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Some people be all like "Hope I helped! Xoxo"

I'm not that guy. I hope you died a little inside.

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I'm K'. I'm a part-time independent pro wrestler, a full-time arcade technician, and a fuller-time business owner. My business page can be found on Facebook.

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Gender: Male
Location: Odessa, TX
Occupation: Arcade Technician
Age: 27
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(5) Thanks it makes me less frustrated to know that other people had to go through the same thing.
(5) Thank you! :)
(5) Thanks. I can't believe how stupid I was.
(5) thank you very VERY much! this sounds like the way to go and the advice is perfect for me!
(5) I really appreciate you telling it like it is. Thank you! You are right about the drain, I feel it constantly.
(5) Excellent advice, thanks.
(5) thank you a lot! that really helps and to hear it from a guy makes it mean more!
(1) you are not helpful and mean
(4) They don't encourage the breakup, but I like how you said about the real friends thing.
(5) Thank you for the advice. I feel so terrible..
(5) Hi! I LOOOOOOVEEE sunkist grape! I don't know what happened but they stopped carrying RC cola around here about 4 years ago and I thought they went out of business until you said you still drink them. I will look up the website and see why I can't find it ANYWHERE in Montana!
(3) lol
(5) Thank you :) I know you are right its just now time for me to get the guts to say goodbye to the man I love. Why love someone who doesnt give it to me in return. Thanks again :)
(5) Thanks for the fresh viewpoint, makes things a little clearer!
(5) THankyou so much! ur right.
(5) Thank you! This is a great site with great people like you!
(4) Thank you for taking the time to answer. I am in the process of setting up sessions with a counselor.....yet again, and this time, possibly I can cut ties with them. It has just become the most bizarre circumstances and as I said, I was taken advantage of all my life and abused and taken for granted that I was going to be there to do the grunt work for her and lately, it's just glossed over, taken for granted that I am going out of my way to do things for her, which, to my gritting teeth, benefits him. I try to limit that. I don't know what else to do.
(5) Thanks so much! Huge sigh of relief :-)
(5) Thanks :) I'm really leaning towards the Gamecube, even though it'll be a more expensive route. I don't mind regular contollers, so it definitely seems to be the way to go. :) Thanks a lot.
(5) Ok that makes sense thanks!
(5) Yeah thanks I already figured it out but that's exactly what I did lol thanks!!! XD
(5) thanks!
(5) I'm a little embaressed about the whole thing. Not sure if i want to mention to her sensei. I spoke about this with one of my friends a few minutes ago and he thinks I should talk with her and "challenge" her to a mock fight. Just to set hwr straight. Not sure if that is a good idea. Do you think that would work?
(1) clearly they dont or i wouldnt be asking here! thnx anyways Bud
(5) Ha, nice sense of humor there, LOL.
(5) Thank you so much :)
(5) It's ironic that you're pessimistic when you've been dating your high school sweetheart! But I understand: most high school relationships are super shallow. Thanks for your advice. I really would like to make this work.
(5) ahahahaha i so want to do that :D
(5) hahaha thats really sweet of you to say :) 42DDD!! not to be rude but that means that shes prob plus size so having those breast aren't out of ordinaray. im a 32 DD so idk its different but thanks
(5) We are not going to die in 2012! It's just a mysterious date. They use it's mysteriousness to get ideas, MONEY, consciousness, and attention. If you really think about it, how exactly will we die? How many so called World ending dates have there been? Finally, There are more world-ending theories than there are people on the planet. I see no reason why 2012 is the end, especially if our timing is messed up. Plus, December 21st? Which time zone? In that case China will be first.
(5) That's what I was thinking too, haha but matter of factly, one school we are competing with this year, does go to a camp for all summer. I found that strange. Thanks for your input!
(5) Thank you! :)
(4) Thank you (:
(4) Woah Dude, did you read the question? I kinda did mention that I wouldn't be telling him anything (in any way, shape or form). I wasn't going to go like, "Hey sir this is for you, and by the way, I love you" I was going to put it(the it being something you were supposed to tell me about) in his letterbox or something. Secondly I can't make a card as this is all supposed to be annoymous.... I kinda did want you to think like a guy because I'm not a complete idiot as you seem to think I am, and I have actually figured out all the wondering he'll go through and blah blah blah..... In any case you seem to have thought this through and even asked your girlfriend and everything, I would have felt bad giving you a 3 since it would have ruined your 5 average rating(Yes I did visit your profile and I have no idea who Kurt Angle is, lol) Hence the four... it isn't a long way from three yet not a long way from five either. Kinda like the glass being half full and half empty... :) Nice talking to you dude!
(5) Excellent thanks alot, i hadnt thought of either of those things. unluckily theres a car gate that the council put on the skatepark so i cant enter it with a car. but i will try the other option :D thanks again
(5) hahahahha thanks! your funny! (:
(5) Thanks, but she can actually come by stimulating herself, and gets very close when I do it. Maybe we should keep trying, and by the way, I really suck at oral stimulation xD
(5) Thank you! The 10 dollars includes a few channels I don't need but none of the other things. I did see HD in the store and didn't see much difference myself. I thought maybe I was just missing something.
(5) Awesome! thanks! just a headshot woulda been probably better since I am not a lesbian. XD
(5) WOW! I thought *I* had a lot going on worrying me? good luck in your situation and your attitude is awesome! I am so glad you are on this site and thank you!
(5) lmao yea thats kind of what i was hoping he would do, but instead he got mad haha
(3) yea well it's not the distance or anything like that I am worried about. or feelings. we took a break last summer/semester to figure stuff out. i just wanna know if i am overreacting
(5) Thanks!
(5) lol ik, i wasnt saying u like penis, i was asking what u like to be done. lol
(5) Thank you my parents told me to get a HP because they've got one so maybe i'll just stick with that :)
(5) Thank you for letting me know that.
(5) thanks :) turns out i did have it - i missed a week of school haha.
(5) thankyou soo much. but the thing is i loveee my mma school im so close to everyone there, its seriously the only place i truely feel important
(5) I like you.
(1) My Boyfriend is 22 and I am 20 for that matter. No he is not cheating, we are having a hard time right now being we live together an he get's stressed out with space, but he is not cheating I know him better than that we have bills together/accounts...etc & hes been home every night. Not to be a bitch but haha I am def not some little 18yr old with no brains.
(5) thanks! n im going to study in psychology is that considered big?
(2) i do that already
(1) that did not answer my question
(5) thank you. that's basically what i was wondering
(5) haha well you did a great job for someone who doesnt know much of what they are doing! :-)
(5) hahaha ok.
(4) Thanks(:
(5) thanks =] that makes sense
(5) Thanks. I've heard 30 from someone else, so that seems right. I would love to get that 21, for obvious reasons ;]. And thanks for the tip on Stats. =]
(5) User was bannned for submitting this garbage for their own amusement. Your answer was good, and so we are rating you. If you want to know who it was, read the answer from Erin. I hope DN just fries his account.
(5) yeah i already told & so they took her to the hospital and shes really sick & not sure if she'll make it :/ her parents told me shes going to be in the hospital for a long time, because she still won't eat and they have to feed her through an IV thing. & she keeps trying to pull it out. i don't get why shes doing this, shes never cared about her weight or anything like this before.
(5) Thanks alot for the advice! I'll definitly look into something.
(5) I definitely intend to. I did not plan to play the peacemaker--it kind of panned out that way. I'm just a very non-dramatic person and if one thing goes wrong I try to fix it, which is not good. Thanks though. I apologized and I hope that will be enough.
(5) thanks :)
(5) haha. thank you so much!
(5) Thanks soo much♥
(5) thanks
(5) Thanks, your advice really does help. To tell the truth, I was going to do that, but I really just wanted someone to understand where I am coming from and make it less of a big deal to me. Thanks a lot.
(5) Thanks :-)
(5) I agree. Good idea. Thank you so much.
(3) thanx for the advice
(2) you don't have to be rude about it?
(5) thank you so much i feel so much better
(5) LMAO Thanks! : ]
(1) no u didnt help! im not a slut! and that question is old! ur a little late! so imature i dont know why your on here if you want to be an assh*lE! you really need to grow up and stop trying to make me feel bad your just mad cause you cant have this! o and i checked out your profile... and well i have to say you look like part gorilla and part racoon! what a loser! psHH.... get a lifE! LoVe AlwAYs-KaYlA
(5) hah...
(5) HI, i liked how you firsthand have been in this situation like me..and yes its WOW that he coincidental..maybe you know him on there-jdubs he goes by..hes a female character but is male lol..i dunno maybe maybe not..anyway..i did take a break from him(not really due to the game but just some bad fights, the game didnt really come into play as bad until now, now he takes days off of me to play, good days that friends and me are free and instead wants to play..) and yes when we were on the break he obviously doesnt want anyone else and yes hes antisocial(in the fact that he has friends but WONT call them, they call me usually..random times they call him) and so when we were apart I got calls to do stuff with HIS friends(that i made thru him) and no one caleld that didnt help but yea..he wanted me back wtihin a week..but that was probably alittle less than a year ago..sometime in the spring of last year i think that happened..(and one of his 'friends' tried to hook up with me LOL) but yea i took him back and he said hed change..but now that the games taking over him i just dont know what to do..he gets so mad at me mentioning him to get off the game and i get so mad waiting hours to hang out with him..and having to watch his stupid game..hes so into it that he wont leave because he 'doesnt want to ditch ppl' but ditches ME instead..what the hell? god..i dont know what to soooo seriously close to breaking it off..i dont think i could even think of the father of my kid (eventually someday when i have one)being like could u tell them to get off their games when he wont? anyways..write me again-id love to get more help from seem very helpful in this situation..thanks a bunch!!
(5) Thank you. Kind words are always appreciated.
(5) Ive always wanted a dog that was half wolf. Thanks for the info!
(5) windows xp if thats what you mean... if not then I'm not sure. Okay, well I did your first suggestion with changing it to the 16bit, then restarted, and it worked. The only thing is the font is a little small, and there's a black perimeter but that could have always been there, but THANKS SO MUCH!!! It really worked!!!
(5) Q.
(5) we have a winner. finally an intelligent answer. woo that makes 3 for 30 people i asked.
(4) thanks
(5) Thank-You so much
(5) Thanks your awesome!!! I found so many new songs, thanks =) !!!
(5) :) You Love Me! :)
(1) that does'nt mak sense
(5) thankyou
(5) You'd better not have said that and meant taste or your personal belongings are mine :P
(5) thanks!
(5) Well, I guess I won't know for awhile then. :p
(5) :)i guess it's a good answer, i can only fit about 8! u must have HUGE nostrils hunny! :) but crayons taste good... mm.. well except the purple ones!:) I Love You! :)
(5) Hmm.
(5) Heh, you were the only person I thought would answer.
(5) thanks thats a good idea! :)
(5) lol thankyou
(5) Thanx for the answer! ~Steph~
(4) thanks
(5) Hmm, indeed. We will bow down and worship the real K', oh mighty one. - rainbowcherrie
(5) Yeah I can't stand to be without mine either. No, I am not offended by your opinion, but it was kind of crassly stated in contrast to the answer you just gave me. I have found something beautiful that I wish I had known when I was 17. But then again, I wouldn't be the person I am now. Thank you for answering me, and reminding me to love everyone just as they are.

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