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Some people be all like "Hope I helped! Xoxo"

I'm not that guy. I hope you died a little inside.

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I'm K'. I'm a part-time independent pro wrestler, a full-time arcade technician, and a fuller-time business owner. My business page can be found on Facebook.

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Gender: Male
Location: Odessa, TX
Occupation: Arcade Technician
Age: 27
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I am sexually frustrated. I havent gotten any kind of pleasure in over 6 months, when I dated my ex bf chris. Ever since he and I broke up all I have done is kiss guys, only 1 guy. I am really horRny and I need a guy. Idk why I feel this way. Is there something wrong with me? I have not has sex yet, but I love kissing and I love oral even more. I have only ever done everything but sex with one guy and that was chris. So its not like I am a slut. I just want plesure from a guy. Is there something wrong with me? I have this really good friend and he and I are best friends and we always kiss when we are with eachother and we feel eachother up and we have talked about getting closer and more physical but we havent and we both want too. How can I take the next step so that we do? I just reallly wanna have sex! Or oral or something! Even just kissing!

You're asking if there is anything wrong with you because you have a sex drive? In that case, no.

And also, this friend of yours is a guy. If you are sexually aroused, it doesn't take 20 seconds to get him in the mood as well. I seriously doubt he will stop you from doing anything to him, or hesitate to do anything to you. It's all about atmosphere. If you're alone in a quiet place, go for it.

Also, you realize that since you just said the words "I just wanna have sex" that every creepy old guy, adolescent teen, and preteen confused boy will be asking where you live.


first and foremost, i wouldl ike to add one thing to moderators. delete me! i do not care! you may delete at will! i trust you in your power, and the rest of us lower ppl should! quit saying dont delete me ppl! theres only like 11 or 12 levels 2's! if your deleted, theres a reason! so with that in mind, delete to your hearts content. and please, please, from the bottom of my heart, delete the next question that says do not delete. and thank you everyone, for reading this warm, heartful thing on deleted questions. or something. hm, i wonder if this makes any sence, what so ever.


Sir, you are truly a god amongst men. May I bow at your feet? Perhaps bear your children?


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