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No one should be treated as less of a person for any reason, but there is no healthy way to be overweight. People shouldn't have to do crash diets or wait til they're diagnosed with something to realize this. There's such thing as too much of a good thing, too. In my community a lot of people are overweight, despite eating primarily healthy foods, due to piling on too much on their plates. It's a lie that someone can be in worse shape than another, despite eating better and exercising better, over time, especially after puberty. Unless there's some rare separate issue, relating to the thyroid or something like that. People wonder why teenagers tend to be thin but then balk at the idea of 3 or 4 hours of playing volleyball in one day. In highschool a coach told me that this was as good as our bodies were going to get, and I proved him wrong in the next year. Don't limit or deceive yourself. We are all bodies in progress.


Thanks, I'll take your advice.

Thank you for your advice. I appreciate you taking the time to help me.

Thanks I didn't even think of looking at websites I can be so absent minded sometimes

Thanks I use cortisone all the time

It's good to know I'm on the right track. Thank you.

Thank you. I believe that I am no virgin now. Somebody said that if being a virgin is having a hymen still then boys can never be virgins. This is making much senses to me. I have now got the doctor say my rash is herpes since I did the anal sexing. :(

Colorado, it legal here haha

Thank you for that!

Thank you for letting me know I am not the only one.

That is SO helpful! Thank you!

Thank you!

You make a great deal of sense, and, frankly, raise points from certain angles that, perhaps, I failed to consider. Thank you.

Thank you!

Thanks. It's always good to hear from someone whose been through something similar to what you have. Thanks again for the great advice and God Bless you!

We, ve had this discussion before, and we do both want to get married. The thing is, iff he werr to propose, he would want to do it all big amd grandiose and take a while to plan it, knowing him. But I'm not sure if he's doing that. So basically, were on the same page, I'm just trying to figure out when. Which to me, is sort of impatient naggy sounding.

Thank you! I told my mom about this and we are going to the store tomorrow to find it! If not, I want to go to the doctor! Thanks :)

i cant get bc pills cuz i am 13 but my sis buys the ipill 4 me wen i need cuz she is 17 and dont want me 2 have babies yet so thank you i wll take a test today. so is it REALLY bad what i do? i no that girls take pill for bc ever day so why is it bad for me to take this after i had sex wen i dont have sex every day? my sis takes bc pills 365 days a year for YEARS but i have only have sex about 100 or 150 times since i ws 11 an most of that were whn i had my tru love and was 11 so now only having sex like 3 or 5 times a month so only 6 or 10 ipills a month now wen it used to be more. is it really that bad for me?

Lol ive been trying to stun my growth for a bit..

Thank you, that was helpful.

Thanks so much, I completely agree with you. I will use this time to gain practical experience and remediate the weaknesses that got me here in the first place. I still want to talk to the dean about reapplying in a year to this and other programs, in the (very) likely event that this is the last step in the appeals process.

Oh! That's pretty awesome. I've never used hand warmers before - hence my stupidity. Thank you :)

your so right im so on my way to vegas! :) thanks


Aha im sorry i totally forgot to list those ones:p ive seen every one youve listed.

Thanks so much! Makes a lot of sense!

That was the best advice I ever got on here. THANK YOU!

Thank you very much! Haha, yeah that makes a lot of sense, girl code and whatnot. xD Sound advice, thanks again! :D

Thank you so much.its just I need a new look brave my old look is not getting me anywhere.i am a teen and I just wanna be pretty.i just feel like I ain't good enough.

Thank you so much. I see what you mean and will remember your advice. Sorry it took so long to get back to you.

Thank you very much for your kindness

Great point about the maximum weekly hours. I think I should keep track of how many hours each employee can add to their schedule if they were to take over someone's shift. Thank you for the advice! =D

Thank you very much!

Thank you thank you THANK YOU!! You helped so much. And i'll be sure to research lucid dreaming :)

Thanks for this! The bits about jet lag and money really helped me see this from a sensible point of view

I always look forward to your advice. I suppose you're right. The time will go by quickly. I guess this is as good a time as any to buckle down and learn guitar.

Thank you! I'll have a look!

Thank you

Thanks for taking the time to respond. You really did make me feel better. And I could move in with my boyfriend but I would not want to live there without contributing and do nothing would really change. I'm working on a new budget for myself. Thanks again.

Thanks for your help! I'm feeling a little better now after reading this. :)

Thanks a lot. It's good to remember other couples go through this sort of thing. I guess there is no magic solution. I just have to dive in. He is a real catch in every other way, and I know a lot of this is stress related, I just can't sit back and wait for him to stop it on his own any longer.

Hmmm.....maybe I did come to the wrong site then, when I found this site I didn't notice the "mission to better human lives" signage anywhere. I shall keep searching. Thanks

Thank you very much. Cold turkey does sound like it might work better. I will certainly try. :D

Thank you for telling me about tampons! i came back to ask about what to do for my friend who has cancer "down there" and is going to lose her parts and not have babies. :( and i looked you up to THANK YOU for telling me about cups which is what I use now and if it wasnt for you then tampons coulda made me have cancer too!

YAY you answered, you're always so helpful. I did tell her that I have essentially no money to spend, and she still wants me as MOH. I still have to figure out what to make her... Thank you. :)

Thank you so much, that (long) piece of advice has really turned my thoughts around on what I was going to.You have made me realise that it really isn't worth it! And Thanks again, Much Appreciated :) x

I understand all that. But if you were in this situation . What would you do/think?

Great advice!!!!!;)thanks!!

Thank you for the great advice, you just about hit the nail on each topic. I guess the main reason I get so worked up about him keeping those pictures is due to the fact I had this online account called photobucket, created it about 7 or 8 years ago. I had a TON of photos on there well over 1,000. I went on there a few months back to post pictures on there, when you post a picture it gives you a link so you are able to put a picture on a forum, that was my reasoning for going on there. Keep in mind thats the first time I went on there in a long time. Apparantley, I never logged out and my bf saw my photobucket on there were pictures from the past 8years of my life including pictures with my exes ( just 2) he didnt mention it to me right away instead, he waited months and we were on vacation in Hawaii and he decides to bring this up in an argument, really furious about it. So this is the main reason why I did react the way I did and I guess still do because of how much guilt he gave me. I ended up deleting that photobucket account so that is 8years worth of photo;s I wont get back. I did it because it seemed to bother him and I was not taking the time to go through each picture and save the important ones such as vacation pictures. So in my eyes I deleted everything, and through away everything from an ex during our move so it makes me feel if I can get rid of it why cant he? So as you can see there are trust issues between the both of us. Why he does not trust me or acts like he doesnt is not because of anything ive done, but because of his past so I am being blamed for his past I guess. The reason I dont trust him, is because he has looked me in the eyes and lied to me several times. I just really need to work on forgiving and moving on and not looking back which has been really hard since there is a ton of that to do.

Thank you very much! :DD

That WAS AWESOME! thank you!

i did all the things you said and i thought it would be fien but now he lives with her and has left me and our kids behind.

Thank you!

Thank you very much! This hlped me a LOT! Only one thing is that you say not to ask him questions but then you say "or where one partner wants 4 children and the other hates kids." when the only way to find out is to ask questions, silly. :) THANK YOU!

true, never thought of that(:

i don't want a mistake on my arm for the rest of my life, thanks so much for that :) i am 99% positive that it is, in fact, 'on to.' though i will have to check with someone else (no offense) to make completely sure!

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Thank you! If I could rate this a million, I totally would!

This stuff is more helpful than counseling has ever been thank you.

thank you your advice. i am very grateful. i see a councilor twice a week and i feel no difference i know it takes time to see the light through this. thank you again

Thanks! Totally made sense!

thank you :) and my sister is telling me this beecause she wanted it

I don't think being bisexual, bi-curious, homosexual, or heterosexual should "change [my] whole life around" anyway. It's not like it completely changes everything about me and who I am. A person is not just their sexuality. I never said I planned to - or thought I could - just rush into experimenting with guys. I would never even dream of being unfaithful towards my girlfriend, and I thought that I had made those implications pretty clear. I do appreciate your third paragraph, but the first two just feed into the horrible stereotypes of anyone who isn't "straight", and I don't appreciate you trying to insult or degrade anyone without being noticed doing so.

your husband sounds like a good catch :)

Yes I've heard of it. My doctor asked me if I had it & I don't think so, I'm happy sometimes & stuff I'm not just sad. Just about I can't do things people my age does. But maybe I should talk to her about it. Idk if not feeling like doing anything is included in it. But thank you very much I needed this.

Wonderful! thank you so much!!

thanks so much

Haha, that does make sense! xD! It does feel like they're stealing what's mine... Almost like they're stealing my hard-earned food, if that makes sense. >3<; Haha, thanks for the reassurment! :D

Ya i kinda had an idea that it was that but wasnt for sure so thanks:D

Hi! No they aren't paying for it; my boyfriend is paying for all of her things; and what not. They only split the price with her, and thats all they are doing for her.

Thanks for the the response no matter your viewpoint

Thank you so much!

Thanks that really helps since I'm baptist and he's atheist

I ended up getting a Mitsubishi eclipse :)

thank you very much :) this is very helpful

That is really good advice... but the thing is, I kind of reeeeeally don't like her either haha. I haven't told him that cause I know he's happy and whatever but I think he knows how I feel so he doesn't want me around her and I don't really wanna be in that position to make him choose between me and this other girl... ya know?

Yes, but the pain of being without him, and him doing it because of the fear of not being with me, hurts. Bad. Worse than the arguing and fighting ever did. So hard to understand, yes kids get counseling too. Thanks very much for your feedback!!!

Thanks. :) Amazing how different we are but wear about the same size! I tend to carry it evenly, I think. If I lose a couple pounds I notice it all over. I don't know what that means for my journey, but thanks for giving me your experience. :)

Thank you!

Thanks that really helped!

Thank u

Hey, thanks alot, and you're right, i realise how dumb this question is haha i'll probably delete it in a min :/ i'm just a bit insecure, and i really need him in my life...kinda fucked up i know, but thanks xxx

It's not that, if these guys even think about doing any wrong against them, they answer to me

interestingly enough I agree with absolutely everything you have said here. Perhaps I should have elaborated on what I meant by each one of points i presented as some were misconstrued. The reason why acceptance was first on my list was because I completely believe "we should find the path of least resistance, like water. Instead of fighting to forget the negative, you wash up against it, see it, and ACCEPT it for what it is. Then you move on. Everything is what it is, and we won't make ourselves anything but frustrated when we try to put square pegs in round holes" Well in any case thank you for your thoughtful response!

It was much easier to look at, (due to being unable to look at real people in "the act") it was very helpful. Thank you.

thank you and im very much against medicating him unless its totally nessicary.

That's a great answer, Thank you.

thank you so much!!! :) you really helped me a lot.

Thank you for your input.

Thanks so much!(:

Thank you so, so much. :)

I broke up with him. Were still friends. I don't care why he did it, just wanted to know why it made me so mad and wondering if anyone else had ever had a similar experience/feeling and understood maybe a little better than I did. Thanks for trying.

thank you! i am sorry i was just really mad but i really believe you care about people and i am glad you are still around. you are a much better person than me which makes me feel like i shouldn't be using up all of your oxygen but i will try to hang on because you opened up and shared such a personal thing with me. thank you

Awesome! Thank you ill definitely try that

Thank you soooooooo much! It reallyyyy helpeed!!!

you are right I lie to get out of stuff and I never thought of it like that cuz i will be alone one day an d then i am gonna hav to do all this stuff for myself. i am just mad all the time and i take it out on my dad and it makes me feel better when i see him cry and so i want him to cry all the time and i do everthing i can to make him cry but i guess i should stop but i don't knwo how cause it is like a drug when he cries and i love it so much to see it happening. i thought every teen agre wants to make their parent cry cuz that is how they act on TV right? so i guess i have to learn to clean cuz im gonna be on my own but i can still make my dad cry even when i am not living here so i can always feel better EVEN IF PEOPLE MAKE ME CLEAN it will maek me feel bettr when he cries so i guess clening is worth it i dont knwo.

Thank you! You're so positive :) Now, I'm excited!

Thank youuu


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