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I'm Selena. I love the song S.E.X. by Lyfe Jennings.
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Why do you like your boyfriend/girlfriend?
Just your honest opinion :]

Something more than looks, please. (link)
I like my boyfriend because he is able to put up with me and all of my crazy ways. That alone says a lot. When I say my little rude remarks to him he doesn't snap like most would. He respects me and I respect him in return. He uses heavy sarcasm and I love that. He makes me laugh all the time. But I especially like my boyfriend because he is a true friend.

hey my name is ashley... and almost everyday afetr school i come home crying because i am always being made fun of because i smell... i have no reason to smell. whats going on, how do i get them to stop, what should i do about the smell? (link)
Take more showers.

No really I'm serious. Take more showers. Since you already have an odor I recommend taking three showers a day.

Stand up for yourself. What I'm about to say is sad but true. The meaner you are, the more respect you get. So when they are making fun of you, make fun of them back.

I know that when you are younger. Guys tease girls if they like them. Is it still the same way in your upper teens.? (link)
Every guy is different. So it just depends on the guy and his maturity level.

Anyone who has the LG Verizon phone "The V" the one where you flip it and there's a keyboard inside. I was wondering if that phone was able to transfer songs that you recorded as voice memos, to be your actual ringtone. Only answer if you have that phone. (link)
Yeah it does.

what can i do to stop arguing w/ my mom. Talking w/ her about it isn't helping anymore.
-i'm a 16yr old male (link)
What 16 year old guy really gives a care about their relationship with their mom? Come on and get realistic. Your mom is an adult and you're a teenager, you aren't going to have a goody goody relationship because her job is to raise you not become your friend.

Hi I am a 14/f. I have liked this guy for liek ever. I told him so many time so he knows but somehow doesnt care. he used to tell me he liked me and everything just to like get soem and it would make me like him more and more evrytime and i felt i couldnt say no cuz i liked sooo much. and then he did all this and got a GF. wel now they are broke up and they liek eachother still and hr still trys to use me. what do say to him?

miss him (link)
Say no to him. Say it forcefully and stern, so he knows that you aren't playing.

My cousin has recently told her boyfriend that she thinks i like him as more than a friend. It is so not true. I haven't even met the guy. we talk over MSN, and besides, he's trying to set me up with his best friend. How can i get her to think i actually don't like him in that way without having to actually confront her that he told me this? (link)
Have a conversation with her telling her the guy you actually like.

this probably isnt the best category but i need scrapbooking tips. Ideas, sites, anyhting would be great.
thanks (link)
only search

Exercise your access to google.

edit: If you would have just took the time out to click on the search button you would have seen how many good websites that was there to help you. So stop wasting my time you lazy lowlife! Again I say, EXERCISE YOUR ACCESS TO GOOGLE.

This is the answer to your stupid suggestion.
I have a lot of hobbies and this isn't one of them. I just spend some of my time on here to knock some sense into poor bums' heads, like you.

how acceptable are erections on nude beaches how do i keep from getting one? (link)
Its simple, just don't go to one! You horny little animal.

in the music video 'i write sins not tragedies' by panic! at the disco, what is the guy's name who plays the groom??? (link)

Look at the questions already asked before you ask another one! Especially for a question that isn't even asking for advice.

I started using Acne Free about 5 days ago, and since then my face has been itching like a beast. Has this happened to anyone else? It's started clearing my face us, but it itches so bad and dry patches are forming! My moms making me stop using it, is there anything else thats just as good? (Not ProActive, we can`t afford it) (link)
Clearasil Ultra worked so good for me. Acne used to be a big problem for me but now my face is clear.

Ok, so I've liked this girl for a long time, and during the beggining of the school year she also liked me (I didn't know it back then). Now, she's going out with one of my friends, but we still talk a lot. She also keeps on asking me who I like (A lot!) Every time she says that though, I just ward it off by saying something else. So my question is...should I tell her that I like her, or keep that secret safe with me? (link)
I think that you should let her know how you feel, but also let her know that you respect the fact that she has a boyfriend.

people's away messages say that they are going to 't.i.t.s.' does anyone know what this means?
I'm not sure what that one means but below is a website with a lot of other instant messaging acronyms.

how do you flirt with random guys at the mall. Like, if you don't know them and you walk by them and you totally know they're looking at you. Please no advice saying talk to them unless you add more detail to it- like how to start a conversation. Also, how can I try to walk by them in the mall with out making it seem like I'm a stalker? Thanx tons.
I rate high!
Give them a smile and wave. Most likely they will smile back. You could also just give them a couple of glances when you know they are looking at you.

If you want to start a conversation then you are going to need to be a little bit more courageous. You can walk up to them and introduce yourself, compliment him, ask them him his name, tell him what school you go to, ask them what school he goes to, or if he lives around the area the mall is at.
Below is an example conversation
you: Hey you're kinda cute, my name is [your name]
guy: Hey you are to and thanks, my name is [his name]
you: So you live around here
guy: Yeah
you: Oh what school do you go to
guy: [name of school] what school do you go to
you: [name of school]
the conversation continues...the next part is for if you want to ask for his number (that is if he doesn't ask you for your's first)
you: Well its been nice talking to you but I guess I should get going
guy: It was real good talking to you to
you: Why don't we exchange numbers so we can finish this conversation some other time

These is for all you girls :) How would you like to be aproched to,loke if a guy wants to hit on you on the street what would youlike him to say? (link)
Compliment her on something. Try to make her feel a little special. After that introduce yourself. If she likes you back she should introduce herself also.

So its summer for my school and like theres this guy and we both like each other and i want to go places with him with my group of friends and can anyone think of any place besides the movies because that is soo boring:]

-Skating Rink
-Flipper McCoys (not sure if you have one near you but its basically like another more mature version of Chucky Cheese except there is normally only teens there)
-Bowling Alley
-Amusement Parks

You should also look into your local newspaper and see what other things are going on around your area.

when i run i lose my breath so easily! i'm in good shape and run a lot but after 7 yards of running, i feel like i'm going to pass out! is it normal to have to stop running for a second and catch your breath?! when i was running a mile, i had to stop to catch my breath about 8 times. is it normal to have to stop? and what can i do to stop this so i can run long distances without stopping? (link)
Its normal to stop a few times while running the mile. But I don't think stopping 8 times is normal. I normally stop a maximum 2-3 times. You should run more. You can make it a part of your daily routine or do it every other day. The more you run, the more you will get used to it and the less you will have to stop.

Well, I am hoping to get some input from the guys, but, anyone is welcome to answer if they know. I have a crush on someone right now & I think he likes me back. We flirt & joke around all the time. My actual question is...Do guys kinda sit at home & think about girls they have an attraction to, like we do? And if anyone knows, what kind of things do they think about if they do like you? Thankx! (link)
I asked my guy cousin and my boyfriend and they both said yes. They said if they like you then they think about you, your body, your personality, what about you turns them on, what they can do to get you to like them, etc.

where can i get free piano sheet music online?
only search

The first four are really good.

My friends always tell me im pretty and that im the skinniest out of all of us whenever i say im fat or that im ugly or hate my hair and things like that and i dont know if they are doing this to make me feel better or not? what do you think? (link)
It doesn't matter what I think. Ask them yourself and get the real answer. Ask them in a serious tone because they may just say they aren't lying just so they won't hurt your feelings.

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