I'm Steph. I'm 18 and I live in Nevada.

I love country music, cattle dogs, border collies, bicycles, dog training and guys. Probably not in that order.

I have a border collie/heeler, a heeler/greyhound, a goldfish, a betta fish, and a Colombian Redtail Boa.

Some other stuff, blah blah blah.


So me and my bf have sex alot and just about everytime he cum's in me but if i dont cum can i still get preg.?



My dog is 4 years old and housebroken. Lately (six months and counting) he pees in the house. He usually picks something that is laying on the floor, shoes, bookbags, clothes. He is crated when we are not home and is on a leash when he is outside. What can we do to stop this?

Take him to the vet, it might be a urinary tract infection.


if i bought a box of cheerios and like everyday brought a little baggy of them to school as a snack if i get hungry is that healthy? or would it be bad?

Yeah that'd be fine. Unless you eat a box or so a day, you'll be just dandy. It'd get boring though.


Me and myboyfriend were making out.. getting into it, whatever.. and you know he was kinna out of breath and everything and i felt like... almost a pulsing in his "region". is that normal? what does it mean?
thank you!

LOL he had an erection


I just learned that my dog of twelve who is a chocolate lab is going to be put to sleep. My mom died when i was younger, and he was like my memory of herr.. she loved that dogg. I wanna spend my last few days with him doing something.. but he has cancer. It hurts for him to walk, and he won't eat. I don't know what to do. I haven't been myself.. and i don't like that.. what else should i do?

Wow. I am so, so sorry. I know it's hard to believe, and you may feel terrible for it, but you are truly doing the best thing you can for your friend. Just be with him. Dogs love that more than we'll ever understand. Curl up with him on the floor, talk to him. Reminiss with him, recalling all your good times. He won't understand what you're saying, but he will love it so much. Pet him a lot. And I know it's the hardest thing to bear, but please, please, PLEASE be with him in the room as he goes, if you can. Be brave with him, give him a lot of kisses and hugs, and tell him he's a wonderful boy. Give a treat if he'll take it. He'll love you for it. I've done it before (been in a euth room), and it's so, so, so hard to be brave for your pup, but seriously, he just goes to sleep and doesn't wake up. It's a soothing release, and it will be best for him if you're there.

Best of luck, and I am so sorry for your loss. ♥


Hi guys. I was hoping one of you knows a lot about computers. I'm dieing to play Bingo on this shitty computer, but I can't scroll down at all. I can see like the top part of the screen, but not the bottom part where you usually have to click on the information in the game. I got bingo too and couldn't click on anything so someone else got it!! I was pissed! I was hoping someone could help me out with this asap. I really wanna play cuz I'm going to sleep in a little bit!! I'd really appreciate it. I don't know if I have to change settings on this computer or what. I'll try anything though. Thank you.

Just play Bingo IRL.


Is it bad for a girl to have a lot of discharge?

Generally, no. Unless it's green or ridiculously stanky.


i think i have an addiction to that site.
it's insane.
every day on the weekends, i get up IT'S NEOPETS ALL DAY!!
I play neopets everyday, all day.
after school=neopets
when i wake up=neopets until i have to go to bed again
i have a serious problem.
its like rotting my brain.
help me break the addiction!!
some would say i need a life.
so come right out with the cold hard truth in whatever way you can.
but be honest.
sometimes ive even said no to having plans with friends, or thought about it, BECAUSE I WANTED TO DO NEOPETS ALL DAY!!!
anything else i can do to be active?

Oi. I know what you mean. I had the exact same problem, but with Runescape. I would play for 8 hours, and not even think about it. I knew what I was doing was crazy. It was rotting my brain, and I knew it, but couldn't stop. I'd wake up, play RS until work. Work, while thinking about RS. Go home, and play RS. I even got to the point where I would get frustrated at my family for making me eat dinner, or at my dogs for wanting to eat or go out. It's really hard, but you just have to stop for a while, like thefish said. It was really convenient, for me, because I had lent coming up, and even though I'm not Catholic, I gave it up. I logged on yesterday, and I was like "What in the world, why was I addicted to this silly thing?" Just turn the computer off, unplug it if you have to. If you need the computer for school or something, and you don't need it, delete your Flash Player, or don't upgrade it next time Neopets required it. Another thing that I almost tried (would have if I didn't live with my parents) is go to your ISP and switched it so your internet is dialup, and you're charged by the minute/hour.

Also, I used to be lazy as hell, but then I got a bicycle. Those things are killer fun.


I love my bf and I feel like we still have a major connection. We've been going out for about a year and we haven't really done anything. I want him to touch my boobs but I don't want it to go too much farther than that. What should i do?

Say "Good day/night good sir. Wouldst thou put thine hand on yonder breast?"


My dog seems to be walking weird. His leg/his hip. He's limping for days. What can I do for him ?

I can't take him to the vet. WE HAVE NO MONEY.

Surrender the pooch to someone who can afford him :(


ok so its spring yayayay its also tadpole seasonn yay haha so i collected about 100 tadpoles from my lake awesome i put its natrual lake water in the aquareim, and i have sand on the bottem some seaweed, allagy (which they mainly eat) and also some lil hermit things that live in the lil shells =] i filled the 10 gallon aquarem about a lil less than half full and they look healthy. the are eating and lively they dont have legs yet, so its just the tail and the body, i dont know what kinda frog they are going to be but i dont know how long is it going to take till they are frogs?? is the enviorment they are in healthy?

Oh for craps sake, put them back. Or do the tiniest smidgeon of research. You don't deserve frogs.


i have a crush on this guy and hew is leading me on majorly
sep teh problem is
he has a girlfriend
what should i do?
because it is so annoying when he leads me on and it makes me like him even more each day

Punch him in the face lol


Basically I have begun to really really like my guy friend. I am 13/f. He has gone out with 3 of my girl friends but they always dumped him because they stopped liking him. I have liked him for months now and seriously think about him 24/7. We flirt alot and I was wonderring if you have any ideas on how to tell if he likes me other than just asking him. These are things that he does that make me think he does like me:

I catch him staring sometimes and when I do he'll smile back and stick out his toungue (i know childish)
I am of mixed race and when people bug me about it and call me names he'll defend me and get them to stop
Sometimes he'll trip me for no reason
He always says hi to me in the hall
When we talk we have total eye contact (never wavers)
When we talk we'll usually end up shoving eachother and touching eachother
When he says something mean (even if it was a joke) he'll say sorry afterwards
If he's talking to the guys and I walk into the con he'll acknoledge me immediatly
he shows concern when im upset and kind of demands a reason why and such
Sometimes he'll put his arm around me for no reason

Reasons I think he doesnt:

He flirts with my friend who dumped him last year
If people say we look like a couple he'll suddenly run away
If people say were flirting he'll yell something like "Stop Flirting With Me" or "AAH Shes trying to Rape Me"
We walk to our buses together and whenever he approaches his he'll see the guys then run away screaming
He says rude coments when people say "we should just go out" such as "Oh ya like Shes sooo wanted" in a mean sarcastic tone

I have no idea if hes just being a good friend or maybe likes me! Any signs? How could I find out?

Sorry to break it to you, but it sounds like he's just being a good friend.


okay,i love my boyfriend to death and would do anything for him.but he drinks,dips,and smokes and i hate it.what i hate the most is that he tries to lie about it to me and it pisses me off. he wont do anything when im around him so im not worried about him pressuring me into doing it.but im worried about him getting caught,hurt,or in any kind of trouble.so my question is what can i say to make him stop?

If he lies, you should break up with him.


ok, basic story in short form: girl gets boyfriend, almost three months later girl and boy are planing to go to school dance. girl's mom wants her to get readdy at mom's. girl wants to get readdy at dad's (divorced parents since girl was like 2). mom feels hurt. mom is kinda pissed off at girl. girl now feels guilty. mom tells girl point blank that girl must get readdy at mom's for prom in two years...girl is not sure if she wants too. but girl still feels guilty about getting readdy at dad's for her frist fromal dance with boy. should girl be feeling guilty???

please help! i feel horrible!


Girl and mom should get the hell over it.


theres this boy that i think i really like. hes not the coolest person ever (not that it should matter...but i havent even told my best friend that i like him yet) anyways, what are some subtle ways to hint to him that i like him cause in one of my classes we sit next to eachother and talk all the time...so what are some things i can do to hint it? cause i want him to know but im not ready to say it yet.. thanks

In my experience, hints don't work on guys. Not in the slightest. Just be like "hey, you wanna hang out/do [insert fun thing here] sometime?"


Why would A guy use a girl for sex?
I mean how badly can they want it and How could they do something like that to someone?
It just makes me wonder.
I mean , they cant wait.
And especially at such young ages!
Im just wondering


Because sex feels good. Guys like it a lot. They like it so bad that they want it. And so they get a girl to do it with. Rocket science, I know.


I stumbled across this site by accident. I seriously doubt many of you have the qualifications to give real people proper advice. After reading some of your responses to people's inquiries i was quite astonished as to how teenagers find they are able to give quality advice and information to real people in need with such little life experience. If you ask me you are not in a place to give your "personal opinion" when people truly believe you are giving them the right answer simply because you claim "people think i give really good advice". (eg. i am still at a loss as to how a 17 year old girl thinks she can give advice to someone regarding conceiving a child) I know you try to come across as a "godsend" to poeple who are in some sort of personal crisis and need a fast easy answer but the truth is, in the cases where it really counts, there rarely is one; at least not from you.

I only answer stuff I know.


im currently tracing and building my family tree

can any one giv me any advice on what i can use to help me go further back down the line? websites, links etc. uncostly preferred.

also any different ways that i can build it? websites? etc.. im currently using genesreunited


I don't know how far you're willing to go, but your closest LDS (Mormon) church will be a wonderful help. See, they believe in baptisms for the dead, since if a dead family member hasn't been baptised, they won't be accepted into the Celestial Kingdom. So, statisticly, they are the biggest geneolagy researchers. If you go there and tell them what you're doing, they'll give you help, or you might be able to set up an appointment at their geneaology library, which I've never been in, but I've heard is absolutely incredible. You can find them in your local phone book or by going to mormon.org or lds.org :)


13 - female.

I met this guy a few weeks ago.
We exchanged numbers and he called me and stuff.
the next time i saw him, he found out i was 13, and i found out we was 17!
then he hasn't called me.
i really like him a lot, and now it feels awkward between us when i see him...
any good conversation starters i can use that will make it more comfortable between us?

Sorry to say, but it's REALLY rare for a 17 year old to want to date a 13 year old.


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