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Some people be all like "Hope I helped! Xoxo"

I'm not that guy. I hope you died a little inside.

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I'm K'. I'm a part-time independent pro wrestler, a full-time arcade technician, and a fuller-time business owner. My business page can be found on Facebook.

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Gender: Male
Location: Odessa, TX
Occupation: Arcade Technician
Age: 27
Member Since: September 13, 2004
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K''s lol lol lol

hehehehehe (yea i was real bored)... but a question.. ummmm........

¿ how many crayons can u fit in your nose?


- Someone who LOVES You!! :) *

About 14, but by then I've gotten sidetracked and started eating them instead.

Was that the answer you were hoping for, m'love?


(5) :)i guess it's a good answer, i can only fit about 8! u must have HUGE nostrils hunny! :)

but crayons taste good... mm.. well except the purple ones!:)
I Love You! :)

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