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Q: As well as other meet & fuck websites & zoosk. We've been together over 3 years & I love him so much idk what to do. His family means more to me than my own, & I really can't see him cheating. Do you think it's possible he could be part of these websites without actually going though with it?
I\'m very straightforward when it comes to relationships but this advice all depends on your relationship. You could just ask him be like I found out your on there and I want to know why, that\'s what I would do. BUT if you\'re afraid to confront him you can look closer into his profiles and see if there has been any current activity in your relationship, if yes... then you\'re going to have to say something.

Q: Hi, I'm 19/F. I'm deeply in love with my boyfriend of almost 2 years now but our relationship has been kind of private due to my parents. They are not allowing me to start dating until I get at least a bachelors degree but I love my boyfriends so much. He wants me to tell my parents about us so do I but I'm scared that they'll get mad and start drama. His mother knows about us and I just want to be able to tell my parents about anything. What should I do?
My parents were really against me dating too (more of a double standard thing) but once you hit 18 it\'s your choice. You\'re an adult. I would try talking to your mom first. Woman to woman, tell her how long you\'ve been dating and that it has effected your priorities and that you love him and would like if you guys met him and could invite him to dinner. And see where it goes from there.

Q: So, this weekend just gone I had sex with a guy. Him and his girlfriend were split up at the time and he said they weren't getting back together so I didn't see much of a problem. But the next day he said they sorted things out but he didn't tell her about me and him.

I'm really not comfortable about this as I'm friends with alot of her friends so I'm gunna see her about alot and I hate keeping secrets and lying.
I've tried persuading him, but said I won't say a word until he says something to her 'cause she should really hear it from him not me or someone else. But this also means I can't talk to any of my friends about it, which sucks.
He won't tell her though as she has alot of family problems at the moment and doesn't think she'd be able to handle it and isn't sure what she'd do (guessing he means self harm etc).

Some sort of help would be great as I'm really not keen on this situation and can't chat to anyone! Thank you!
If he really wasn\'t with her when you two had sex he didn\'t cheat on her and he isn\'t obligated really to tell her nor are you because that means you are just inserting yourself into a dramatic situation. For all he knows his girlfriend could have been with someone else why they weren\'t together too. So I would just mind your business especially if it\'s going to contribute to issues to her mental health. And if any of your mutual friends are really your friends you should be able to talk to them (not saying you have to tell every single one of them just the ones you are very close with) without them telling her.

Q: well first i'm 23 and he's only 20. i walked away from my ex because he was being extremely needy and i just needed space at the time being that i had a full time job and going to school full time, i was just exhausted and he didn't really help. anyway, when i left he pretty much said that i treated him like crap the whole time (which is pretty true) and he was through. so i just said "ok, sorry you feel that way bye!" and left it at that. well i'm not a fan of social media but my friend said that i should get on twitter and see this page he made that deals with thoughts/quotes/advice on chivalry and such. well i did and it broke my heart because everything he post is about me. even on my birthday when we weren't talking he said happy birthday. but all the quotes are talking about how much he misses me yet he has me completely blocked. i tried calling through *67 but he answered and hung up and won't answer again. i really regret the way i treated him but he won't give me the chance to apologize and make it work, what do i do? :/ i'm in college so i live in a different state right now so i can't just show up and be like heyyyy.
Like pretty much everything all the other advicenators have said think about what you are going to say. If you can text him or even call and leave voicemail say what you have to. Apologize for things you\'ve done. Tell him you want to make it work. But only if that\'s really what you want, be certain you really do want to be with him and you\'re going to change because if someone treats me like crap i don\'t give damn if they buy me a bmw and leave 1000 voicemails, they better come back intent on treating me right. So if you think you can make it work and you\'re going to try to change your ways for him. Go for it. leave that voicemail. send those texts. and hopefully everything works out.

Q: I'm a lesbian, and i'm always getting used by my straight friend. She is always dirty texting me, and touching herself when she's talking to me, but she says that only i turn her on and she wouldn't date me because she doesn't want to be a lesbian. She has a boyfriend, yet she comes to me when it comes to pleasure. I love her as a best friend, maybe more, but only if she accepted. But, it seems like lately, all we've been doing is "making love" and she doesn't even love me.
Is she gay? Why is she using me like this? When she asks me to turn her on, etc, she tell me to "Make love" to her. Does that mean she loves me? because she normally says sex, unless she's talking about me. We've never actually done it, but we talk and touch ourselves.
I mean she\'s obviously not straight. Her sexuality isn\'t important, really the problem is her using you. If she has these supposed feelings for you whether she can\'t date you or not why does she have a boyfriend? These are questions you should wonder and ask her. The only advice I could really give you as a woman who has dated women also, ask her straight up what is going on? And if she beats around the bush, no pun intended that make it clear that you guys should only be friends if she can\'t even talk to you about what is going on. But it sounds like something is there.

Q: What is 69 i need help because he wants to do it.
It\'s oral from both ends. It\'s being in a position where you are not only recieving oral sex but giving it. It can be sideways. standing up/hanging upside down, and regular someone on top with someone on bottom. and etc.

Q: Ok so basically...good news!...i have moved up to top set in english!!!(english as in literacy not the language) and for those of you that dont know what sets are. In my school ther are different subjects and for those subjects there are 4 different classes (called sets) and in each one there are about 20-30 people from the same year group. Set 4 is for people who may have a disability or find the subject very difficult. Set 3 is for people who have slightly lower grades than average. Set 2 is just average/normal. And set 1 is the highest set for people who get highest grades in that subject. I am in set 2 for all subjects except religious studies and now english :) i am in set one for both of them. And i really want to stay in top set for english. We have gotten a piece of home learning for english which is to write a diary entry or a newspaper article about the 20th century (its because we have started studying the play "pigmalion") i would be very grateful if someone explained how to get higher grades in writring a diary entry and possibly a newspaper article as well. Thank you.
I mean if you\'re choosing between the two you should pick the one you feel most comfortable. For a writer or someone who is good at stepping in someone else\'s shoes, task a would be more ideal. But if you\'re more of a facts and research person I would go with Task B. If you do end up doing Task A pretty much when you do write it place yourself in that time how you would feel about the things that were going on. And how\'d they effect you. Just imagine it as your life.

Q: I used xasten and my chick is big,and i want my body to be equal ,what must i do.
I\'m sorry I didn\'t understand this question properly , is there anyway you can resend it? I\'m unsure what you mean by \"my chick is big\".

Q: Female
Here is the scoop i have a puppy who is 5 months old
me and my bf live together.
When he was 3months he tried to chew my shoes but i spanked his booty and he hasnt done it since
The thing is Everytime me and my bf go out and we come back there is something chewed up that belongs to my bf but never anything belonging to me
For example
Just last week me and my bf went for a run and we left our shoes lying in the living room night time fell and we awoke to the sound of him biting something and with a doubt it was my bf's sneakers he was chewing on
We had our chargers plugged up to the wall and he chews my bf's charger and yes he knows what sides we sleep on (he always sleeps with me) my question is could a dog have preference ? Or does he feel im more of a master? Or why doesnt he chew on anything that is mine.
Things that might help
The dog is 90% of the time with me because my bf works 12hr shifts
He gets along with my bf fine (except when he destroys his stuff)
He does have chew toys and dog bones and denta stix
If me and my bf both get up at the same time he will choose to follow me instead
Any ideas or thoughts why he does this? Because my bf is starting to hate him :/
sounds like your dog picked a favorite. Dogs have favorite, usually it\'s the person who feeds them most and takes them outside. Your bf needs to spend more time with the dog. Why he chooses his stuff specifically...well dogs have their own personalities so that\'s something only your dog could answer but unless you\'re a dog whisperer i don\'t think you\'ll get an answer.

Q: I'm 23 years old and since I got my period in 6th grade it has always been regularly really irregular. Very rarely was I a 28 day cycle girl, mine would range from 31, 32, 35 back in HS. In college my first 3.5 years I went on BC and that was the only time I had a predictable period.

I went off the second semester of my last year of college because the hormones were just getting to me. I had been on 3 types of BC. For the first year and a half I was on ortho cyclen and that worked well until it was making me really short tempered and extremely depressed, switched off to Yaz and it made me gain some extra weight & changed my personality. I went onto using the generic of Yaz and the pharmacy kept changing the generic brands and my body was super sensitive to the change, I would get headaches from one of the generics and severe anxiety for the other. So basically each month, my body after adjusting to one generic version of pills would have to readjust to another because the pharmacy could not gauruntee me the same generic.

My body had finally just had enough stress and so had I. I hated adjusting to BC pills because it made me feel like I was slowly becoming someone else everytime I took it. I took bc mainly for birth control and for a predictable period. My choices going off were for the benefit of my body being hormone free and helping me feel more clear, more "me".

I knew going off my body would have to adjust to a normal cycle and I anticipated missing periods or even being more irregular than I had been off of BC in the first place. It's been over a year and a half now since I've been off the pill and it has not regulated itself.

Ive talked to my gyno and she pushes BC soley because she doesnt want me to get pregnant. I'm an adult, I'm engaged and in a serious relationship.

So basically my period today is at 39 days since my last period. I took a test and it was negative. I've felt like I was going to get my period like a week and a half ago. I always get pms symptoms 1-2 weeks early and my periods have been ranging from 29-36 days. The longest it's ever been between periods is 56 days. It's just really frustrating and I'm wondering why sometimes it's so outrageously late! I did have a really bad case of the flu the last week of march? Which happened a few weeks after my last period.

I'm just wondering if anyone else's takes a natural approach to their life and also has gone off the BC train for health reasons?
What they do about irregular periods/cycles?

Have you talked to your gyno about maybe seeing if there is a health issue that is effecting your periods like that because if you have an issue health wise you do need specific birth controls. I would even tell the gyno about the way the bcs are making you feel and how they keep switching them at the pharmacies. Because these are things they need to know to help you otherwise they don\'t know much more than you do. I really would just talk to them about that and maybe about different things you could use instead of B.C. because I know a lot of people who used Yaz actually recommended getting the nuvaring afterwards.

Q: I am 17 f and am the fattest in my year, I know for most teenagers being thinner is just a part of anxiety and hormones however I have been told by doctors that if I don't start losing weight soon I am going to have to deal with several health problems when I am older like heart attacks and diabeties. I have been given diet plans by doctors but I just can't stick to them, it's starting to affect my confidence because people are so judgemental. I need a way to convince the rest if my body that it is a time for a change. I need diets that are easy and effective. Because it is not just my physical health that it will be affecting, please help. Thanks
Here\'s the thing when it comes to losing weight and dieting it\'s not suppose to be easy. That\'s the truth the media and all the celebs you see just dropping pounds don\'t tell you. I would start simple. For me I have PCOS which is very hard to lose weight with and very easy to gain weight with. So one thing you should do is go to the doctors and see if anything could be causing your weight issue. It could even be a thyroid problem. But that\'s a big thing because if you have a health issue holding you back, you\'re going to have to work ten times harder to lose weight or at least reach a healthy balance. Once you find out if there is an issue you can take it from there. If there is a problem a doctor might put you on pills or tell you what kind of foods you need to digest. Whether there is a problem or not you need to tell your family that you want to eat healthier and to put healthier things for you in the fridge and cut down your proportions. Drink Tea in the morning and before sleep. Green tea with a lemon wedge always curves my hungers and drink plenty of water throughout the day I have these two gigantic bottles of water I refill over and over and everyone thinks it\'s hilarious that I drink these but drinking that water keeps your body clean and helps a lot with digestion and hunger. don\'t skip breakfast. don\'t skip meals in general. Keep small things around if you think you might. Like a granola bar and a fruit for breakfast because that\'s easy if you have school. Exercise has to happen. it\'s a huge part of losing weight. you need at least 40 mins of exercise per day to really see an impact. and you have 24 hours a day to do that. even if it\'s dancing for an hour. Since you\'re at risk for diabetes, it\'s a huge thing for you to work on sweets intake. if you drink soda, it\'s got to go. Soda not even diet is not good for you. infact diet soda is worse. as a dr pepper lover I can tell you cutting out soda will be the worst. (*cries a little \"I LOVE YOU DR PEPPER\") no reallly it sucked a lot.

Q: Hello i am a 17 year old girl who is having a relationship crisis. I am really good friends with a girl who is one year older than me. We have been friend for quite a while now. I am very nice, loyal and trustworthy. I consider myself a people pleaser because I worry about other peoples happiness then me being happy my self. We are such good friends the we can literally predict on how we will react and what we will say. We care allot about each other that we will call ourselves sisters.

But a few months into our friendship She told me a small lie about her being friends with a spirit named Atem. Even though I did not buy it I told her I believed it just to be nice and for the sake of getting into an argument. I also began to see another side of her... I got to see her need and craving to constantly date someone. If she is single she will be depressed and very emotional. And since I am the phone with her all the time I end up hearing it. i began getting stressed and sad that i could not do anything to help her.

She than said that Atem her (her spirit friend)made a new friend named Nightmare, and she told me he loved me. She would talk to me about how much he loved me. I started to get the idea that she liked me, and began to like her a little.

Later on she made a Facebook and Gaiaonline for him. I ended up seeing him on the internet. I did not know what to think or do about him loving on me on the internet. I then started to have feelings for her. But at the same time i was confused, because she would tell me how much she hated bi/and les people. She would rant about it allot.

She began acting romantic towards me at her house. She would lick, pin and touch me (not in a very sexual way) she told me on the later that "Nightmare" was possessing her. She would do this every single time i visit her. I began to really like her.

I then started to get depressed. It started to hurt seeing her sad about not being with someone, and i am not able to help her. It hurt even worse when i watched her dating someone and hearing how much she loved him. I feel like i am not good enough for her, and it's very hard to hold in all my emotions so she wont know how i feel.

I sometimes consider just stop hanging out with her, but a part of me just cant let go of her because i am horrible at making friends and I don't think I will ever find a good friend like her. I really want to tell her i knew the spirit thing was all a lie and how i feel about her. But I am afraid that she will get mad at me or even worse, hate me.

Its all my fault for believing her little lie. I was just trying to be nice, and I get myself all into this mess. I get so depressed every day to the point were i want to cry and I sometimes wish that I could just sleep my whole life. I cant take it anymore. I am hurting so bad on the inside. I am tired of living a lie. :(
Well for one thing it sounds like your friend has some issues and uses those \"spirits\" as outlets to act on impulses or to tell things that she has buried inside. And even though she says she hates bi/les whatever a lot of homophobics are actually gay. or even bi curious. If you like her say something. See where it goes from there. But you should be careful because it\'s very obvious she has some issues she still needs to work on and when I say that could lead to a bad path, I mean that.

Q: Me and my boyfriend have been together for a while now and he's asked me if I would like to have sex with him, we are both at the legal age of 16. I want to do this but I don't feel confident at all with my body, I'm not sure how he would want me to look. I feel embarresed about doing it and if it would be awkward, what do I do? Just sit there and let him do the work? I'm not sure if he would want me to shave or not, I would have sex with him but I'm just not confident yet, I feel as if I am ready, I want to be confident!
Someone please help me! :)
Here\'s the thing...from reading what the other two advicenators said I get what they are saying BUT you said you feel you are ready you\'re just not confident. And it\'s like that for most girls. Let\'s face it, we\'re insecure creatures and sex the first time whether we\'re ready or think we are is awkward. One I wouldn\'t recommend shaving because when it comes back it\'s thicker. So if you can wax or get some sort of hair removal cream (that says you can use it down there) unless you have to shave but if you do end up shaving you might want to buy one of those bikini bump creams or something along those lines. And maybe before going the full way experiment with some other things sexually wise like oral, handjobs, fingering. because if you\'re not comfortable with all that you might just realize you really aren\'t ready. But if by doing those you figure out you are ready do whatever you want with the first time. If you don\'t feel comfortable with your body. You can wear a long tshirt, a dress, or a skirt. because you can leave all those on and still have sex.

Q: How come if I am getting belly but my boobs not getting bigger
Because even though boobs are made of fat, you can't pick where you grow fat at.

Q: I know they have strict rules and does the lunk alarm actually go off? Do they allow anyone to join?
Why wouldn't they? It's a judgement free zone. I go to planet fitness and there are beyond skinny people there all the time.

Q: Female/24
So i have a puppy of 5months he is a miniature poodle mixed with cocker spaniel and he has never done the dirty with another dog but he humps the bed he sleeps on and we let him because if not he will try and hump me and my boyfriends leg my issue is that when im laying down he will get on the bed and back his but on to my face and try to hump my face (i know it might look funny when you imagine it) but i cant get him to stop and i worry one day i might wake up to him putting his nasty wee wee on my face and hump me!
How can i get him to stop??
there is nothing wrong with him. Dogs do that. When he reaches a certain age you should consider getting him fixed if you aren't going to use him for breeding.

Q: Ok, so here is a strange question for you: I asked my brother what he most wanted for his birthday and he said just that: "A bolt carrier group would be nice." Now here is the problem: I don't know what that is. Yes, I searched it on google, yes I found a picture in image search, and no, even looking at it I have no idea in the world where you would buy one or what exactly it is. Anyone know what I should do?
I know it's some sort of accessory for rifles or something along that line. But really I would just google it and click the shopping tab.

Q: My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 2 years. Today is my 23rd birthday and he didn't even get me anything. I don't even want much just something to feel special but no. We have a long distance relationship and I had a party Saturday that he wasn't able to come to because he couldn't afford the 500$ ticket but he was able to go out that night and spend over 100$ on drinks. He told me he feels like an awful boyfriend but then today on my birthday he tells me he's going to the casino on Thursday... So I'm guessing he doesn't feel that awful. On his birthday I made a huge deal I sent him a care package, visited him, and bought dinner and some other things for dessert. But he can't even send a card or anything. Am I just over thinking this and being a brat? Or is it time to rethink my involvement in this one sided relationship
You are not overthinking it at all. And i'm going to assume you are in a military relationship from what I read (me too, wooooo Milsos!!!) And you are not being a brat my birthday is in welp less than two weeks and I don't expect to hear a happy birthday or recieve a present because that's not only how my s/o is but with the long distance thing sometimes s/o's just don't show us the appreciation or attention we need and crave because we are so far apart from each other. and as Adviceman said this happens a lot, this is why people get lonely in long distance relationships. this is why there is so much cheating stereotypes in military relationships. BECAUSE it's so common for one person to kind of forget the other sometimes. and even in some situations both people sort of forget about the other sometimes. I honestly think you should say something to him, don't hold it back because communication emotionally is so important when you are in a military relationship because half the time you aren't even sure how your S/O feels about anything because they have to keep up this guard and distance.
I really do hope everything works out for you. and something I've learned as a military girlfriend we go through some things and some emotions that no one who hasn't been in our position will ever understand so stay strong.

Q: so my really close friend was taking to my other friend and my other friend say "oh I have a lot of pimples" and my close friend said "u must have gotten them from rose" should I confront my close friend?
Hell yeah that's rude. that's your close friend, she shouldn't be making comments like that. Now i'm not saying go whoop her butt or start screaming at her. ask her why she said that and tell her how it made you feel.

Q: I have a friend who is way to jealous.. thinks its ok for her to do stuff and not her husband. we are all cool and hang out although my boyfriend knew I had went to a friends house to hang out with him without the wife there. she dont know bc she is crazy and she would flip out if she new I was there without her.. she has flipped out once before acting like she was goin to throw things.. she dont even like her husband watching t.v bc she's that jealous. She has been caught talkn to her ex. but yet accuses her husband of doing this or that when he is innocent. What advice should i give my friend to help him out.
She is probably very insecure and there might be some other issues in there relationship that you aren't aware of nor is it your business. And there also might have been some relationships in the past for her that made her that way. I do have to say you as a woman shouldn't hang out with a woman's husband especially if she is a friend alone without her knowing because that puts you in a very bad position and if I walked in on my friend and husband alone, I don't give a damn if they were planning my surprise birthday party, I'm going to be on high alert and me personally i'm a firecracker so I would have freaked. Another reason that she could be that way is because she's the one cheating. A lot of people do that. control the other and act like they are always doing something wrong when they are the ones doing it. It's a disgusting hypocritical trait and if you know that is what your friend is doing, as a friend you need to tell her that is not right. especially if you have a friendship with the husband. otherwise I'd leave this issue alone unless your friend comes to you for advice on how she acts.

Hi, thanks for coming to my column.

The name is Diamond but Dia is fine.

20, female, jersey girl at heart. mixed race taurus natured woman.

So...the reason I made this was during the start of my senior year of high school I had reached a point in my life where I didn't want to live anymore. I was tired of fighting and didn't see the reasons to fight. It was a random stranger that made me realize I would be stupid to take my life and to stop fighting.

So if you think I'm going to tell you life gets easier, I'm not. Let's face it, it doesn't get easier. Through pain you get stronger and learn to open your eyes to those things that give you strength to live.

Mine happen to be music, writing, dr. pepper, anime, the color black, the way rain sounds, and an amazing boyfriend. What gives you strength to live?




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