Few Facts about Me:
My name is Tabby.

I Love love love Volleyball

I love to singand act.

I enjoy laughing but i enjoy making people laugh way more.

I like chewing gum.

I look older than i am.

I love being weird and different.

I love giving advice, but i dont always take it.

And i like asking questions just randumly.

Im a hopeless romantic.

anything else you would like to know? message me. Or you can email me.
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Ok well this year i've had quit a few boyfriends and like i mean ive kissed them all and i was never really nervous about it but my current boyfriend im kinda like nervous or i just get wierd feeling about kissing and idk why it diffrent and tommrow i think he is going to make the first move and i mean im not saying i wouldnt want to kiss or anything it just i fell wierd doing it with him and idk y =/
help me pls

if you kissed alot of other people and feel weird around just this one then maybe you like him alot more than the others and are just nervous of what he might think about you. try just relaxing and if you kiss him once you might be relaxed around him. if not and ur still nervous it just means you realli like him alot.


(15/f) ive been dating this guy for about two weeks now. and im used to guys who are trying to make out with me or atleast kiss me on the first date. my boyfriend and i just had our first kiss on the lips last night. and i had to like pull him over to me to do it. its not like im his first girlfriend or anything.
arnt guys supposed to be nnot shy at all.
isnt the girl supposed to be the shy one?
and its not like im a slut either..
why is he so shy? and how can i make him not"?

wel not all guys are out going. and like to makeout. give him sometime mayeb he thinks you dont want that. try talking to him. i can realli relate to that becuz i boyfriend was like that reali shy and now hes not. give him some time hell come around to it and he wont be shy anymore.


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