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Question Posted Sunday September 2 2007, 4:22 pm

If a guy cums on your clitoris and you are a virgin, What are the chances of you being pregnant?

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Additional info, added Monday September 3 2007, 1:21 pm:
from the answers im getting, i dont understand. how can you get pregnant if the hymen isnt broken? is that even possible? if so, how?

i am sure it isnt broken. i dont play sports, i dont use tampons, never been fingered, etc.. i dont do anything physical except walk a lot because my school campus is so big. now if it could break from that?, PLEASE let me know.

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Peeps answered Saturday January 23 2010, 4:18 pm:
Yes, you can become pregnant if a guy ejaculates near your vagina. You could also become pregnant if the guy had ejaculated on the bed and you placed your bare vagina on it or it soaked through your underwear. Being a virgin doesn't mean you cannot get pregnant, believe it or not.

The hymen usually has a small hole in it as it is. A hymen is made of very thin tissue and it is fairly easy to tear or stretch. It's located at the entrance to the vagina so, actually, it isn't inside of the vagina. The hole is there to allow menstrual blood to escape the body and is usually too small to accommodate an entire penis to enter the vagina.

It is rare but some females are born with an imperforate hymen--or a hymen with no opening. A doctor will do a simple surgery to create a hole in the hymen of these newborn females so that blood from later menstrual cycles does not back up into the body.

Anyway, since women have a small hole in their hymens anyway things can go into the vagina and, obviously, come out of the vagina. This being said, if a guy got his semen on your vagina in some fashion then there IS a chance of pregnancy to occur.

So, technically, even if there is not penile penetration but his fluids come in contact with your fluids there is a chance pregnancy could occur. Any time a guy's semen even remotely comes in contact with your vaginal fluid there is a chance of pregnancy. It only takes one sperm to fertilize one egg and they are created to do whatever it takes to accomplish fertilization.

If you do have vaginal intercourse and you do not completely break/tear your hymen it will stretch out and create a larger hole, just as your vagina will naturally stretch out to accommodate the penis. Some hymens are elastic enough to permit a penis to enter without tearing, or they will tear only partially, and there may be no bleeding at all.

Engaging in sex means always taking the risk of becoming pregnant since no contraceptive is 100% effective. Please get yourself completely informed before deciding to participate in such activities.

[ Peeps's advice column | Ask Peeps A Question

Melody answered Monday February 25 2008, 5:36 pm:
Just to add a bit to you additional info -

If you are having sex, then most likely your hymen will rip before the ejaculation enters you.

If you are talking about someone ejaculating on your hymen, and then getting into you, resulting in you getting pregnant; It is possible. Very, highly unlikely, but very, very possible.

And by the way, the hymen doesn't just all up and break at one time. It's a tiny, thin piece of skin that can break down over time. Not just from sex or foreplay, and not just from strenuous exercise, you can't really keep it from tearing down. It just kind of will, and it's hard to know when it's completely gone.

So regardless of whether your hymen is ripped or not, it's always possible to get pregnant, and since you will never know when your hymen is gone, then you don't want to rely on that as birth control =]

[ Melody's advice column | Ask Melody A Question

WittyUsernameHere answered Wednesday September 5 2007, 6:40 am:
Yes, its possible.

If semen gets anywhere near your vaginal opening, pregnancy is a possibility. Maybe not a high possibility, but a possibility.

Virginity has absolutely NOTHING to do with pregnancy.

[ WittyUsernameHere's advice column | Ask WittyUsernameHere A Question

XoXoXoXo77 answered Tuesday September 4 2007, 6:50 pm:
yes there is a pretty big chance of you being pregnant. the sperm came in contact w/ you and some of it could have gotten in you. it is possible to get pregnant if the hymen isnt broken.. sperm can still get in you. the hymen doesnt stop anything. it isnt blocking anything from coming in.

[ XoXoXoXo77's advice column | Ask XoXoXoXo77 A Question

Matt answered Monday September 3 2007, 1:39 pm:
Even if he penetrated you, there'd be no way to figure out the chances. There are no 1/10 or 1/5 deals when it comes to pregnancy.

Yes, there is a chance. See if you miss your period and get a pregnancy test.

[ Matt's advice column | Ask Matt A Question

gailzyxcore answered Monday September 3 2007, 8:54 am:

[ gailzyxcore's advice column | Ask gailzyxcore A Question

iiyaxExtrinsic answered Monday September 3 2007, 4:09 am:
There is a pretty big chance of getting pregnant ,
there will always be a big chance ,
be careful .

get a pregnancy test .

[ iiyaxExtrinsic's advice column | Ask iiyaxExtrinsic A Question

scenehairlolz answered Sunday September 2 2007, 10:40 pm:
bigggggg chance of you being pregnant.
get a home pregnancy test :)

[ scenehairlolz's advice column | Ask scenehairlolz A Question

Erinn_the_bamf answered Sunday September 2 2007, 10:38 pm:
There's no way to tell the exact number of chances. However, it is possible. Wait until your next period and if you miss it take a pregnancy test.

[ Erinn_the_bamf's advice column | Ask Erinn_the_bamf A Question

twistedsister17 answered Sunday September 2 2007, 10:36 pm:
If a guy cums on you at ALL, there is always a chance of getting pregnant. You should know that...

[ twistedsister17's advice column | Ask twistedsister17 A Question

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