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Hey, I'm Vicki. I'm a married mom of 2 kids. I'm currently a full time college student (for the second time around). Within the year I hope to finish college and become a licensed funeral director/embalmer. This site has been a good escape for me so far. I love to give advice... even if you may not like it.
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Well, I was wondering if it would be safe for my boyfriend to not use a condom if i bearly started taking the pill? (link)
I wouldn't ever let him not use one unless you didn't care if you happened to get pregnant... or an STD. You haven't been taking it long enough for it to really be that effective and even once you've been on it for awhile there are still things that can affect how well the pill works. Medications, illnesses, and even certain foods can make your pill not work as well and you could end up pregnant. Trust me on this one.

so i have this friend and she acts like im the greatset person ever when im around and talks toatal shit behind my back. last year she made my life hell. she does it to everyone. she is the most twoface person i have ever come in contact with. she makes up lies and belives them so when someone says they arent true shes conviced they are. when we became friends last year everything was fine till the end of school then she tryed to get all my friends to turn on me and told them lies and most of them belived her. she just lies so much! like this one time she told me boyfriend that i liked my ex still and that i wanted to break up with him when i would nver say that ever. and last week she told my bestfreinds boyfriend that she like this other boy and she was going to break up with him so she could gout out with this other boy. and the thing is my bestfreind doesnt even talk to this other boy at all. they're not even freind. i need to know how o depleate this freindship before it starts to get wosre but without hurting her feeling (which is very very easy) and without looking like im a bitch. (link)
First off let me tell you that I'm sorry you're in this situation. I was in the same place my junior year of high school. You need to ditch this friendship as fast as you can and don't look back. You don't need a "friend" like that. While it's very mature of you to want to take the high road and end it without the drama, I'm afraid it can't be done. Do whatever you need to do to get out of this friendship before more damage is done. Good luck!

15/f. it is true that if i start using proactive and then stop that my acne will come back again and worse then before? I've also heard that it works for about 3 weeks then stops this true? (link)
I don't have any personal experience with Proactive, but my sister is using it. She has really bad breakouts and since she started using Proactive it's completely gone away. She's been using it for about 3 months now so it definitely still works. As for it coming back worse, I dont think that's possible.

we've been trying to have children for roughly 4 months now and still no luck. Is there a certain time that its easier to get a woman pregnant? If so, how can me or my wife monitor or find out when this time is? (link)
You can buy the ovulation kits or just keep on trying the old fashioned way. There is no magical answer that I can give you. It's only been 4 months though so I wouldn't stress out about it too much. My husband and I tried for 10 months before we conceived our second child. Once you've been trying for at least a year to conceive and nothing has happened, then it's time to consult a doctor. Infertility is usually diagnosed after a year and there are options out there if you desperately want a child of your own. Good luck!

I have a brother who is in college. He is 3 years older than me. We used to be really close, but now he has a girlfriend and I barely get to see him anymore. We used to talk like all night but now all he wants to do is hang out with her. On my birthday we went on vacation and he didnt say happy birthday or anything but the first thing he did was buy his girlfriend a present. Now whenever I see them I just start acting really mean and stuff. I dont mean to, but I just get mad because I used to be able to talk to him so easily. I know im just jealous, but I really wish I could spend more time with him. Is there any way for me to get over my jealousy? Im worried his gf thinks im really rude and stuff. But I honestly dont mean to act that way. Please help!!! (link)
You need to apologize for acting the way you have, but explain why you're acting that way. Tell him that you understand he has his own life and needs his own space/time, but you need him to set a little time aside for you. He probably doesn't even realize he's doing this to you. Sometimes people get so wrapped up in relationships that they sometimes act like jerks to their loved ones. Don't shut each other out... just learn to communicate better. By handling this in a mature way you two might even become closer than before.

Dear advicenators.
I'm a guy, 19 years old, and there's a girl (she's about one and a half years younger) I'm really close friends with. She always comes to me with stuff she would never tell anyone else. But recently, she takes offense in everything I say to her. Today was particularly bad. I would go watch her game (she plays a sport of which I'm not even sure if there is an english name for it) today, and tonight we would hit the town and go out with some friends. This morning I told her that I wasn't feeling very well (I suffer from migraine attacks regularly) and asked if she would really mind it if I would skip the game so I could let my headache pass and still go out with her tonight. She didn't take that very well. Her boyfriend sort of dumped her yesterday so I expected that she would be displeased, but I explained very carefully that I was really sorry and wished I could come to her game. But despite that she was very pissed and told me she didn't want me to come along tonight.

Stuff like this happens a lot recently, even when she and her boyfriend were still together with no problems. She is not the most reasonable type, so asking her what's the matter or why she acts this way doesn't really help. So I was hoping one of you might have the insight it takes to shed some light on this mystery. Why does she act, no, overreact like this all the time? (link)
It's hard to say for sure what could be the issue. Is there anything that has put her under stress lately? Could she possibly have a problem that she hasn't told you? Have you pissed her off before and didn't realize it? Any of those situations could leave your head spinning wondering what's going on.

im 14/f
i use to be really fat last year at school mostly my thighs,arms,stomach. i lost weight when i went back this year but i dont know how.. i didnt diet at all,but i exercised a little alot of people that i knew from the previous year complimented me on how good i look,the guy that i like even noticed me more,but im gaining weight and i dont know why,i still eat and exercise like i did when i lost do i loose it?
There's no good answer for you since nobody knows exactly what you're eating. It's good that you're trying to lose it now while you're young and it still comes off easily. By all means keep exercising like you have been. Don't become a calorie counter or anything, but just monitor your portions. If you try to stick to healthier foods and just limit how much you eat, you'll lose the excess weight. If you don't know what portion sizes you need for your age then you should go to to get an idea. Good luck on your weight loss! :)

i have no idea where exactly to insert a tampon. stupid i know lol but help? ive yet to get one in cause every time i try i just end up jabbing in random places. (link)
Some of the advice you've already gotten is really good. There is one that disturbs me though.

"Your not supposed to use tampons intill your hole expands.Which is usually after you have sex....with a male.And you only have one hole to put it in so it shouldn't be hard.


Your "hole" doesn't expand after sex. The vaginal walls are closed together until something is inserted into it... and then the vagina conforms to the shape of what is inserted. Once the object is taken out of the vagina, the walls go back to the way they were. So anyone reading this... YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE SEX BEFORE USING TAMPONS. Wow, the things you never thought you'd have to say...

hi is there anyway to tell who reads your blogs on myspace? (link)
There's no absolute way to see who's been reading them, but you can select who can be allowed to read them by adjusting your blog settings.

what does "playing tonsil hockey" mean? how do you play?? (link)
Well, that's when someone rips out your tonsils to use them as hockey sticks and takes that little ball in the back of your throat (your uvula) to be used as a hockey puck. It's really painful and usually some teeth get knocked out (which is why you see a lot of hockey players with missing teeth). ;)

I'm 16 and a mother of a little baby. I think he may be teething. What do you think is the best way to relieve the pain? Besides like teething rings. (link)
There are several things you can do. You can put a wash cloth in the freezer and let him chew on it, you can put some Baby Orajel on him, give him an infant pain reliever, or try some teething tablets. I used a combination of Orajel and teething tablets and it worked like a charm. You can find teething tablets in the vitamin section at Wal-Mart. They're tiny little white pills that almost immediately disolve so they don't pose a choking hazard.

okay im 19 and pregnant. the thing is i dont know who the father is bc i sort of go drunk one night & slept with my friend's sisters boyfriend. but the week before i slept with my friend's best friend which he knows about that one but not about his sisters boyfriend! i dont know what to do! any advice please!? (link)
Sounds like you're kind of a lousy friend and a homewrecker in the making. You certainly have gotten yourself in a mess, but as the old saying goes "You've made your bed and now you have to lie in it."

ok i like this guy and i have liked him for about 7 months. we went out twice. the first time only for a day then the sencond time for a week. the only reason he broke up with me he said was cuz he cheated on me but i didnt care but he didnt believe me. now we are good friends. but i want to be more than friends i want to go out with him.but he has a gf but she is realli ugly and im prettier than her her. and i look batter(body wise) im not making fun of her but i want him. wut should i do
kaitlin /14/ florida (link)
There are a few things I would like to add here.

1. You're only 14 and you have no idea what a relationship is if you're basing it off one day or a week.

2. Your attitude stinks.

3. This guy may not be as shallow as you and might not care how someone looks.

4. Just because *you* think she's ugly doesn't mean she is.

5. You are being catty, petty, self centered, and overly jealous.

If I were you I would drop the attitude and grow up. I expect more maturity out of a 14 yr old than this.

I think I may have a yeast infection, but it's a little embarrassing for me because I'm 15 and I live with my dad and brother, and I don't want to tell them because it's embarrassing.

I looked up symptoms online and I actually think I've had the infection for a long time because it's been going on for a very long time, like two years. Is that possible? And what happens if it goes untreated for that long? (link)
I know it seems embarrasing to you, but your dad will most likely not think much of it (other than he probably won't know how to help). You need to see a doctor so you need to tell him ASAP.

The other day me and my bf were talking and she said that when she pees sometimes it smells like anomnia or whatever and it stinks? What could that be caused by. I mean she doesn't have stds or anything. (link)
Sounds like she needs a big tall glass of water.

I am 16 years old and I had recently had to be transported from an ambulance to Santa Clara ICU because I had been diagnosed with toxic shock syndrome, my organs almost failed and I almost died. I was wondering if it would be okay for me to use tampons again but be more careful this time? ha, Cause I HATE pads. (link)
I would be too scared to chance that again. If you don't want to wear pads I would suggest trying an alternative like the Diva Cup. If you go to there is more information about it there. It won't cause TSS and you can leave it in longer than a tampon. I love mine!

i'm a junior in high school and i would like to go to an online college a few years after i graduate. i wanna do this bc i wanna figure out who i am & exactly what i want to do. i also think it's cool to learn independently at your own pace without pop quizes, lectures etc and i wanna sleep in and do whatever. i just wanna know if it's easy or hard or anything like that ... i just wanna get a feel for it from people who have done it themselves or know someone who has done it. thanks! (link)
Beware the online classes. There are a few things you should know about them.

1. They may not be transferrable to any other school you may want to attend later.

2. Many of them aren't self paced. They have strict deadlines and coursework to do.

3. You can't screw around and think you can catch up later. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to learn on your own.

4. There isn't a "real" instructor to go over something you don't understand.

Good luck!

i got a tampon in for the first time about an hour ago. it was ok at first and i didnt feel it, but now its beginning to hurt, mainly if im siting down, it burns. is this normal since its my first time using one? ive tried pushing it in/pulling it out a little to see if its not in properly, and that helps for a few seconds but then its just back to the burning. whats goin on? (link)
It might not be inserted correctly. I'd take it out and try another one. Be sure to angle it toward your back as you insert it. Once it's in you should give the string a little tug to get it into the correct position. I'm wondering what type you're using. I personally can't use anything other than the plastic applicator tampons. Also, you might not have the right absorbancy in. Sometimes if my period is light and I try to use a regular flow tampon it will start to get pretty uncomfortable. Tampons are such a pain. I guess in your case, that can be taken literally.

i started taking birth control pills and i was wondering when its safe for my boyfriend to not use a condom? (link)
Not at all safe. Taking certain medications, skipping the pill, etc can make them less effective. Plus you'd be putting yourself at risk for STDs. Tell him to stop being such a damn baby and wear the damn condom. The best advice I can give you is to take the pill, use the condom, and buy some spermicides to use along with the condom.

NOTE: This advice is being given by a birth control pill baby that also has a failed birth control AND condom baby. Hope that helps. ;)

Ive never really thought about this, but now I have to question it. I am 29 and have 2 kids. both were planned pregnancies. I guess my question is kind of gross, but I couldn't find out any where else. I was just wondering, what are the odds of getting pregnant if the man ( my husband) ejaculated before actual vaginal intercourse? I know before ejactulation you can get pregnant, but i'm not so sure about afterwards. It would be helpful to find out, I've missed my monthly, but took two home tests, and both were negative, but still no period...? (link)
I'd say that there is still a chance you could get pregnant even if he did ejaculate before intercourse. Even if he didn't have any semen still lurking around his penis during insertion, there's still the possibility that his pre-ejaculation from being aroused again could do the trick. It's not uncommon to be late though when you're stressed or have a change in diet or exercise. If you're really unsure about it then I'd go to the doctor. Good luck.

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