Hey. I'm Isabella. I'm the best advice giver out there, so ask me tons of questions and keep me busy. I love all of you.


(Rating: 5) thanx i'm putting what you suggested on my invites xx
(Rating: 5) thanks, this really helps! Hev
(Rating: 5) hey thanks.. those screen names rock ill probally use lil rocker 87 or x rock my anti drug <3
(Rating: 5) thanks! I'll get some!
(Rating: 5) thanks
(Rating: 5) the truth hurts &hearts;
(Rating: 5) thanks, that should help! Hev
(Rating: 5) thank ya. its gonna be his last name though
(Rating: 5) thanks a bunch
(Rating: 5) WOW! thanks sooooooo much =]
(Rating: 5) Thanks, so much! =]
(Rating: 5) thanks again babe! <3
(Rating: 5) thanx SO much <3
(Rating: 4) thanks for trying
(Rating: 5) it did help! thank you!
(Rating: 5) thanks!! yess its awesome!
(Rating: 5) Thanks, so much! =]
(Rating: 5) thankss!
(Rating: 5) aaw thanks sooo much you really helped!!!! <33
(Rating: 5) You put a lot of thought into this. Thank you!
(Rating: 5) omg thank you soooo much. that was the best answer yet. i can't talk to her about it cause for awhile she was being liek annoyingly clingy to me and i said this to her "we are growing up and getting differnt freinds so we will be hanging out with diff. people sometimes" but i didnt mean always. so if i tell her i am feeling left out, she will be liek well what about what you said before?
(Rating: 5) hah, thanks :] no i dont mind at all! ill add you back! and ask me anything anytime. im here to help! &hearts;
(Rating: 5) thanks a lott. yah, i like these songs. some of them i wouldnt even think of :] &hearts;
(Rating: 5) hah, good tip. thanks =)

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