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Q: everyday at school EVERYTHING sounds wrong! now that i know more about sex and all that scary gross stuff everyone and even me sees everything wrong! thanks to pervs everywhere i can no longer eat a banana, suck a lollipop, in volleyball say grab a ball! and so much more. people are just perverts these days !
It happens, but thankfully it doesn't last forever. I remember in one grade, you couldn't say the word "it" without people giggling. Seriously.

Give it a year or so and everyone will calm down a little. It's just everyone's way of dealing with coming into information that they're not quite ready for.

true, never thought of that(:

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My name is Amanda and I'm 26 years old. I'm currently studying electrical engineering. Armed with a fairly odd sense of humour and a sunny outlook on life, I'll take on just about anything. I'm also cussedly stubborn, which has its ups and downs. Things get tough sometimes, and I've never been one to run from it.

In my last 8 years with Advicenators, I've gone from honours student to failing out of university (and getting back on top again!), from single to married, from tenant to homeowner.

Until lately, I have been struggling with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder and OCD, which had basically ruined my life and taken just about everything from me. I'm thankful every day for every experience I've had because of this ordeal, because it's helped to make me who I am today. Things like that really make you appreciate what you do have. Now that I'm back in work and school and starting to become myself again, I couldn't be happier. I credit Advicenators with saving my life back when I was a teenager, which is a big part of why I'm still here.

I won't necessarily give you the answers you want to hear, but I'll always be honest and do my best to help.


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