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my friend has been leaving me out a little lately. liek usually if i go somewhere, i invite her. well this weekend she is going to this girls house (her friend) i don't really know this girl and i dont' mind her but.. i just feel left out. i can't tell her i feel that way though cause its complicated. but what can i do to get over this feeling or something?

The best thing to do is to find a new group of friends. As soon as she sees that you've moved on, she'll come running back to you hoping you'll be her best friend again. Just go up to someone nice that you can trust, and ask them if they want to hang out. If they sure, then you've got yourself a new friend. You probably have more friends then just her, so just hang out with the other people you're not as close with so you can become more friendly and better friends with them.

But just a question, why can't you talk to her? She probably would understand if you explained to her how you feel. Communication is a really good way to let things out. I would atleast attempt to hint to her that you feel left out. It couldn't hurt now could it?

I know what you're going through right now. Everyone's experienced it atleast once in their life. I'm a communication person, so I handled the situation by talking it out, but of course if you feel that you don't want her to know how you feel about all of this, then just take the advice of my first suggestion, and hang out with different people.

There's not much else you can do, but don't cry over one single person. If you lose her as a friend, your life isn't over and I'm sure you have plenty of other friends you could hang out with. So don't pull your hair out over this.

Hopefully, your friend will notice that her behavior isn't the right way to act. Just keep being nice to her, but don't hang out with her as much.

Hope I helped.

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~ Isabella


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