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Heyy, Im Alana and I lovve giving advice (i actually want to be a therpist :).) So have gone throughh alot and i can probably help you with alot of your questions, so dont be shy ask me something! So about me, I lov esports (especially soccer) I also lovee sushi (i know kinda random) but anyways I love hanging ou with my friends and of course I also lovve.... You!

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does any one know what the name of the theme song for south of nowhere?

Thank you advance! (link)
wasted by the donnas

i'm a good size for my age...i would say that i was average for my age. the only think i think i need is to be toned (flat abs, stronger arms, thinner thighs) what are some good excersized that can help me accomplish these tasks- relativly quickly? (link)
For Tight Abs-
Crunches- Do 40, exhaling as you come up. Pause after every 10 and take 2 deep breaths, then go on. You should do this once a day and it works wonder!

Tones Arms-
Push-Ups- Do 20 reps with your elbows close to your body (if you need to you can do them on yer knees!) Its fast and easy and it works!

Firm Thighs-
Jumps- (a)Squat down as far as you can (b) push oof to jump reaching arms upwards, repeat this 20 times aday, this one i also fast and easy but it can also be fun!

These arnt the most fun thing but you know what they say, pain is beauty!
hope i helped

Well, i ahve a question!
Be honest!
I am a natural blonde, but i think that brunetts are wilder, but what do you thing, i need your advice!

Hev (link)
Well i agree with what the other colomists said but what i do is color cordinate my hair according to the season ( i know kinda wierd) but that way i get to experience what its like to have blonde and brunette hair and i think that both are fine1 and if you cant decide between the two you can always experiment and see what color looks best on you!
Hope I was a help

At school I have liked many girls and everyone shoots me down. Mostof them tell me that I could be cool enough to go out with them if I didn't hang around with the nerds. I am not a nerd but I hang out with them because they're nicer than the popular people I could hang out with. Every time I tell A girl that they still shoot me down. What should I do? (link)
Heres the simple answer: be yourself, if those girls cant see past poularity and they are that shallow aneught to turn you down for that reason then they probably wernt right for u or not worth it anyways.
I hope I helped, good luck

Hey guys.. i gots a question for you all and i need some advice.. im almost 16 and todai i lost my verginity to some one im complelty in love with.. iv been with him for a long time and i always wanted to loose it to him.. but ididnt no it would happen as qucikly as it did.. We used a condom but im still nervous that i could be pregant.. you think i could be?.. is this normal to be nervous?.. one more thing..does ANYONE know if its normal to have cramps after sex.. (link)
I would say that it is probably common to be nervous and dont worry about being pregnant yet. It just happend so give yourself some time. And about the crampps, i would know, sorry over all , dont worry
I hope that helped

okay i liked this guy now for about 2 months and he has liked me, we would talk on the phone every night and he would always tell me he loved me, but he would never ask me out and i dont get why. anyways just the other day he started bein a dick to me, not answering my phone calls, saying he'll call me back and never does. i just dont know what to do, im soo heartbroken it aint even funny i even thought about killing myself. i rate high (link)
first what you need to do is calm down, and stop thinking suicidal thoguhts, you need to just breath and think of something you like. Second, give this guy some time, if he really loves you then he will realize what a dick hes being sooverall, the cure for this problem is just simply calming down and time.
I hoped I helped

hey i heard a guy in my class joke around that he said he was going to "t-back" someone.. it was a joke and all the guys thought it was hilarious.. i was so confused! lol i never heard of that!
can you tell me what that means?
ill rate
thanks! (link)
I know this is really weird but my brother told me it was when a gut puts his balls in anothers guys mouth, gross. So yeah I hope it helped

My man has just joined the army. He is going through basic trainning right now, which is something that is very stressful and hard (for y'all who dont kno.) I've been sending him letters, cards and pictures but i want to send him something special. Many items are not allowed (porno, drugs, tobacco, food, etc.) I need some ideas of "special" gifts to send him. (No big gifts though) Got any ideas???
I know this doesnt sound like alot but i thnk it means more if you make something for him like a colloge of oictures of you 2 together or something. With the collage you should also send him a typical letter.
Hope all goes well

Okay im 14/f and im about to graduate 8th grade.... well this year has been very stressful for me and i mean latly everyhting has been catching up with me and i think im begeninng to feel the early signs of depression.... i think i need to go to a counsiler.... but i dont know i mean how do i ask my parents to go to a consiler without them freaking out (link)
Well first explain to you parents gently about your situation, )usually i find it easier to talk to my mom)hopefully your parents will understand and help you out. If your parents do get freaked out just calm them down and tell them that you are not depresed yet, you just are feeling the signs of feeling depressed also, usually there are counslers and/or social worker at alot of school, you might want to check into that. If your school doesnt offer that, ask arround there is probably a someone who can help you! Hope I helped

ok so i broke up w/ my boyfriend a couple months ago and lately ive really been missing him and thinking ive made te biggest mistake of my life. were friends and i know he still loves me and would jump at the chance to be with me again because he tells me all the time. but for some reason im scared to tell him i still love him and want to get back together. it shouldnt scare me i know we would be happy and back together but something is restraining me from telling him how i feel. whats wrong w/ me? please help!! i really miss the way things were. thanks!! (link)
Okay, so I think that what you should od is tell im how you feel: that you want him back but your not really sure of your relationship. Im sure that he will undstand what you mean. And if you tell him that you want him back and you already know that we wants you back, why not take a chance? Remember-Live everyday to its fullest because you only have a certain amount of time to do it :)
Hope I helped

I have straight hair. But I was thinking about getting my hair wavy to add some flavor. What is the style these days, wavy hair or straight? & When I say wavy I don't mean curly, I just mean a few waves. I'm brunette, female 14, and blue eyes. What would fit me better, wavy or straight hair? By the way, my hair is straight right now. (link)
I say that you should mix it up and wear both, wearing the same hairstyle every day gets a little boring and to tell you the truth both hairstyles are in right now! Anythings good unless your hair is super frizzy. So my final answer is both :)
Hope I helped

Recently i have been thinkign about getting blonde highlights. I've seen many people with highlights, but some people have few highlights, or a lot, or highlights that appear to be wider (i guess lol)but the kind of highlights that i want to get are all over liek i DONT want to see a TON of my natural color liek you do in this picture:

(i foudn it on yahoo)

but i want it all over...
how do u think i coudl describe it to the hair dresser? thanksss =)

peace and love (link)
Well I have highlights exactly how you discribed the ones you want so this is how I tell my hairdresser what i want: blonde highlights that are not chunky and i want to see more of the hilighted color than my natural color and then you also want to tell him/her what shade of blonde to want (dark, light, faded)and hopfully your hairdresser will get what your saying and do what you want.
Hope I helped!!

Ok so theres this guy who I really like, like extremely. Today in class we were doing these like dumb moves to prefixes but some were pretty cool. So one of them was like di and the word was dice so the move was blowing on YOUR OWN dice and hes like class clown so hes like can we have a lady blow on our dice and so then he his imagenary dice infront of me to blow on. Does this mean anything? Could it mean anything? What could it mean? && I asked him out a lil while ago, "recently" and he said no because he was extremely busy with baseball which is true cause he plays on two teams and thats 4 practices and 2 games a week. But he said I was a great girl. What does this mean? could it mean anything. Should I give up? RaTe hIgH aNd cOmMeNt!!

PS-He also was like very curious when I broke up with my other boyfriend like a long time ago too. (link)
Well, since you asked him out and he said no i would give him a little space and maybe ask again a little later. And the whole blow on my dice situation sounds like major flirting, just because you need to give him space doesnt mean you have to stop flirting. So basically to sum thing up give him spac but not so much space that you dont talk/flirt anymore.
Hope that helps

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