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Sorry it took so long to respond. I just found this site again after a long time. THANK YOU for answering this. I can't believe how stupid I was! LOL!

true... but i work with them and i always have to see their face and kno that they talk shit about me!!! and she took my guy friend away that the guy use to like me a lot and we had a chance, now she spread shitty things about me and then he thinks that im just a flirt!

Thank you! I don't change for anyone at all, but when I hear something enough I tend to believe it. I just don't understand why they would do something like that and try to lower my self-esteem.

not really at all anymore advice

thank youuu!

thx sweetheart =)



it does make sense, it means like, you're out of luck, or forget about it.. it's an old saying, like 'sorry charlie' or you know what i mean lol

=) thanx


Thanks sooooooooooooo much!

thank you

thank you! ya helped me so very much

Thanks :)



thanxx for the quick advice!!


I got this one from inacrater.. yeah it`s myspace.. but her sites on xanga .. girl my new sn is *drum roll please* .............IM S0 RAdD X3 beautiful huh...

Gracias :)

thanks! Hev

You are very indeed right.

thnx.. !! thatz what i did..

your really cool to talk to, Thank you so much ♥

thank yuh


Yes I agree lol thanks. ♥


twinkies are gross =]

your phone's battery can only be charged so many times thats why

thanks ♥

ok thanks but is there liek a site that you go to? ♥Sara

thanks lots, i am going to put u in my fav. columnits. by the way i'm katie aka dory16 is my columnts name

thank you.

thanks :)

thnx much!

okay thank you!

thankz lotz hunni!! lov ya 2!!! ill give you my s/n thing first and you will have to tell me if you like it or not so if you dont i can change it before i show it to everyone... cant wait to see you tomorrow... luv ya ~*DoNnA*~



Thanks ♥

thanks =)

thx! ♥



thnkxx so what your tryin to say is that im being loved by a lezbo aha ........ OK THNX AGAIN !

Wow, thank you soo much! you rock!!!!!!


haha everyone said the razor i asked one of my best friends and he flipped acoin and the razor one also haha thank you!

lol it was EXTREMELY late but i'll take it anyway =]

thank you so muchh ! ♥

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Thank You!!


thanxx! thats what i got!

GOOD CALL!!! peace , paola

thanks for the advice!!!

You are like the first person who doesnt. If you read everything and thought about it, then yes it's most likey the truth. Thanks for your opinion.


i hope so

I'm gonna go with "peace out, '91." Peace out, 91


thank you for the help! <33

you did so feel happy!!

thank you for the help!

I was wondering if he liked me.....

yep thats it.THANKS!!

thank you sooo much!

thanks, i didnt think it ment anything but i wasnt sure i thought it was like one of those 143 things.

thx and im not anymore

okay thank you


okay thank you

thanks for the advice!


Thank youz

Thx for everything and i would love to tell you what happens!! Thx for tha help and nice to meet you!!

when i ask them they don't want to hurt my feelings and end up leading me on...i've asked directly before, thx anyway,

Ok. maybe i will smetime. --caden--

thanx but i really just need weight loss tips


thing is, i moved to FL and she lives in RI.

thnx !!

thnx love yaz !!

thanks for the advice!

lol ok thanx

Well thank you, Im glad to see some sympathy on someones part... a lot of my friends are saying more or less good for me because I didnt get rid of him a month ago, but it is hard to even stay mad at him for more than a few hours. So blocking him out completely is going to take a lot of courage, but I'm willing to do it if it will prove if he loves me or not.. Thanks again!!

a cheer leader sound's like fun, and my friend will like it too. thank's a bunch! :)




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