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I'm 17/f. I'm about 5'11". I've never been kissed, been on a date or had a boyfriend. Not to sound arrogant or anything but I am pretty. I have a great personality. I feel like I'm the only girl my age who hasn't been kissed, etc. I'm afraid I won't experience anything till college. Kinda like Felicity (old t.v. show). It makes me really sad, especially when watching romance movies. Any advice? (link)
I have friends older than me that have never been in a relationship. And are in the same case senerio as you. Don't feel bad. Maybe, it's not right for you until college. I can't give advice of how to get a boyfriend because hell I don't even have one and things like that you can't just plan. Sorry girl.

Today is me and my girls 2 month aniversary, and she's grounded so i cant call her or visit her, but she snuck a call to me yesterday, i told her she would get a suprse today, i was goiing to get a white rose sent to her house with a teddy bear and a card, but the probleam is now my dad's bei a hard ass about it and sayin we'll have to do it tommrow plus all of the floral shops in my area are closed today. Im not sure ifi'll be able to reach her today and im worried she'll be disappointed. (link)
2 months and she's already getting roses? Wow, you must be something! She may be dissapointed but when she recieves the gifts tomorrow she'll get over it. Afterall, it is a surprise. :]

Last year I took Algebra 1, and I sucked at it, but it wasn't me, it was the teacher. At the end of the year she ended up passing everyone in my class by one or two points, probably to make herself look good, because we were all failing miserable. Point is, I'm still moving onto Geometry next year..but I know absolutely nothing about Algebra 1, I didn't get anything out of that class. My mom will be getting me a tutor outside of school & I have notes on Algebra 1 now. But my question is, is Geometry harder than Algebra 1? Or is it similar? Does it deal with Algebra 1 alot/at all? Thank you. (link)
Geometry is hardly anything like Algebra 1. It deals a whole lot with shapes and finding the other side. However, when you pass Geometry and are going into Algebra 2 that's when you need the first part. I had a horrible Algebra 1 teacher and I'll be taking Calculus this year. It's not like the end of the world or anything. It'll be okay. :]

Can your period make you light headed or dizzy? (link)
Yes, drink lots of water.

Ok me and my bf are really kinda stuck in this stage of when we go to his house r my house all we do is make out...i was just wondering if there is anything i could do that would spice up the relationship.i really love him and i just want him to be suprised by sumthing i do instead of the other way around.haha!!!! any addvice would be helpful... (link)
Lean in and act like your going to kiss him then back off. It leaves him wondering what your going to pull next.

this is for everyone to answer.

what age did you have your first boyfriend? and what age did you have you first kiss?

i just wanna get some ideas. thanks. (link)
First real boyfriend hmm... 4th grade. First real kiss... when I was 12. I'm 18 now. But I agree if you don't have a boyfriend then there are no problems. :]

For the SATs, do you have to define a word for the vocabulary section, and if so, how many definitions are there? (link)
You don't define the words. There are choices with close to meaning to the word and you choose those. It's not that hard. Good luck on the SAT. :]

Where i live right now i wear things like hollister, american eagle, aeropostale, and stuff like that. well im moving to texas and do people wear stuff like that down there and if not whats the style??? (link)
I live in Texas and those brands are fine. But mostly people wear bright colors and clothing that is more revealing because the temperature affects the clothing your wearing. What part are you moving to?

Would a denim jacket & khacki pants look good together? I can't find ANYTHING to match a denim jacket?? ANY IDEAS?! (link)
Yes, that looks great together. Try matching the denim jacket (depending on the shade) with a long black skirt. Or jeans always work too.

I have a biology test tomorrow. So much information will be covered on it. When you study, are you supposed to memorize everything, or are you just supposed to review notes until you're familiar with everything? (link)
I s'pose you can memorize everything if you want to ace the test but I would just review the notes. Not everything will be on it. But best of luck! :]

so me and my softball team are going to nationals and we are all staying in this cool hotel. but we only have like one game a day, and are there for a week, what are fun games we can do in the hotel while our parents are gettin drunk.
we are all 16 (link)
Elevator tag, if you play it long enough the people at the front desk will get mad and give you something to do for free. Haha. :]

My Boyfriend is really clingy sumtimes and my friends have told him to kinda back off a bit but he hasn't done it that much what do i tell him?
Thanx (link)
You tell him to back off and give you some space. Don't depend on his friends, do it yourself. And if he doesn't take the hint and you don't like the clingy-ness then back away and tell him you need time.

im 14 and 5'5 and i weigh 98 pounds. ive been told i have a superhigh metabolism but i dont even exercise alot! but no matter how much i eat,(by the way..i eat ALOT but mostly late at night)..i dont seem to gain any weight! i wanna gain a little so i can have more a more filled out chest and my arms wont be so is there any foods to eat or any plan to go on where i can gain muscle and weight? and i know working out will work but i wanna know about foods (link)
Peanut butter works great for gaining a little bit of weight. I'm 5'9" and I weigh 112 so I know where your coming from. Good luck. :]

17/f my name is Rachel and iam going to the 11th grade when school starts on august 1st and there's this teacher nobody likes becouse she's rude and none of the teachers like her either the princapal dosn't even like her.I don't know why he dosn't fire her and I am nervous about going to mrs.dawson's class that's the teacher's name how can I not be so nervous? (link)
You can always switch out of her class if you get her. You shouldn't be nervous though. All teachers want are to educate they're students. Some are hard but hey, the real world is hard so they are just preparing you for it. It won't be as bad as you think and who knows maybe you won't even get stuck being in her class.

I have a little mustache problem..
it's not bad...i mean i dont wanna wax because it's not that course.

I tried nair but it irritated my skin...and i dont wanna bleech it. Is there anything i can do???
Try, Sally Hanson Brush On Hair Remover for Face. It works great. It's inexpensive and you can buy it almost anywhere.

I really want to wear thongs because I tried my friends on once and it felt SO comfortable. I don't want one just because my friends wear them, because thats just stupid. I really like the feeling of them, but I'm afraid if I wear them, it'll seem like I'm a slut. The farthest I've gone with a guy is just a PECK on the lips, one time and thats it. So I'm no where near a slut. My mom doesn't care if I wear thongs, she actually even bought one for me. I want to wear it, but I don't want to feel slutty or people to think a slut. But I love the way they feel, they are good for when I wear tighter clothing, and my mom approves of them and I have one in my drawer already, so should I wear it or not? I'm 13 and female if it helps. (link)
Do what you want. Guy's arn't going to think your a slut and if they do they're not worth your time. If your Mom approves of them and you feel like you want to give it a try then go ahead. Nobody should keep you from doing something that you wish.

Where would yu buy a hooter's girl shirt? (link)
At hooters. Or on the internet. Try e-bay.

I want to go on a diet, but not a strict one. So I was wondering, if I drink nothing but water and eat KIND OF healthy, will I lose weight? When I say kind of healthy, I mean like no candy or junk food. (link)
You will lose weight if you eat smaller amounts of healthy food. I'm not saying, to eat just twice a day. You must have three to four very good meals everyday just in smaller amounts. Salad's are awesome. I would recommend them in a second. :]

I was wondering, why do some people think that moisturizing your vagina after you shave is dangerous? If it is, then why? Thanks. (link)
If your not careful, the moisturizer might get inside your vagina and cause problems. Especially if it is a scented loation. So be careful.

Ok, I really like his guy and I think I'm going to dump my boyfriend for him.
I'm positive he likes me too by the way..
And we made this deal where we're saving our first kiss for each other, and I really want to kiss him. Should I make out, too?
Should I make the firts move, because he's shy.

Any help is loved =] (link)
Other guys always tend to like girls that are taken. Just for the warning! If he's shy don't make-out with him until your sure that's what he wants. Because you never want to go too far and have the guy never talk to you again. It's better to kinda tease them. They'll keep coming back for more. Good luck. :]

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