Hello Im Hilda
Im a 15 year old WOOT !! =D
you're talking to the girl who has:
laughed, sobbed, loved, screamed,
cried, sang, smiled, and yelled,
and has made it through it all.
So if you need anything im here
I'm classy unlike all the other girls. I know Myself and i know im not perfect, but i spend my time having fun and doing the best i can with what i got.

tCC All
Keep Smiling =]


does anyone think this is a cute way to wear hair on a regular basis or looks weird:


I think it's cute,i really like it.


How do you deal with stress??

Do something you enjoy
-hang around friends




okay im 14/f and my bf spent the night at my house, we made out big time. i sat on his lap facing him, and he went hard, i think he might have spermed but he doesn't know, i was wearing sweat pants and so was he so is their a posibility that im pregnat?

No,your're not pregnant you won't naked.


i bought this prom dress but i have 30 days to return it. i am not sure if i like it or not.


that is a picture of me wearing it. do you think it is formal enough? does it even look good? please be honest.

I like it the whole style and everything just not the pattern no affence just being honest though the style is really cute.


i had a dream i was walking in the park with my ex-boyfriend

what does that mean?

I'm not sure maybe nothing=/
You can always go on www.google.com and type in dream dictionary not sure if it's realy but you never know.


is 7th or 8th grade too young to have sex?
also, is it possible to have like dry sex with your clothes on?

That's just too young,you'll regret it.
Yeh it's possible,but your're to young to be even thinking about sex.


are you supposed to shave before you have sex?

It's all really up to you.


Hi, I'am a advicenator!I realy want this game
for the ps2 it's realy fun but my parents say I have to what for 2 weeks ! What I'am asking is does
any one know where you can get this game for half
Thanks for any anwsers ,
(I didn't put this in the right catogoray)

You can always try ebay.


Prom is coming up and I would like to find some type of hair style with ringlets or like curls.
But I cant find any good ones.
Can someone please send me some pictures of hair?


Best i could do sorry.


I would like to plan a romantic get-a-way for my boyfriend and I, could you guys please enhance me with some nice ideas. Thank you in advance.

Paris or Rome,i'm dying to go there !


which is better for your legs
nair or veet?

I'd go for Nair
because it washes off easily and it's better and works better.


What do I wear on a first date to the movies?

No heels, since I'm about his height. Anything else is fine. Hair, makeup, whatever...help!

Hm hair leave it down ?
Um skinny jeans
Maybe no makeup ? let him see the real you.


So there's a song in the Tresemme commercial that goes:
What if I told you
Would you believe me
I was the only one not playing your games

I tried googling it and found nothing.



hey, i am 100 lbs and 14/f
i want to lose around 5-10 lbs.
any suggestions?

Eat healy and excerise.


So the Bibble say not to have tatto's. I think that's because God dosnt want you to hide or ruin (or somthing like that) what he created. So why isnt it the same way with make up? Its still hiding what God created. Does anyone know why wearing make up is diffrent? All answers apreciated.

I'm guessing because make-up can wash off were tattos can't ?


hi everyone!!
you know how everyone has their "trademark thing" ?
like, some ppl use a bunch of " i" (like iii love u)
and some ppl say mkay instead of okay
or like, a trademark smiley =D

whats your trademark thing? im trying to come up with mine. thanx so much!

I love this thing lol


ok so this is a little disgusing...
my crotch smells. is there anything i can do to make it stop?


Take a shower.


my bf's ex gf from like a year ago WONT leave my boyfriend alone. like she will try anything to talk to him.. but my concern is i think hes actually talking to her telling her he loves her. i dont know what to do.. i want to break up with him but.. omg. AHHH
what should i do? confront him?
17 f

Well if you think he is and you don't confront him then he'll keep doing it won't he ? confront him since he's your boyfriend i'm sure he should be honest with you and don't jump to conclusions ("i want to break up with him") because you might be wrong you never know ask him.


i think i MIGHT like one of my teachers. there is only a 6-7 year difference.. i mean its weird but i don't know, is that totally wrong?

It sort of is wrong cause he's a teacher and your a student so while your his student you wouldn't be able to be his girlfriend but knowing you can't help how you feel and since he's over 18 i'm not sure if you are but if your not it would be considered rape if he was to be your boyfriend and it's illigal.


mmkay; So, i'm pretty much sick of everything,
like i dont care anymore about [ANYTHING] and
it is geting the best of me; -Friends, Boys, Family,School,Everything -my family fights so much; my friends have been [whatever] with me like i cant talk to them about My Problems & thats what friends are for to be there for you blahblahblah; & the boy i like has a girlfriend [WONDERRFULL right?!] & school; i can't even try with that; i know nothing with school; it's just like [lately] everyones leting me down' i'm NOT the type of person who crys about her [Problems] but i have been; it's like whats the point in my even liveing? [not saying i'm going to do anything to kill me xD]

-It's Just i Dont Know I Need Some Real Advice On This; [Anything Could Help Me At This Point]

Welcome to my life !
Except i have a boyfriend and i am the type of person that cries.

The friends if they're just going to treat you as if your nothing then move on get new friends,friends that will be there for you friends you can talk to about anything there are people out there that are true friends just socialize it'll help i tend to talk to allot of people at my school because my friends treated me like crap & some still do so i talk to others and i found out theres allot of them i can trust
As for the boy hmm same thing all the time hmm try to move on try not to talk to him lose contact and you'll get over him
Family my mums always in and out of the house arguing is normal don't worry they'll get through they're adults they'll handle it them selves but if you want to cry then cry never hold it cause if you do you might be doing something fun and laughing then out of no where cry don't worry so much things will pull through.


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