heyy guys i am a teenage girl but i have been through a lot! i can relate to a lot of you and really know how you feel!! i will take time to really answere your question....well about me, i love theatre, singing dancing and the works. i like to play sports im just not so good at them. i love giving and recieving advice so if you have any questions feel free to ask!! also, i would love feedback to tell me how im doing..


im going to camp center stage tomorrow. (its a singing, dancing, and acting camp.) it lasts for 6 weeks and all of the camp time we work on for performing a show. this year we are doing suessical. so, my question is, what are some good audition songs? we need to have an audition song thats 32 measures or less for auditions. can anyone give me some good ideas?! help! this is all to much -- we have to have it memorized by sometime this week for auditions! :-/ answers asap would be appreciated. ill rate !!! ♥

Well, a great audition song is very important as you probably know. First, you need to figure out which character you are trying out for. If the character is very upbeat and loud make sure to choose a fun loud song. However, if the character is very quiet you might choose a slower song. You must choose the song based on the character you are trying out for.
Also, make sure you choose a song that you can sing loud and well. Also, choose a song that shows your range of voice. Choose a song that you can act out, dont just go on stage and just sing the song, act the song. My motto is sing to the blind and act to the deaf, so if you were singing to a deaf person you would want to act it out a lot, and if you were singing to a blind person you would want to sound great and loud and interesting...
Some audtion songs I like are:
I have Confidence from The Sound of Music
Good Morning Baltimore from Hairspray.
Those two songs are good for a more upbeat character.
Another thing to remember is to not sing a song that is too adult for you. Sing one that is around your age or the age of the character you are trying out for.
I have a few more ideas for you, if you need them just let me know!
I hope this helps!!


Okay, to make a long story short, me and my friend got into a fight with our other friend because we confronted her about blowing us off and shit because she got a new boyfriend. The whole thing was blown way out of proportion. Anyway, she forgave my friend, but not me, because I was meaner (apparently). The girl told me, "Your basically dead to me." She also told me she could never forgive me and that she didn't care what I said or did. This girl was one of my best friends. It's really hard to loose a friend, and never even get a second chance. How do I get over it? (It's definately going to be hard because we have the same group of friends.)

i had a very similar situation except a little opposite..it will die down. eventually she will let down her guard and be done hating you. for now, just dont talk about her behind her back, or give her mean looks (not saying youwould) or anything that could potentially make it worse. just kind of play things cool. also, dont avoid her or eye contact, act like things are pretty much okay. eventualy, she will just get over it, things might not be the same as they were, but they should be better. also, she might just get over it! i dont knwo your friend so i dont know what she will do but all i can tell you is try to play it cool. also apoligize very sincerely, but dont over-do it or say it to much cus that will just annoy her.
hope i helped! keep me updated!!


My mom won't let me get a dog we had 3 dogs before 1 died of parvo.. 1 ran away(it came off of its leash) and 1 we gave away

I would never feed my dog i was like 8 or 9 then but I really would take care of this dog I want it so bad how could I get my mom to let me have a dog don't tell me it'll make me responible cause i already tried it

start helping out ALOT more than usual. show your mom that you are responsible and taht you have grown up since your last dogs. also, take time to do some research about the dog you want and so on and so forth. that will show her you are really serious. also, if you can, offer to pay for part of the expense. this will also show her how serious you are. good luck!
hope i helped!!


Do guys like it better if you wear lipgloss when you kiss/makeout with them? I"ll rate i promise!!

i think they like chapstick better because lipgloss is sticky but chapstick is smooth.
hope i helped!


I met this guy in like beg of october last year at a campground ((family campground)) and we like have so much funn together and we like kissed and well i have been talking to him like online and over myspace ever since and in december he got a girlfriend, and this past weekend we both went camping again, ((he still has the same gf)) and well a few days before she went onto his myspace and was like 'back off he doesnt miss you' and all this shit, so once i got to the campground i tryed avoiding him but him and his friends approached me and my friend and you know he asked if we could like do stuff but keep it from his gf. and i was like yeah. so we like did, and he called me beautiful and told me he loved me more than his gf. and now i like cry everytime i even like think about him because i like him so much, and it scares me.
but i like almost never see him and i dont know how to get over him...
any suggestions?

PS- i will rate 5's to anyone that even tries

oooh toughy. well i think that you should talk to him and tell him that you really like him and that it hurts you that he has a girlfriend. ask him what he means to you and that if he really likes you he should dump his girlfriend. also, if you want to get over him here is some ideas...
delete his number from your phone
look for a new boy to like
and spend a lot of time with your friends.
i really hope i helped!! if you need anything else feel free to ask!


Can you erase songs off your ipod

I believe you can. what i think you do is go onto itunes (while your ipod is plugged in) then click on your ipod and just go to the song you want to delete and press 'delete'! i think this should work! let me know if you need anything else!
hope i helped!


i became being belimic a little bit ago because im starting to dislike my eating habits. dont worry im probably going to eat reguarly soon. i havent researched it that much but i was wondering how throwing up is bad for you? i mean, the food goes down in your stomach and takes nutrients out of the food but all it does is make the rest come up again. whats wrong with that? the excess food exit the body later anyway. just in a different way.

although it seems harmless, its not. your body doesnt get all the nutrients it needs. also when you throw up the acids from your stomach come up and can really hurt your esaphougus and teeth and such. if you dont like your eating habits i think you should just start to eat healthy. try to cut out snacks and stuff. hope i helped


I am a 19/f,I met dat guy online 2 months ago he gave me his number,I called him the same day Sinca dat day we keep on talkin we talk until 2 or 3 in da mornin we don't know each other but we send each other pictures.He keeps on tellin me dat he loves me and he wanna married me ,and the way he talks to me make feel that he is not lying. Do you think that relationship will last?

i dont think it is a good idea, although he sends you pictures they might not actually be of him. dont meet him or get caught up in this relationship because you dont really know who he is.
hope i helped.


Ya ummm my friend doensn't have her period yet and she doesn't have a computer so she told me to do it, but she wants to know if the gyno will know that she had sex if she doesn't have her period.

yes, i think that they gyno would know that she had sex. when you have sex and you 'pop your cherry' there is actually something that breaks and the gyno would probably be able to see that.
hope i helped!


How do yu know when someones your best friend? Your opinon, ill rate yu

to me, a best friend is someone who you can tell anything to, also, they wont judge you. someone you feel completely comfortable around and you would tell anything. someone you love to hang out with and always there for you. also, a best friend to me is someone who has pretty much never been mean to you, and you have never really fought with that much. i know this is a lot of things, but i think it makes a true best friend.


Ok when we hired our babysitter we agreed for 7:30am to about 3:30 from Monday to Friday and it's a well paid job. In the last 2 mnths we increased by 50% and since like the 5 mnths she's been working she comes anywhere from 8-9. My mum wants to g back too work but she says she can't come for 7:30...so should we give her the boot?

And I was wondering what age limit should we have for the next babysitter? Like is under 45 too old still?

I dont think you should fire her, I just think your mom should talk to her and tell her that she needs to get to your house at 7:30. If she still continues to come late, then you should fire her.
hope i helped!


How can I lose weight (at least 8pounds) in 3 weeks! I've gained almost 10 pounds over the summer(here in our country) and school's gonna start in 3 weeks already. I don't wanna show up in school looking so-not-like-me the last time they saw me. Please give me tips on how to lose weight fast!

Well, you cant lose 8 pounds in 3 weeks if you want to be healthy, you can only healthily lose 2 pounds a week.
But you should exercise A LOT and also try and eliminate snacks and sweets (especially late night snacks)
Try to stay active. If this still doest work, try going on weight watchers...i know that weight watchers really does work..
hope i helped!!


My mom smokes and it really grosses me out because I had the smell of cigarettes. I'm also worried about her health. What should I do?

Hi...im just curious, how did everything work out? and what did you end up doing? hope everything went great!!

here are the stats, the website below is where they are from, hope it helps!!
Half of long-term smokers will die from tobacco. Every cigarette smoked cuts at least five minutes of life on average - about the time taken to smoke it.

Every year, close to 342,000 Americans die of lung disease. Lung disease is America's number three killer, responsible for one in seven deaths.

Cigarette smoking approximately doubles a personĂ¢??s risk for stroke.

Smoking related-diseases kill one in 10 adults globally, or cause four million deaths. By 2030, if current trends continue, smoking will kill one in six people.

Secondhand tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 chemical compounds. More than 60 of these are known or suspected to cause cancer.

if you want more i have some more!! just ask!!
hope i helped (oh and if you decide to write the letter, please tell me how it turns out!! thanks!)

okay well this might sound weird but i have some ideas for you..write her a letter. a really sincere letter telling her you love her and that she is killing herself. find some shocking statistics to include (if you want to make a letter i have some statistics already just tell me and i will give you them)
Just tell her how much she means to you and that you want her to live.
my nana has lung cancer and i know how you feel, also my grandma had a stroke (believe it or not smoking doubles your risk for a stroke) and it is so hard to deal with.
i know it will be hard but writing her could really make a difference, i actually wrote to my aunt asking her to stop smoking, i just did it recently so i dont know what has happend with it yet but if you'd like as soon as i know i will tell you.
hope i helped!


Well, i ahve a question!
Be honest!
I am a natural blonde, but i think that brunetts are wilder, but what do you thing, i need your advice!


okay, well i dont think hair has anythign to do with it! its not the hair that makes you wild, its your personality.. i am a brunette and am very wild, but some of my blonde friends are just as wild or even wilder!! I would stick with your natural hair, unless you want to go brunette just for looks...basically, its not the hair that makes you wild its you!!
hope i helped!!


What are some exercises that work that area right below your butt? because when i wear a bathing suit my legs always look so fat under my butt =[
i rate 5's

probably just exercising..things like running biking swimming. also try wall-sits, those really strenghten leg muscles...also, if you know someone who specializes in exercise they could help too!
hope i helped!!


ok well i have a temper problem and i tend to get frustrated and moody and annoyed over the smallest things reeeeeeeeeeeeally easily.

how do i get over this and what do i take it out on????

also, my family is really nosy and always wants to talk to me and wont let anything go, but im getting reaaaaaaaly annoyed of them

i just cant stand them!!!!!ughhhh

what do i do to talk to them the least i can but not have them get mad or jus keep talkn to me more??

plzzzzz helppp!!!!

whoa. i know exactly how you feel!!
well this might sound kind of weird but
1) are you a girl and 2) do you have your period?
you might be pms-ing..lol
well if your not, here are some suggestions:
try to get some alone time, or write your feelings down, i know it sounds weird but it works. or if you really feel awful and want to cry, go in the shower, sing and cry your heart out!!
just do anything that you like to do, maybe go for a run or something.
hope i helped!!


Okay im 14/f and im about to graduate 8th grade.... well this year has been very stressful for me and i mean latly everyhting has been catching up with me and i think im begeninng to feel the early signs of depression.... i think i need to go to a counsiler.... but i dont know i mean how do i ask my parents to go to a consiler without them freaking out

wow, i know how you feel. if you are close with your parents, you should probably just approach them and say the you have been feeling kinda low lately. then they will probly ask what they can do and jsut say, i need a counsler. dont be embarassed.
hope i helped!


My man has just joined the army. He is going through basic trainning right now, which is something that is very stressful and hard (for y'all who dont kno.) I've been sending him letters, cards and pictures but i want to send him something special. Many items are not allowed (porno, drugs, tobacco, food, etc.) I need some ideas of "special" gifts to send him. (No big gifts though) Got any ideas???

send him something special that reminds him of you too..maybe your guys favorite movie, or a cd of your favorite songs. bake him his favorite cookies, something personal that shows you care.


okay i liked this guy now for about 2 months and he has liked me, we would talk on the phone every night and he would always tell me he loved me, but he would never ask me out and i dont get why. anyways just the other day he started bein a dick to me, not answering my phone calls, saying he'll call me back and never does. i just dont know what to do, im soo heartbroken it aint even funny i even thought about killing myself. i rate high

okay, i know its hard but you need to just like stop for a second and look in on the situation, dont think such negative thoughts. Maybe just take a step back from this guy for a bit and just have fun with your friends, maybe scope out some new guys. still stay friends with him but act like there is ntohign wrong, wait to see if he comes back. if he doesnt, tell him you need to have a talk and really have a heart to heart.
hope i helped!!


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