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I'm K'. I'm a full-time arcade game technician and part-time pro wrestler. I'm best found on Facebook.

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What qualifies someone to give advice on this site?

Absolutely nothing. You can check feedback ratings, but that is not a direct correlation to anything. All you can really do is check previous answers and see if it sounds like that person knows what the hell they're talking about. Sometimes it's like the blind being led by the blind and stupid.


I feel like my vagina is ugly is this normal
What if my boyfriend thinks its gross

He'll be happy to see it. Doesn't matter what it looks like.



If the fallowing offends you I dont care.

About a year ago I came out to my parents that I was an Atheist. Well they are young earth creationists(which means they take everything in the bible literaly.) so they did not take to kindly to it. They made fun of me for not beliveing in there god and the fact that they are so positive that I'll regret it when I find out I'll be wrong. Well I shook it off I'm very strong with my belifs and at another time after I let things cool down I asked them if it was necisary that I go to church. The gave me no other reasoning other than yes because thats what our family dose. So ive put up with it for along time and I don't think I can any more. All I do at their church is sit there and stare off into space. Its truly a waste of time for me. I know the religion is not for me ive read the whole bible 4 times. More than most believers and I cannot stand for what they belive in. Dose any one know any reason
that my parents would be like this and only give me such a bland reason for making me go?

Any number of reasons. Maybe they have a reputation to uphold. Maybe they think that if they force it upon you, you'll change your mind. Perhaps it's due to belief, as the bible does mention spreading the faith. At any rate, there's absolutely nothing you can do. As long as you live under their roof, you have to attend. I suggest moving out at 18. I say this because I was in the exact same position. My mother is episcopalian and forced me to attend until age 18. I consider myself agnostic since well before that.


So I'm going to be moving back to NC to finish college and I was just thinking last night about renting a house. I'll be 22 when I get there next year and I already have an apartment complex that I've decided on but then I was thinking about renting a house. Approx. $900 a month. Nothing too big. But I can't make up my mind.

So what do you guys think are the pros and cons of renting a house or getting an apartment?

Renting a house costs more than the cost of rent, more so than an apartment ever has for me. In an apartment you are more likely to have shared cost of bills, or have them included in the cost of rent, when it comes to water, sewer, possibly cable. In a house you're typically responsible for the full cost of all these things. It can also be tougher to put all the utilities in your name for a house, especially if your credit is less than stellar. The main benefit I can say for a house is having a yard. If you don't have pets, that may not be enough to warrant the difference in cost. That also means you have to maintain the yard.

I think for a college student, especially if you're single, an apartment is the way to go.


I'm a 14 year old boy. I felt my my penis was small then I got bored and I measured it today. It turned out to be 7in long. Is that good for a 14 year old. I'm not gay or bi. I also have a 6 pack ladies ;)

None of these things are true.


Hi I just wanted to ask should I go to college if I already know what I want to do and it doesn't involve college? And my family is forcing me to go to become a teacher nurse or doctor and I don't want to do that... What should I do?...

I sincerely wish I had not gone to college. I didn\'t finish, and I knew from the beginning I was burned out. All I ended up with was debt.

As for you family \"forcing\" you to go...are they paying for it? If it\'s a free ride, I say suck it up and take the opportunity. You\'ll regret it later if you don\'t. Even if whatever you want to do doesn\'t require a degree, it\'s always nice to have one. You may change your mind later about what you want to do.

I lucked out and knew what I wanted to do before I ever left high school. I still do it, and get paid well to do so. But what if something changes in the industry and suddenly my job is no longer required; or at least not in so much of a capacity? I have no backup plan. If I were to move somewhere that didn\'t need my services; well, I\'d better open my own arcade and hope the community will support it. My fiancé is a teacher; she can be employed anywhere. I have a job where in a town of about 100,000, there are only 5 people I can think of who do what I do. Not exactly in demand.

If they just want you to, but aren\'t paying for it, they cannot force you to do so. If that means having to move out, so be it. I\'m a big proponent of moving out at 18 anyway.


She dresses like a freak, does stupid things, sticks her tongue out like an idiot, appears naked in her music videos, and literally only sings one song these days. WTF? She used to be my role model, but now I hate that stupid bitch. I know Ariana Grande defended her, but she defends everybody. What my friends say about Mileys “wrecking ball" is,“good song, bad singer" what is wrong with her?

"There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about." - Oscar Wilde

The weirder, the better. If you're talking about her, it spreads like wildfire and stays in the consciousness of people. Controversy creates cash. If she stayed straight-laced and innocent, would she be such a hot topic?


In the bottom of my heart I'm a pure christian. I love my God and try my best to respect his commands and follow them, but recently I've wanted to redesign my room. I want to buy a cute little buddah statue and place it next to my candle and amethyst rock which I think would give off a nice vibe. I don't see buddah as a God whatsoever, just another good person who gives advice such as MLK, Gandhi, etc. ect. Just anyone else. I wouldn't dare worship another religion or "god" except my God.
I just like the vibe it gives honestly, I like the look of the om, the message of Buddah, star of david, and just any other stuff. But thats all I see it as, other stuff to decorate my room with. I just want to know if you think it's bad, i dont think it is really.

If you do not like my religion at least find the decency to repsect it and be respectful.

"I am The Lord thy God; not shalt not worship any other gods before me."

You said yourself you don't consider Buddha a god. Therefore, it is not contradictory for you to have a Buddha statue. Buddha probably appreciates you not seeing him as a god, as he didn't view himself that way either.


My macbook is 6 months old. Even in just normal usage (surfing the Net, perhaps with a Word document open and iTunes playing), the computer gets too hot to keep on my lap and I can hear the fan blowing kind of loud.

Get some compressed air and blow out the fan and other crevices. Dust buildup can make it heat up faster. You might also consider one of those trays the laptop sits on with an extra fan.


You always hear people say you can go swimming or workout at the "y" but what does it cost? Is it as much as a gym membership? Do they have good equipment? Thanks!

The quality tends to vary by location. The one here seems very nice, has a lot of amenities, multiple pools, workout rooms, basketball/racquetball/volleyball courts, workout classes, childcare, etc. We went and looked at it, but it was a bit pricey for our taste. Still though, the locker room had a steam room and I thought that was pretty damn cool.

Go there at any time and they'll give you a free tour.


Hi. I've been with my partner for a year. I've lived with him since June 2013. I'm starting to think moving in was a mistake. Ever since I moved in, his mother and sisters kids control his life. We haven't been on an actual date because he'll bring mommy and sisters kids. If he doesn't, mom whines and cries and he'll pick them up. I feel like his moms his 2nd girlfriend. She always needs him and kids are always dumped on him. Parents never want to pick them up, so he's stuck with them. I'm always cleaning after his mom and sisters kids. She'll just sit and give orders. When I was contemplating breaking up with him, he'll cry to her and say you're not leaving him. She yells at me for not wanting to get pregnant. I'm starting to hate him and his family.What would you do?

Tell him to man up, get his mouth off her teat, and move the f out. I don't know how old either of you are; but if you're over 18 this is simply unacceptable. You're with a hardcore momma's boy and it's ruining you. Don't be swayed by her manipulative behavior. Give him an ultimatum. If she talks him out of it, he's too weak-willed to be self-sufficient anyway and you'll be paying the bills as he goes over there to babysit out of guilt. She's controlling his life and therefore yours.

This may sound a bit harsh, but I have no tolerance for people who just allow themselves to get walked on. For your sanity, you shouldn't either.


I need more checks soon, and I wanted to know: Do you HAVE to buy your checks through b of a or can you get those ones from a catalog or the stationary store that are so much nicer and cheaper too? Thanks!

A check is nothing more than a note to the bank asking for payment. You can order them through whatever company you want. They'll just need your name, address, account number and tracking number.


How fast is my internet? Is there anyplace that has a way to compare your internet speed to other people's? Mine always seems so slow, but I am on the same Canadian internet company that other people are and they don't seem to be having the same internet speed that I do?


This will give a general idea of your speed. Have some friends with the same provider do it as well and compare numbers.


Hi! I'm 14 and I'm Catholic, so naturally I am going to get confirmed. However, it seems that all of my friends are getting confirmed this year while I am getting confirmed next year and I am envious of them. They go to different churches, but even so. It bugs me that I have to wait another year when my friends are getting confirmed this year, if not already confirmed. Is this normal to get confirmed at 15? In my opinion, this is a very late age to be confirmed since the Church says that seven is the age of reason, and my parents were both confirmed at the age of 12. Am I being mad for no reason ( this makes me SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO mad to the point where I curse out the lady, of course not to her face)? All answers are appreciated. Thank you!

I was confirmed at 16, for what it's worth.


relationship question. I am desperate for advice. I am 22, my boyfriend is almost 23. we have been dating on and off since we were in 8th grade, so for over 8 years now. we do not live together, we each still live at home with parents. i am 8 weeks away from graduating from college with a 4 yr degree, i also work part time. he has not had a single job in his life, and also dropped out of high school senior year. does not have his GED. our relationship is extremely strained because of this. we cannot go out to movies or out to eat because he is literally broke. his parents are enablers and give him money once or twice a week. he spends the money (usually 10 bucks is given) on beer and lottery tickets.

he is on medication for anxiety, has many social issues and is basically afraid of people. he is really overweight and hates himself for it and always talks about how much he hates life. I love him but it is getting really depressing never being able to do much and i work so hard all the time while he literally sleeps all day and for fun gets drunk with his friends.

whenever i try to talk to him about any of this seriously his temper flares and he immediately shuts down. he has lots of anger issues and has yelled, and i mean yelled at me before and curses at me when he is angry even over something little. i know he loves me, and i feel selfish for saying that isn't enough, but it isn't anymore. i don't know what to do. the obvious thing is to leave but i am trying to do anything in my power to fix things before giving up. i have offered to help him study for his GED but he never brings it up. Thanks for reading.

Relationships are give and take. You should be able to split responsibilities down the middle, whether they be financial or otherwise. From the sound of things, this guy brings absolutely nothing to the table. If you think about it, he has no incentive to better himself. He's under the impression that you'll always be there to support him, and his parents aren't exactly pushing him out either. He needs a rude awakening. The best thing that could happen would be for you, and hopefully his parents, to kick him to the curb. People like that don't better themselves unless absolutely forced to; and even then they may not step up to the challenge. That would only further drive home the poit how useless he is to you. If he picks himself up by his bootstraps and can make it on his own, maybe give him another shot. Unless he can do that, he's a drain on you in every way.


Keep in mind we live on opposite ends of the country.

When I started talking to this man, I became very attracted to him. Not just because I find him physically attractive, but also because I appreciate his maturity level. He's 29, and I'm wondering if I'm even relationship material to him. When we first started talking it was because he had sent me a friend request on Facebook due to the fact that we had several mutual friends and were from the same town. We hit it off really well and quickly became friends. We had things in common and were both very attracted to one another, inside and out (as far as I know). It started out with him sending me the "Good morning" texts that every woman loves to get, and also occasional texts throughout the day. We would talk to each other well into the late hours of the night, or sometimes even early morning. Due to the long-distance factor, these conversations started moving towards phone sex and sexting. And then, FaceTime sex.

This is where my question comes into play. Now he ONLY will initiate a conversation at night. Like around 10 or 11pm, sometimes even 12 or 1am. My question is: Has he lost interest in me as maybe a potential girlfriend for him? Have I just become his sexy, late night sext or FaceTime session? Because I'm pretty certain that when a guy truly does like a woman and is interested in her, he actually takes time out of his day and makes that extra effort to see how she's doing throughout the day as opposed to just at night after his day is completely over and laying in his bed.. Right? Or am I just being paranoid? I know it's not like we can just hang out whenever we want like if we were in the same city, but it still has to mean something that he's only talking to me at night now right? Whenever I try to initiate conversations during the day, either in the morning, afternoon, or evening, he either doesn't text back for a few to several hours or he just waits until way later on. Like what I was saying earlier about 10 or 11pm. He does work, but that didn't stop him before.. Why all of a sudden now? It makes me really sad because I actually really like him, and have developed feelings for him. I'd really like to make plans to go see him, or have him come see me, but what I don't want is for us to have sex and then him not want to take things further. I'd like to be his girlfriend. Not necessarily right now, but I'd like for things to end up going that way. Would sleeping with him ruin that for me? I'm just really interested in him, and it would legitimately hurt if things didn't go towards the "official relationship" direction. What do I need to do to ensure he sees me as girlfriend material? And do I need to tell him straight up that I don't want to be his long-distance booty call, or do I just ignore any advances of sexting on his part and hope he gets the idea?

Speaking from a perspective of a guy...your intuition is correct. All those nice sweet things he did previously were simply a gateway to get to where he really wanted. Once that line was crossed, there was no longer any need to continue. Most likely he just enjoys the attention and gets a rush out of it. I think you need to dial it back. Make it clear through your actions (or inactions, rather) that sexy pictures and video are not your intentions. If he falls out of contact, your suspicions are confirmed.

Most guys in his position are either too shy to have a real relationship, or are currently in one and either not getting the attention they crave or simply want more. Either way is not exactly relationship material, especially considering the distance. If you want to go to the full expense and risk of a cross-country trip, I suggest you make certain of his intentions first. I also think you should withhold sex from the equation as much as possible. He'll fight that. After all, you've seen and "enjoyed" each other already, so what's the harm? In other words, you need to make sure he knows what you want out of this relationship, and that his intentions match yours. Otherwise, you're going to pay for plane tickets just to get banged and dropped back off at the airport.


Trying to keep this short: boyfriend of four years, have lived together three - have had issues with finding messages and texts, nothing ever extremely horrible, though. ex girlfriend used to text him pictures of her face, he'd say cute, but confronted and reply was that meant nothing, he's known her forever they just talk sometimes. fb message to a girl and told her she was pretty, but it was an old coworker. lots of random messages at like, 2am when i'm sleeping to girls (only girls) saying hey, none of the girls really reply though (at least that i can see), he was just bored and wanted to talk to people. always an answer. the one time i definitely found a DISGUSTING conversation, i got so upset and ran out of the house. when i came back, we were talking and when i wanted to go back upstairs to show him, he told me he wanted to see why i was upset and when he saw that he deleted it cause he was embarrassed but it was an old conversation with a girl he re-added on Facebook and when you re-add someone, old conversations pop up. i saw it was more recent on his message box and the month of the conversation was the but once again, i'm not a Facebook expert i wasn't sure if that was exactly true and since the message was gone i couldn't prove it anymore, so i let it slide and haven't looked at anything again since.

well, till today. my friends just recently broke up over this issue so i don't know if that was it or what came over me, but i looked. facebook, didn't see anything (but there's the archived option where i found those things before but mobile doesn't show you that stuff). no texts. but then i saw he had a myspace app and apparently he still has myspace, none of our friends do and this profile i found seems to be new, not the old one i knew him to have. the earliest date for a profile pic upload was like a month ago but i don't know if that's just how it looks with privacy settings and whatnot, i have no idea how new myspace works. all his friends on there though are trashy girls, with their cleavage out or they're half-naked. there is not one guy. and he's "connected" to alot of them and their photos which i googled and i guess that means you like their photo and their stuff will instantly post on your stream or something. also, lots of "hey" messages on there as well, but not a lot of replies again. one woman, a conversation. she's married. he says he's single. then he says he lives in new york (she lives there) he makes a comment she's gorgeous. she keeps her side of the conversation completely normal, non-flirty. she just seems like an older lady that wants to chat with people. he says a lot of other random things that aren't true in there (i guess just for conversation? idk)

he's on her top 8 or whatever haha, he doesn't have one. so i don't know how to really take it. i haven't read anything truly sexually or anything but still the fact he has this page and it seems to have it to talk to trashy chicks is pissing me off. especially when we just had a fight (which we've had a lot) about him thinking i'm cheating on him, when the only friends i have are HIS friends cause he didn't like my girl friends cause he thought they were sluts.

i just don't know how to feel - like i understand i crept, i betrayed his trust but i found things - what about MINE? i know nothings indefinitely said, whether he deleted it all or not i don't know... i feel like i just can't come at him with "YOU SAID THIS GIRLS PRETTY AND THATS IT". lots of people nowadays seem to think that that's ok, harmless flirting. i don't do that with guys, though. i don't message anyone. i just feel this is shady. i have a tendency to go into arguments, get flustered and then i just back out cause i lost my point and ground and i don't want to do that. i took photos this time of the conversation, checked the dates so i know everything's from like, two days ago and i can show them again if i need to.

i just need opinions. is this a line crossed? would you say anything or just know that this is there and keep that in mind? part of me just wants to make a myspace just to solely send him a friend request on it, just so he gets the message that i know its there and i can see his friends and stuff. and i just won't even say anything to him about it.

and sorry if this posted twice - i went to double check and see if it posted and i didn't see it listed so i thought maybe it didn't submit!

Harmless flirting is only harmless until the other girl goes with it. I have no doubt that given the opportunity to cheat on you, he would. I know, because I was this guy. I was unhappy in my relationship and sought other outlets. It was "harmless flirting" until an opportunity arose and I slept with another woman. I came forward about my infidelity. We worked through our problems, I rebuilt her trust in me, and now after 9 years together we're engaged. The point is, I don't believe a cheater is always a cheater. I do believe, however, that there is one of two issues here: he's either not serious about your relationship, or there is a problem with it and the communication is not up to par for him to discuss it with you. The latter was my issue.

I say confront him. If he gets angry and defensive, point out that this is not the first time and there is overwhelming evidence against him. If he wants out of the relationship, it's a sure sign he's been wanting out but didn't want to pull the trigger. He was hoping he'd get caught and you'd do the dirty work and end it. If you think he's worth it, don't let him off the hook that easily, and fight for him. Otherwise, kick him to the curb.

This is a problem that can only escalate with your inaction.


I go to Russia every summer and last year I met this wonderful darling cat that I just fell in love with. It is a girl and she was pregnant when I met her. One day when I was walking with my mom the cat was meowing so I petted her for around five minutes and then I asked my mom if we could get her some food. We gave her food and she was very thankful! So then we ended up feeding her everyday. I begged my mom if we could bring her back home but she said no because it would be too expensive and we already have a cat but he's mean! So my question is, will she remember me? I even gave her a name! Kisa! And whenever I called her she came running even if she was all the way down on another block!! I miss her bunches and I want to know if she'll still come when I call her and if she'll be happy? Thanks

I understand why we could not bring her. It would indeed be expensive, but sadly I am so sentimental in that way

yes I know touching a stray was potentially dangerous but I did it, and now what is done is done

the idea of being forgotten by anyone I made a connection with, even a cat, makes me sad.

This question was asked word for word back in November. Were those answers not satisfactory?

Russia is pretty cold during the winter. The likelihood of the cat surviving for a year and staying in the same neighborhood is pretty slim. If that cat is still around, it may remember you. Don't get your hopes up.


Okay, so I took eight 500mg Tylenol &' I'm afraid something is going to happen. The reason that I did this was because I really wanna get high &' I have no weed ... So that is what I did now I'm afraid. Please tell me what to do!! Also, is there another way to get high? Oh, I'm 15 &' weigh 103 lbs. I'm a girl. Thanks.

There are many ways to get high. None of them are a good idea for a young person's developing mind. Imagine a baby tree growing in your yard that you walk past and kick as hard as you can every day. Think that tree will grow up straight? At any rate, in the immediate present, you may have done some intestinal or kidney damage. You need a doctor. Take the chance of punishment, admit what you did, and see a doctor. It's a smaller price to pay than say, death.


As a baptist faith. What do they think of suicide?

To put it in a word, "undecided." The Bible has different viewpoints ranging from "self-murder is a violation of one of the Ten Commandments and is therefore a damnable sin" to "no one can be removed from the love of Jesus Christ" to "only God can decide if a person who ended their life in a moment of extreme weakness is worthy of the Kingdom." In other words, they shrug their shoulders and say "whatever you believe, I guess."


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