex) and keep on doing it until the day is over. By the end of the night I've got very nice and soft 'luscious' lips. Then I go to sleep, and wake up and in the morning they are all chapped again.
What can I do to make this stop?

If you are experiencing some soreness with the chapped feeling, or little bumps or anything..it could be an abundance of yeast in your lips.. Try Abreva. It should clear it up.


(14, Female)
I've been having very sharp, shooting pains in my chest latley. They come and go, but they bring alot of pain with them. I told my parents, and they said its probably from stress and because I drink several sodas a day.

I'm taking Gavistron and its helping. My dad said its most likley reflux, and to try to not worry about grades and friends so much for a bit to see if it helps.

But how do I stop worrying? How do I calm down? How do I get rid of stress! HELP!
.. and my hairs falling out ALOT latley, which the doctor said is due to stress.


My cousin gets sharp pains in her chest. she began to pass out and have these weird attacks. It was due to a stress/anxiety related heart problem, and the doctor says they are anxiety attacks. they put her on a prescription medicine and it has declined considerably. If you start to have attacks of any sort, see a doctor and they will give you the correct medicine.


im black & i have really dry hair..
i get dandruff bad but i use head and shoulders
should i see one of those doctors?
and what is a good shampoo & conditioner i can use? please help.. i rate thanks :)

Use T-Sal or T-Gel shampoo. works like a charm.


ive only had my laptop for about 5 months
i used limewire, and i think i downloaded a virus
my computer is going reallly slow
and whenever i try to lisen to music
it messes up and it's really bugging me
i deleted allll my music
but it's still going slow,
and i still cant listen to my music.

what can i do??
-thanks :]

Delete Limewire...It causes alot of problems. Try FrostWire Beta...It is cool and it has not given me a virus. Also make sure you have a good spyware and virus blocker.


okay, so i feel REALLY stupid asking this, but..
everyone talks about girls having "crabs" & all.. but what exactly ARE they?? because idk. i feel stupid that i dont know, but i have to find out somehow, and i figured this would be the perfect place to ask.

ps, i didnt know what category to put this under :x

They are probably jokingly referring to a girl with an STD. If the girl even has one..


Hi, I am 15 years old and I have been smoking marijuana for two years. I am beginning to feel incredibly guilty about this because my best friend doesn't know about this issue. My only problem is that I don't want to stop. I like it and I have fun doing it. But I feel guilty and I am slowly becoming dependent on it. Please help. Should I tell my friend and try to stop? Or should I keep on doing what I'm doing?

Honestly, I don't believe marijuana ruins anyone's life. That is a bit extreme. The decision is yours, but it sounds like the guilt is overwhelming the pleasure.


k...i know the subjuct line sounds really weird....lol. k well i tan in the tanning bed and i use tanning lotion. i want more noticiable results from i though. is there like any REALLY good tanning lotion out there or would i be better off without it??

(sorry if this doesn't go with the fitness and health that well.)

Try any lotion with hemp in it...It may turn your skin red for a bit, but after that goes away, you will be noticeably tanner.



I was reading another question and I got to thinking, is there really a point to shaving your vagina? Like, is it actually recommended and stuff?

Oh my gosh, please do!


Ok...i am a catholic and my step mom is a babtist and she asked me if i wanted to go to church with her sometimes...is it okay if i go to a babtist church when i am a catholic? thanks in advance.

Whatever you want to do is fine! Do you think going to a baptist church is wrong? don't ask someone else, ask yourself.


see, theres this boy that i used to hookup with and i was friends with for the longest time, and see we got into a fight over nuthin really but now we haven't talked in a LONG time, but i know for a FACT that he's cheating on his girlfriend.. and i sometimes (on/off) get along with her, but idk wether to tell her or not.. i kno it would be right to.. but i dont want to hurt he & my friednship even if we aren't talking at the moment.. you know?? what should i do?

The best thing to do is stay out of it.. It's not your business.


i am fourteen. i don't love to read, but i am looking for an inspirational book. if you know of any, of friendship, harships, anything like that, i would appreciate it. [[name&author please!] thanks.

Read Sarah Dessen. She's lovely.


my boyfriends in jail and we don't know when he'll get out yet it could be anytime from this week til january.i miss him and he got arrested halloween night. lately he's been telling me he expects me to cheat on him although i won't but he expects me to since i'm in the real world and he's in jail. and i told him i won't and i really won't and we don't love eachother. but lately i feel like he doesn't wanna be with me ut im scared to bring it up while we're talking on the phone. i aslso don't know how to bring i up. i need some help with how to start the subject please.

Well, do you really want to date an inmate?


Hello, I dated someone for 6 years of my life... little did I know it would be the best 6 years of my life. We broke up for a variety of reasons but mostly because neither of us was in the right place for the type of relationship that was required. About 6 months later, perhaps less, my partner decided she was ready to move on, and started dated someone else. I was completely crushed but still wasn't ready to date her again. So I sat back while she dated this girl whom I knew was totally wrong for her and I kept trying to improve on myself. In the meantime they were up and down and finally I decided to disclose how I felt. That seemed like a great idea at first because she was receptive to the idea so I thought and said she'd give us a chance only for me to come to find her not really giving any of her heart to me. She put in what was necessary to appease me but no emotional feedback. Sex was inadequate at best, and it felt more like having a relationship with your worst enemy then it did the person you've loved with all your heart for years. I was hurt but tried to move on and have been dating an incredible woman. Only this woman lacks one things, she's not my love. Now, my ex is newly single and I can't help but feel everything for her still. She says she was still hurt by our break up when we tried again and hadn't yet got passed that. She says she has forgiven me now and loves me but doesn't know if she'll ever feel the same for me. It's painful yet I don't run away, I stay and endure. So what do I do? She's the love of my life, do I walk away and just hope and pray there is more for me? Or keep trying because if she is the love of my life how could you just give up on that?

It's okay...Your ex could have moved on after about a week like I did after a three year relationship..Ouch, I know..but..just remember that there are other people out there that can make you feel good as well..


my relatives and parents are asking me what i want for christmas! i really dont know what to ask for.. im already getting gift certificates, money, and clothes from so many people i dont need any more of that stuff.... im already asking for makeup, and a coach purse for christmas. i have an ipod and im getting 5 ipod giftcards already so im good. i wanna get a psp or ps2, what do you think is better? i just need ideas of things to ask for. i have a cell phone, i just got a new computer, i have tons of movies and music and stuff. christmas is coming around and i dont want to have to make a christmas list at the list minute. what are you guys asking for christmas?? i need lots of ideas, lists and websites are good.

It sounds like you have so many possessions, you are running out of things to want for. It is always good to keep a want for things, otherwise, you will get bored. Why not try doing something like the Angel tree?


This one guy I know from work, walked past me the other day & rubbed my arm? Does this mean he likes me?

No, it doesn't. But it also doesn't mean that he doesn't like you.


There are these girls from another school, that I used to go to up until First grade. We all got together in middle school. They are my friends, but they get ALL the guys. This one boy, Austin, who was my friend last year, always talks to one of the girls, Sam, during gym. I heard he likes her. Sam is always around the guys, flirting, but claiming she doesnt like them. She is a really good friend but i cant stand the girls from CP when it comes to boys. Austin is my friend but he never pays attention to me. I really want him to notice me again, and advice about those flirty girls. No boys like me, and are all over the CP girls. I want to be noticed!
Maybe guys dont notice me because they dont like a little heavier girls. I'm not that fat. PLEASE HELP ME!! FAST!!

You don't need a guy to make you complete. Why do you need these little jerk guys' approval? The answer is..You don't! which is good news...stand on your own two feet and you will be much happier..Believe me, guys will notice you when it is the right time.


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