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How do you turn standard form into slope-intercept form?!? Please show step by step...I'm not really good at math...:(..PLEASE HELP ASAP.

Thanks... (link)
"you sort the x's and y's so that the y is alone for example if the problem was 9x +3y = 33 you would subtract 9x from both sides so ou have 3y=-9x+33 then you would have to divide everything by the value of y which is (3) so it would become y=-3x+11"

you wouldnt divide by y you would divide everything by 3, so you would get y=-3x+11..and then 11 is your y intercept and -3 is your slope. (This is slope-intercept form).

you would plot (0,11) on y and then go down -3 and over 1 for your slope.

me and my ex went out for a year and 5 months and broke up for a stupid reason. we were an on and off couple but not a bad one.. anyway. when we broke up he got a new girlfriend that i totally hate now and hes only dating her cus he tried to get over me.. and it didnt work. hes still coming over and kissing me and telling me he loves me and hugging me. but he says he loves her and crap. we even had sex.. but ahh i dont know does he really love me or is he using me? (link)
I've experienced this same situation before i met this guy and we hit it off right a way.. Anyway he had a girlfriend and i knew about it but i didnt want to admit it to myself i just kept telling myself he'll leave her one day to be with me...and you want to know what happened finally one day he told me he loved (and i feel head over heels, first guy to tell me he loved me) a few days later he told me he didnt want to be my friend anymore because he thought we were getting to close and he would cheat on his gf with me again (i feel sooooooo terrible that i ever did this now, but i was really young when this happened). Anyway in my point of view i think he may be using you because he feels safe with you. Do you get what im getting at, sometimes its better to stay with someone that is safe rather than moving onto someong that is a challenge. So i believe (no offense)that he is using you until he lives up enough courage to feel safe with this new girl. But maybe im wrong because i dont know the guy but anyway i hope i helped a little..

Hope Things Work Out

ok well i have a lot of guy half of my friends are thats not the problem. its just like in my group of friends, im kind of like the one they all tease (mostly in a nice way), but its just like its kinda turned off any guy wanting to date me, as weird as that sounds. The only guy i like outside of my group is totally off limits.
im really sick of being single. i dont want a boyfriend just for the sake of having one, but i want a boyfriend. i cant stand being single!
i mean its not like theres anything really wrong with em because i've had 5 boyfriends in the past two years.
i mean im a bit out i dont really tend to give the impression i care what people think of me, but i know im not ugly, and ive been told by everyone ive kissed (and they've also told other people who told me they said this) that im a very good kisser...and as i said i've had boyfriends. so how do i get a boyfriend right now? what do i do?!?! (link)
Your still young have some fun, life is not all about guys believe me I KNOW. ive had my far share of guys. Just have some fun and sooner or later youll meet a guy that you really like. You never EVER want to go with a guy just because you feel that if you go with him you'll get to like him, that dosent work...Just give it time and sooner or later you'll find the perfect guy for you....I'm only 16 and I've had 3 boyfriends, 2 of which i just dated because everyone else was doing it and i really didnt like them that much and the third one i dated because he played hard to get a lot (and all i wanted was him). You will find someone just give it time youre still young,dont make a stupid mistake like i did of just dating guys hoping to like them later in the relationship!!!

Anyways hope everything works out for you!

Ok, I'm a bit confused. Are condoms 90% effective or 98%?? And are they very easy to break?

Thankyou!!!! (link)
Condoms are about 96% effective. However never put to condoms on together because they will break but if the guy is just wearing one and it fits properly (you dont want it to fall off or anything, because thats will be bad) then you should be fine.

Hoped I helped

I've tried many times to put a tampon in, but I have no success. It hurts SOOOO bad. Like, I'm not sure if I'm just being a wimp or soemthing but it really does hurt super bad. What can I do about this? Why is it doing this? Please help! I'm fully relaxed when I try so please don't tell me to just relax. I REALLY need to start using tampons so PLEASE help me out here! What's wrong with me?! HELP! THANKS! (link)
Well it really depends on the brand you use I use tampax pearl regular, my friend told me about them and they are the most comfortable I have ever used. Also my mom told me this once if you dont have a really heavy flow then it will be very uncomfortable . But try the regular they usually work better than any other kind, and oh yeah dont go higher than a regular or a junior because they will be super uncomfrotable. The first time you use one will be uncomfrotable but youll get used to them after a while okay. well i hope i helped.

im 14/f
i use to be really fat last year at school mostly my thighs,arms,stomach. i lost weight when i went back this year but i dont know how.. i didnt diet at all,but i exercised a little alot of people that i knew from the previous year complimented me on how good i look,the guy that i like even noticed me more,but im gaining weight and i dont know why,i still eat and exercise like i did when i lost do i loose it?
THis happened to me once too. I used to be really fat as well but when i was in 4th grade i decided to do something about it, and i lost 50 plus pounds. However over the years i gained pounds back.

YOur body will flunctuate in weight one day you'll be one size and the next a different size. iT dosent mean your gaining all your weight back it just means your growing and changing so your weight will go up and down and when you gain muscle your weight will also go up.

So my total advise is wait a while and see what happens because your weight will go back down and will increase. But overall you have to be happy with the way you are and the size you are maybe you wont get the guys that are interested in really skinny girls but you will get someone because they'll realize how pretty you are no matter what. Anyways i hoped i helped a little!

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