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Q: ok so im going to babysit this one family and i want to make a good impression so shell call me back... what should i do?

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Well you should arrive just a little early so the parents know your reliable

also if the parents dont give you phone numbers ask this question, "do you have any phone numbers you can give me incase of emergency?" the parents will be impressed you asked a question

also a biggy is to wear clothes that are appropriate, for instance dont have any inapropriate cleavage showing

and most importantly dont be shy talking to the parents and bring fun games and make the kids fall in love with you!

hope this helped : )

Q: is it safe to have sex when your 13?
ok that was just a plain dumb question... ofcourse its not safe!

Q: 14/f

my parents and i are going on a camping trip this weekend and they said i could invite one friend with us. well, this is really hard for me, because i can only invite one person, and i have two best friends. we always hang out together, but sometimes i do things with just each of them alone. i already mentioned the trip when we were all hanging out together and they both said they want to come. well, that was before my parents told me i could only bring one person, and i don't know who i should pick. one of them, hayley, said she might not be able to go because her parents are really overprotective and wouldn't want her to go for the entire weekend. my other friend, rachel, could probably go, but at this point it seems like it's a 50/50 chance that either of them could go for sure. i like both of them the same, and i have the same amount of fun with each of them. does anyone know what i should do or which i should pick?
Well i guess if you had to pick i would pick Rachel because Haley has already said she might not be able to go but Rachel said she porbably could. But if they can both end up going then talk to them both together and ask if one really donst want to go as much as the other. If this doesnt work and you would feel so bad if u picked one friend and not the other then, if you have a close cousin or someone you hang out with?
hope i helped! :]

Q: 13/f
this summer I'm supposed to go see this music producer guy so I could sing for him. The biggest of my worries is that I have a MAJOR problem with stagefright. Once in kindergarten I was standing on the stage in the auditorium doing a play. When I was walking off the stage, I tripped and fell flat on my face and all I could hear was everyone laughing at me. Ever since then I've been terrified to do anything in front of people that aren't my family. Can you please help me?
Well you sound like you must be good, so forget about in kindergarden that was a while ago. If you know your good theres nothing to be scared about, just pretend your the only one there and go for it!

i hope i helped! : )

Q: okay i like this guy .. =) soo i used to stare at him a lot not because i liked him (cause at that time i didnt) just because he's hot , loud and you cant miss him. and maby that got him to like me cause then he stared at me a lot and so i also started to like him. so we used to talk and everything but once he got into a deep conversation and i was nervous and i've been a little weird (not really mean i just was like : yes , no , maby) yeah okay and than he told me he loved me and THEN i was mean i was like : whatever
and i know that was mean so about i dont know a month i finally got the courage to talk to him again and i called him and appologized. but he was weird cause then HE was like in a yes , no , maby kinda way =/ so yeah we ignored eachother again. and a couple of days ago we where on the bus he was walking right by be me singing =D (that was funny) and then steped back and gave me high five and also smiled. so i thought everything is okay again but now the next day everytime i looked at him he looked away and he flirts /talks about other girls really loud when i'm around. so what does that mean? whats going on in his head? and what should i do?
What probably happened is he wants you to become jelous so you'll start talking to him again because he probably still likes you. Trust me this has happened to my friends plenty of times. Just start talking to him again little by little

Q: Hey. I need some advice. really. I honestly dont know what to do. Here is my story of A friendship mysteriously gone with the wind.

I am bestfriends with a girl named sam and amanda. Alecia is also my friend.

One morning while i was getting ready for school sam had come over and said "Annie we need to talk somthing happened between me and amanda"
I said Okay. Sam usually goes to amandas class room before school because her mom is a teacher. Amanda had told sam that she felt "there friendship was slipping away and that sam shouldnt come early in the morning to her classroom anymore." I was a little confused but i blew it off. I figured i'd talk to amanda. So the next day Me and Sam sat down at our regular table with Alecia, Amanda, Ellen, Kayla, and Falicia. When we were done eating we walked out (just me and Sam). We walked by a corner and Alecia and "the gang" (amanda ellen kayla kandace and falicia). The gang walked off and alecia talked to me and sam. she said "Hi um we were all wondering why you guys were sitting at the table." i said "What?" alecia said "didnt sam tell you?" (i played dumb and said,) "no what did sam need to tell me" and alecia told me about the whole amanda situation and that "She did not want to be friends" I said "well if thats what amanda wants then i think i should talk to her, it doesnt seem like her to do that" and alecia says "Well amanda isnt rude like that so she told me to tell you" then everyone walks over and i say "Amanda whats going on?" Amanda says, "I just dont like the way you guys act around eachother [me and sam]" alecia says "Yeah sam i dont want to be friends with someone who always acts stupid and you guys talk about sick things" amanda says, "Yea sam you never used to act this way and neither did you annie" and the convo goes on and on. Well anyways. Ever since Sam and I have become really good bestfriends amanda has gotten really jelous. I honestly dont give a rats tail about alecia because shes really cold hearted and im not sure i liked her in the first place. But what do you think? I might call her but i dont know. HELP please!
I dont think you should call her because she was being rude and mean to you. You dont want her to win the fight and feel good about herself getting back her friend Annie ( you. ) You want her to feel like she left two really great friends. ANd its good that Amanda is jelous, now she knows she lost the fight. If amandas a good friend she'll come to you guys herself.

hope i helped! : )

Q: In school I have 2 awesome friends I have known for 10 years...they're basically the best!!! Yes and well one of them is celebrating her 15th birthday a month and about a week from today. Her birthday will be when we go on summer holidays...and we might be going in different clases. We'll still be friends but I really want to make this present special and when it comes to buying gifts I suck. I mean I'll walk around the mall//store about 20 times then end up picking the lamest crap.

Here's a bit about her...thanks:
She's 5'3", a bit girly not much, she wears tee's a jeans, she has a big bust line, a chubby middle (not as fat as me), she's moving during the vacation, she has curly frizzy hair, she fair.

I have no idea what she wants or likes. Plus she's moving so it doesn't matter if you say a cute wall decoration or something. (wall decoration = lame...I know).
And there's no price limit relly maybe $300 or something..but no clothes or bras please lool. thanks alot!!!
well you could get her new jeans if you know her size, and if shes in to accesories you could buy her a cute neclace or something, if nothing you could get her a gift certificite to a store. also you said she had fair skin? not sure, but if she does you could get mabey tanning stuff or lotions.
hoep i helped

Q: hi im a male and im 18. i think my (female) 3rd cousin is reaaally hot and sexy. she feals the same way about me! last weekend our parrents went on a trip and she spent the night at my house and we had a hot makeout sesion. we almost had sex but then my little brother walked in on us. now my cousin doesnt think its a good idea to have sex anymore, but i do! i really want to bang her like so badly!!! do you think its okay for (3rd) cousins to have sex if I use a condum?
ok well i think it just wrong to have sex with your third cousin, its just plain weird and gross! and also if she doesnt want to have sex with you anymore mabey you should look for other girls that arent your cousin. if your with your cousin you never know if you could be missing the one girl of your dreams!

hope this helped some! =)

Q: In the middle of February I fractured my wrist in a basketball game. Well, I got a cast, (from wrist to elbow), and i took it off because it was bothering me. Now, whenever i do stuff like bowl, play pool, pitch fastball softball, throw, basically anything involving movement with my wrist, alot, it hurts for several days after. I was wondering what I can do so it wont hurt forever because it never healed 100%. If I got a cast again, and kept it on, lol, would it heal because there would be no movement for 2 - 3 weeks as opposed to my wrist guards and ace bandages. Answers will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
actually really what you need to do is see a doctor. the least you could do is take pain releif medicine, but since you took the cast off early its probably not all the way healed, it might still be fractured, which means you still should have a cast on.
good luck with your wrist tho, its happened to me before and it hurts! lol

Q: What do I do? I have a friend you see and shes being really boy crazy and when shes in front of her boyfriend she acts like a whole different person and I want the friend I use to have. I tried confronting her but she will just tell me stop or shutup and say deal with it but the truth is I need her back not the person that she is now but the old her. What should I do?
actually this has happened to me too, but my friend just acts weird so she can be popular. but if shes going to have that kind of attitude thats not what a real friend is, mabey you shouldnt be friends. but since you said you want to still be friends with her then talk to her and say... what happened to my friend that always was herself etc. and u can ask some of your other friends that think shes acting weird and you guys can all say if shes going to act this way mabey we shouldnt be friends, and ask her just to be her self, or what ever is wrong with her.
hope this helped a little, good luck!!

Q: i need friends what should i do
ok you cant be shy to get friends, just start talking to people. i mean dont just ask them to be friends, when your in school at class ask like... can you help me with this problem... and everyday start talking to the person a little more each time......... soon you'll be friends

Q: For some reason everytime my ex boyfriend is around I make sure I'm all over my current boyfriend. Why is this??
this is probably because you still love your ex boyfriend, your trying to make him jelous. Now you might be thinking, yeah right! i love my current boyfriend. But really theres part of you that will never leave your ex.

Q: i am 16 and my boyfriend has been talking about getting married he said he was going to ask me to marry him do you guys feel about teenage marriage? and why do you feel this way? i need ohter teens advice! thanks xox
Ok well this is my opinion.. first of all i think you guys are still way to young to be thinking about getting married, try talking to him and slowing things down. Theres way to much you guys can experience before getting married. Also when your older you have better taste in guys, you dont want to make a mistake and pick the wrong guy. Slow it down, relax.

Q: ok... my friends ALWAYS do things during the weekends but NEVER invite meh, and i`m sitting here crying rite now because my friends are out right now and i`m home BOREd! this is the 4th weekend in a row that they`ve done this to meh...... WHAT DO I DO??
ok you really need to ask them y they're doing this.. if they still have a bad attitude then here what you should do........ invite the friends your not so mad at to the movies or something, then soon your other friends will ask why didnt u invite me?? you just say " well you didnt invite me to places" then talk to them, make a deal

Q: female-14 ok so im friends with two different cliques.. all of my friends are nice to me.. but one of my friendsis different for.. me and this friends have ben best friends forever!! we do everything together, and shes the one i always come to to talk to.. but it feels now that we're in middle school shes getting into being cool.. she has to be cool, and latley she hasnt been hanging around with me at school anymore.. she will at my house but not at school....... please help me!! i dont no what to do.. i feel like im loosing a friend
ok well theres options..

1.if this friend is like that mabey shes not good enough to be your friend, then when you guys arent friends she'll get the idea hopefully and try to work things out with you

2.probably whats happeneing to your friend is she thinks shes to cool to hang around with you, (this has happened to me) so you need to talk to her, ask her whats up with you guys, and tell her whats bothering you, and mabey she'll understand

Hey im Kelly.. i got to Abbott Middle School... im really good at giving advice.. like stuff thats happened to me, especialy i no lots of stuff about friends, ive been through alot with my friends.





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